15 Gifts on Amazon for Everyone Who Feels Like a Kid At Heart

Forever Young

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Enthusiasm abounds in kids at heart; they’re willing to wear their heart on their sleeves for the things they love, and still find joy in the nostalgic pleasures of childhood. Great gifts for them acknowledge their interests and likes without mocking them for it; a behind the scenes guide to a favorite movie, a video lecture series by an artist or author they admire, or T-shirts and other fan merch from their favorite shows. They’re pretty easy to please, and you’ll know if the gift is a success- they won’t put it down!

Perfect for your average genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.

Show off what new inventions you’re working on with these high quality mock blueprints

Realize your childhood dreams of becoming a ninja, without the risk.

They’ll always be a danger to themselves, but you help tire them out without risking life and limb. Butterfly knife tricks take hand-eye coordination and lots of practice to master. The secret to learning without bloodshed? Learn with this unsharpened version.

Why wouldn't you want a zip line in your backyard?

Just a little installation work and you can have the coolest backyard around. With a 250lb weight limit this zipline kit is great for kids or adults, with an easy setup and fantastic customer service; many reviewers comment that the company will happily accommodate custom line length cuts.

I don't care what you say, everyone kind of wants to be a mermaid!

Who needs Halloween when you can let your inner mythical being shine everyday, all from the comfort of your couch.

You're never too old for board games and this one even has a mobile version.

Tokaido is all the fun of the board games you grew up with, reinvigorated. With beautiful art, an easy to understand premise, and an accompanying mobile version, it only takes a few minutes to learn but is endlessly replayable.

Caution: Stepping on LEGOs, no matter how old you are, hurts like heck!

For the Lego devotee who is ready to transition from spaceships to city streets. Lego’s architecture line has recognizable favorites, like the Sydney Opera House, the London skyline, and this mini NYC that looks fantastic as a completed display piece.

conic old school artist plus a quirky superhero makes the ultimate desk accessory.

Add a pop of color with this Bob Ross themed Deadpool Funko Pop. Funko collection is a popular way to display interests, personality, and fandoms, and this Deadpool intersects several in a whimsical figurine perfect for desktop display.

If there is one thing we know, it's that you're never too old to prank your friends.

Just because you have adult hobbies, doesn’t mean you’re too mature to prank your golf buddies.

If you're still waiting for your letter from Hogwarts, you can get some practice in.

Great for soup, tea, pumpkin juice, or as a permanent counter-top display, this Harry Potter themed mug is great for fans of all ages.

Not really sure why you need convincing on this one, but I guess we can taco-bout it.

Puns, Dinosaurs, and tacos? You get the real trifecta(saurus) here with this taco holding dinner hack.

For the grill master with the most un-bear-able puns.

Great for any grill-loving papa bear, or anyone willing to commit to jokes about “bear” arms for an entire barbecue.

The cookbook that screams "I had an awesome childhood."

Not for use in sewers, the Ninja Turtles Pizza Cookbook is a great starter cookbook for anyone who’s interested in expanding their base… of pizza knowledge.

You're going to want to channel your inner Michael Scott for this one.

Your favorite middle school joke is back, but the That’s What She Said game has the benefit of being actually funny, and enjoyable for groups.

The ultimate addition to your next backyard BBQ.

Move Ultimate Frisbee from Uni quads to backyard weekend warrior division. This multiplayer game is great fun for block parties or family reunions, and has plenty of opportunities to be cooperative, or competitive.

Show those pesky bugs who's boss and have a pretty fun time doing it

Show winged invaders no mercy! This pump action (and pesticide free) device decimates bugs, while allowing for easy postmortem cleanup.

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