The 7 Best Girlfriend Collective Leggings to Add to Your Closet

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Girlfriend Collective is the progressive athleisure clothing brand you didn’t know you needed. Or maybe you already knew and have beat us to the punch on collecting some of these incredible leggings. But did you know the brand is focused on contributing to a more sustainable earth? The materials are sourced from BPA-free recycled materials, and the leftover dye is donated to create sidewalks and roads. That’s just the beginning of the brand’s eco-conscious efforts. If that doesn’t allure you, maybe the wide range of styles that suit any body type will.

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Best Girlfriend Collective Leggings for Running

Everyone needs a pair, or maybe several pairs, of basic leggings in their closet. The high-waisted fit smooths those curves in the most beautiful way, and a wide range of colors will ensure virtually any outfit will be well coordinated. Comfortable enough to wear as pajama pants, yet sleek enough to throw on when heading out on a date, the classic design is just one of the many essentials within the Girlfriend Collective line.

Best Girlfriend Collective Leggings with Pockets

Coming in both neutral and bright colors, you can choose to be sleek or totally vibrant. What makes these different from any other high-rise leggings? The pockets! Oh, how we love pockets. Have somewhere to put your phone and another convenient item when out on an evening walk. Like the other variations of leggings offered by the brand, you can view a sustainability report in the description, which details how much plastic you’ve removed from the earth just by buying these leggings, along with other sustainability perks.

Best Girlfriend Collective Leggings for Workouts

Girlfriend Collective features a signature compressive fabric that is comfortable to wear and moisture-wicking. Designed to have a nine-inch rise on the waist, these sit a little lower than normal and can be a nice alternative or change of pace. Enjoy flexible support when working out, and feel the skin protection when cycling mountain roads. These are designed to stay in place, whether taking a leisurely jog or enduring a high-impact workout.

Best Girlfriend Collective Leggings for Everyday

Maybe you overheat quickly, or maybe you just want something lightweight enough to wear during the summer — either way, the float leggings are a sturdy yet breathable option that also wicks away moisture. Another added convenience is the small back pocket, which is ideal for tucking away an ID and credit card in case you decide to stop for brunch and bloody mary’s with friends after your Saturday morning run. Girlfriend Collective clothing is built to last, but when you are ready to update your look, this pair can be recycled back through the company!

Best Girlfriend Collective Leggings for Lounging

If a pair of leggings were ever designed to be pajama pants, these would be it. Without outer seams and peach soft lining, you will feel so unbelievably comfortable when sliding these babies on. While there aren’t a bunch of fancy touches, and the colors are mostly neutral, you might fall completely in love. It’s the simplicity that makes these so wonderful and ideal for snuggling up in on a snow day.

Best Girlfriend Collective Leggings for Pregnancy

Support that baby bump when you feel you need it most, but also have the option to fold down the waistband to expose that beautiful belly. These seamless leggings add to the gorgeousness of expecting mother and can be a great go-to if wanting to dress up or deservingly lounge around the house. A beautiful assortment of colors offers options for various looks. Made from old fishing nets, you can feel good about saving some baby turtles or other ocean life.

Best Girlfriend Collective Leggings for Everyone

This design is made for truly everyone, as it is meant to flatter any height, shape, or lifestyle. The adjustable waistband offers options when it comes to fit. Moisture-wicking fabric will keep you dry and cool, specifically in more unmentionable areas. If you are not a fan of showing off those gorgeous glutes, it is suggested to throw some shorts over the top. But we think you would look great either way!

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