20 Going Away Gifts That Say “See Ya Later” Rather Than “Goodbye”

See Ya Later

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Whether someone you love is departing for a long trip, is college bound, or is moving away, there’s always something you can say to reassure them that you’ll always find a way to stay connected, through any distance, for however long you have to be apart from one another.

1. When you can't find the right words, this book does it for you.

Charming and nostalgic, this pocket sized comic is great for tucking into a carry-on or purse as a farewell gift. Full of adorable comparisons to all the complementary ways people fit together, and how adrift things can feel while they’re apart.

2. When you can't hug who you're missing, this is the next best thing.

Perfect for college bound teens or young adults in their first place, sometimes a hug from mom is the best medicine. This cozy throw is great for squeezing during bad breakups, after worse days at work, or absolutely catastrophic first dates.

3. A small reminder that can be kept with you always.

Stainless steel and comfortably sized, perfect for that significant someone who refuses to wear jewelry. A small but tangible reminder of a promise, that while you may not be in each other’s homes, you’re still in each other’s hearts.

4. New places means new smells, with this you can take a bit of home with you.

Bring the comforting scent of home along, no matter the miles you travel. These perfectly balanced soy candles with familiar, comforting scents make for great nostalgic gifts.

5. No matter the distance, always find your way back to each other.

Lovely and minimalist, this give and take best friends necklace features a compass design, so you’ll always be able to find your way back to each other, regardless of the distance between.

6. They may not be at home with you, but with this it feels like they are.

Keep in touch with family over long distance with Portal by Facebook. Even the most tech-deficient user can take have quality video chats with the smart camera, and when paired with Alexa’s voice controls, there are no complicated button presses or menu navigation; just ask Alexa to place the video calls for you.

7. Life is one big adventure, you'll want to keep track of everywhere you go.

A great going away gift for the constant jet setter in your life. This scratch-off travel map helps keep track of faraway vacations, busy stretches of business travel, or visits to distant family and friends.

8. Traveling does a number on your luggage, so be sure yours can take a beating.

Stop dealing with cheap, poorly made luggage that breaks after only a few uses and is uncomfortable forever. Samsonite’s hard sided 20” Winfield design is perfectly sized for carrying on, but made to take the bumps and drops of checked luggage. It’s available in the standard black and gray, or in vibrant colors, for those who want to have an easy time spotting their bag at the luggage carousel.

9. Always have the ability to charge your phone to keep in touch with your loved ones.

Traditional power adapters work fine, but so many devices today charge via USB that we love this one the most. Easy to use and functional in over 150 countries, it includes two USB ports for charging multiple devices at the same time.

10. Don't underestimate the romance of the lost art of letter writing.

Perfect for nomads who live a life on the road, these postcards make checking in with friends and family quick and easy, regardless of the strength of their wifi signal. There’s plenty of room to write, draw, doodle, or paste photos with these blank cards.

11. Keep track of your travels and make sure not to forget any details when re-telling your tales.

Part travel journal, part packing checklist, part scrapbook, always useful. Moleskine never fails at making quality, user-friendly notebooks and journals, and the Voyager continues this tradition with clean lines and effortless style. Maintain multiple bookmarks and easily keep track of train schedules, showtimes, and local slang, or record favorite dishes and local delicacies.

12. All your travel needs in one convenient carrying case, what more do you want?

The perfect kit for a first time traveler. You can be sure that you’re TSA compliant with these clear toiletry bottles, grab some comfortable shut-eye with an inflatable pillow, ear plugs, and an eye mask. Stay organized in your hotel with the hanging toiletry bag, and you’ve guaranteed a worry-free trip.

13. When you go out into the world on your own, a tool kit will always come in handy.

For those moving away and living on their own for the first time, there’s a surprising amount of light maintenance that needs to be done. From driving nails to hang photo frames, to loosening screws and changing light bulbs, this is the perfect beginners kit.

14. No matter where you go, your missing piece will always be with you.

When work, school, or other interruptions keep you apart, this pair of puzzle piece necklaces give a small reminder that you’re in this together, even while you’re apart.

15. We shouldn't have to tell you that being hydrated is very important.

When travel plans will take you beyond the reach of infrastructure, it’s nice to be prepared for basic needs. Whether hiking, backpacking, or just exploring off the beaten trail, stay safe with a refillable water bottle that purifies as you drink. If you’re facing an extended stretch without access to reliably clean water, showers become a huge waste, so dry shampoo never hurts either.

16. If you keep saying you need to be more organized, these will help.

Keep organized and prevent those breakable souvenirs from shifting and crashing, even during turbulence, with these gently compressing packing cubes. Soft mesh won’t catch on buttons or clasps, or scratch your devices.

17. You don't need to be a kid to relate to the wise words of Dr. Seuss!

Great for new graduates heading out into the world, Dr Seuss’s words of wisdom, selected from classics like Oh the Places You’ll Go help inspire creativity and a sense of adventure in anyone making big life changes.

18. Learning a new language is hard, be sure you can always ask for the nearest bathroom.

A one way translator that doesn’t depend on Wifi, so overseas travelers are never stuck circling for service before asking for directions to the nearest bathroom, lost telling a taxi driver their hotel address, and don’t flub ordering a meal at a restaurant.

19. If you're traveling with a history buff, this book helps pass the time.

A fascinating trek through world history using contemporary maps, this gives context to anyone moving or traveling to a new place; where the famous battles of history were fought, which political alliances formed or destroyed empires, and how history progressed to where we find ourselves today.

20. Stick to weightlifting at the gym and download your books onto one lightweight device.

Now available with 32GB of storage and compatible with audiobooks from Audible, a Kindle is a must have for anyone with big travel plans. More textbooks are available in Kindle format too, so it’s a great back saver for students; carrying one small tablet is much lighter than an entire bag full of books. With a battery life that far exceeds most tablets, it’s a great companion when recharging is hard to come by. The newest version is also waterproof, so have no fear of ruining your vacation with a little beach reading.

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