30 Bridesmaids Gifts Your Girl Squad Will Absolutely Love

Bride Squad

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You’ve asked them to stand by your side during one of the most important days of your life, and they’ve probably seen you at your best, worst, and everything in between. There’s no way to thank someone for being a party planner, open ears, welcome arms, and a surrogate sister all in one, but any of these gifts at least goes a little ways to conveying your gratitude for having them in your life, in your wedding, and in your heart.

1. Make sure your girls have all the essentials when coming to celebrate your big day!

If your bridesmaids are traveling for the wedding or the bachelorette party, greet them on arrival with this bag of essentials; the party shouldn’t have to stop for an emergency Target run unless you want it to.

2. A cute way to show your squad you want them by your side.

When it’s time to “pop the question” to the important ladies in your life, these nickel-free rose gold bangles are an adorable way to ask them to be your bridesmaids. The included note card says “I can’t tie the knot without you.”

3. Because the "Big Day" can be hectic and chocolate is a great pick me up.

A little sweet, a little bitter, sometimes nutty- sounds like our group of friends. If yours are the same, why not let them savor a sweet treat as thanks for standing by your side.

4. Remind everyone in your squad how unique they are.

Show your bridesmaids that you thank your lucky stars to have them in your life. A zodiac themed gift is perfect for showing that despite your differing personalities, you work together like puzzle pieces, a perfectly matched set that’s made for each other.

5. Cute and fun describe this scarf, and the person you're giving it to.

A lightweight sash is a great option for keeping warm for at an outdoor reception, or while dancing in a sleeveless bridesmaid dresses. These cozy floral prints come in an array of colors and patterns, making it easy to match any theme, or add a splash of individuality by having a different wrap for each bridesmaid.

6. Everyone in the wedding party will agree clear skin is a must, this will help make that happen.

Get photo perfect skin quickly and easily with these leave in night serums and facial oil duo. With clean ingredients, AHA and BHA, and antioxidants, you’re not just covering up the problem, you’re tackling skin issues head on.

7. You're bridesmaids probably don't live next door, make their overnight trip easy.

Take on the bachelorette party with ease with this overnight bag from Herschel Supply co. Heavy duty construction meets vibrant colors, so she’ll have years worth of use out of this bright peppy bag.

8. Bridemaids and champagne go together better than peanut butter and jelly.

Make it easy for friends and family to know your squad on sight with these personalized champagne flutes. Perfect for bridal showers, the bachelorette party, or the big day itself, you’ll help them stand out and show off with these gorgeous glasses.

9. Tissues, check. Advil, check. Makeup, check. Bag to put it all in, check!

Just the right size for gifts and favors, fill these cosmetic pouches with waterproof mascara, the perfect shade of nail polish to match their dresses, tissues, or other must haves for the wedding and reception.

10. Because you want everyone's face looking glowy and fresh!

Plan a spa day for everyone to catch up and relax. These face masks come in a variety of scents, with a different skin care focus for each. Helps everyone put their best face forward.

11. Perfect for those behind-the-scenes action shots to look back on for years to come.

A good wedding photographer earns their pay many times over, but for silly shots, candids, and behind-the-scenes photos, an instant camera in the hands of your bridesmaids and groomsmen make for some of the most humorous photos of the day. Include extra film to make sure to capture plenty of fun memories.

12. Those action shots we mentioned...they'll look better if you're wearing these cute robes.

Relax in style with these satiny dressing gowns, perfect for a relaxing spa day, mani-pedi, or enjoying morning coffee before the day begins. The floral patterns and vibrant colors means each bridesmaid can have something different that best suits her tastes and personality.

13. We've said it before and we'll say it again, hydration is important, so look good doing it.

Sip in style with this insulated tumbler by Kate Spade. The floral pattern and gold print are charming, and this gift stays useful long after wedding planning season has come and gone.

14. A totally terrific tote for all your wedding day needs.

Keep organized during the ceremony and reception with these canvas totes. Store comfortable dancing shoes, a wrap or shawl, and makeup touch up necessities where they’ll be easy to find. Also perfectly sized for keeping a camera or bottled water close at hand.

15. Do we really need to say more than "Harry Potter Coffee Mug?"

Sipping champagne in luxurious robes may be the standard wedding day fare, but if you want your day to be magical even if your bridesmaids aren’t morning people, it may call for coffee. A fun themed mug makes for a personal gift that they’ll use over and over.

16. You're going to need coffee for your Harry Potter coffee mug.

Have these baskets delivered to your bridal party’s hotel rooms for a pleasant wake-up for the morning after. Also makes for a great gift after a late night rehearsal, or to recover after the bachelorette party.

17. It doesn't get more classic than an Urban Decay palette & your girl squad will agree.

Another gift that she’ll enjoy long after the wedding comes and goes, this stylish eyeshadow palette makes it quick and easy for any bridesmaid to find the perfect layered look for her. Coordinate looks together, or pick and choose the best colors for standout photos.

18. You're going to need a fully charged phone to get that wedding hashtag #trending.

Keep the photos, videos, and social media updates going with a portable phone charger. One for each member of the bridal party means there will be plenty to power through the party, no matter how late it goes.

19. Make sure you and all your girls have all the dates they need.

Keep important fitting, alteration, and rehearsal dates close at hand with a stylish planner, like this rose gold one for 2019. Fill the included address book with each member of the wedding party’s info, to make quick and easy work of planning and coordination on the big day.

20. A bridesmaid gift doesn't get much classier than individually wrapped soaps.

Individually wrapped in an adorable gift box, these french milled soaps have a pleasant gentle botanical scent, with essential oils and natural extracts. Get a set for each bridesmaid, or break the package of 8 and include them in gift baskets.

21. Everyone is going to want to remember this special occasion.

Store photos and memories of your friendship in this scrapbook photo album. A great way to finally organize old photos, with plenty of room for new ones too.

22. The cutest of keepsakes your friends will keep with them forever.

The always lovely Willow Tree figurines still have something perfect for every occasion. This little “Thank You” figurine is perfect for an office or library, or on floating shelves. Remember to pick one up for anyone who stepped up during the planning process, or anyone who hosted a shower for you.

23. Because every good hair-do can use a little bling.

Add festive sparkle with these silver leaf hair pins. A fun alternative to the usual necklace or earrings bridesmaid gift, this pin set accentuates any hairstyle with a subtle leaf and bead design.

24. No one ever turns down a candle...no one.

A long lasting reminder of your gratitude for their friendship and presence in your life, these charming thank you candles are a soy wax mix with dual cotton wicks, for a soft glow. The gentle chestnut scent is pleasant without being overwhelming, perfect for a kitchen or bath display.

25. For your more practical gal pal, give her a gift she'll use everyday and think of you.

This thank you gift set by Philosophy combines a gentle aloe hand wash with glycerin, for soft skin, and a cream hand lotion. Perfect for bridesmaids who prefer useful and practical gifts they can use every day.

26. A great outfit isn't complete without a great pair of earrings.

These stylish rose gold dangle earrings are the perfect accessory to a fancy updo and formal dress. We think that no matter how she may feel about the bridesmaids’ dresses, she’ll get more than a single days use out of these lovely earrings.

27. A book of awesome women to give to your own awesome women.

Great for resting and relaxing in their downtime, this non fiction biography of women who broke barriers, fought for the betterment of society, and made huge achievements will entertain and enlighten. Perfect for bridesmaids who have to travel to attend the wedding; it makes a great airport read.

28. Perfectly unique, just like the people you're giving these to.

For a more personalized favor, these custom engraved necklaces can hold a name, date, inside joke, or more. Each one can be tailored to suit your bridesmaids’ personalities, tastes, and style, so they’ll be a treasured gift for years to come.

29. After celebrating true love, you'll want to relax with your true love...the bathtub.

They may not be chill pills- we definitely suggest warm water use only- but we think these fizzy bath bombs are the best way to relax after stressful days. The colors in these bombs are all-natural, so no scrubbing stained tubs after use, and the natural fragrances are pleasant and gentle.

30. Because everyone can appreciates wine delivered to your doorstep

Even the toughest friend to buy for would like a nice bottle of wine — especially when it’s delivered to her. A wine subscription club like FirstLeaf is the gift that keeps on giving with new varietals every month. Cheers to that!

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