11 Best Hanging Plants for Your Home

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Hanging up plants keeps blooms away from destructive garden intruders, or if using indoors, can keep them away from pets and children. Some plants are toxic, and then again, you may just not want your sweet pup digging through the soil of your precious flowers. Having hanging foliage indoors purifies the air, and outside it’s simply beautiful. Either way, these are the best hanging plants for your home.


Known for their colorful blooms, orchids are not being enjoyed to their full potential when tucked tightly away in a pot. By allowing them to hang, or by mounting them on a wall, they grow more vivaciously. These beautiful bloom requires a hefty amount of humidity, so the environment may need a humidifier, or caretakers may have to commit to regular spritzing. They look especially beautiful in a wall planter.

String of Hearts

String of Hearts fall into the succulent category, and grow in a flowing cascade of vine like extensions – – they are a dramatic touch to any indoor space. Succulents are tough little guys, and can withstand drought or dry conditions. However, it is important to place the potted beauty in a highly sunny portion of the home, for optimal growth.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory flowers are eye-catching nonetheless. Trumpet shaped petals come in striking colors like blue and red. Some see the plant as a nuisance because it grows a little too well, and can be overwhelming if not contained. However, this makes them perfect for those looking to find something easy to grow. Being able to grow in unfavorable conditions, more often than not they will flow over hanging baskets in no time.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cacti hail from Brazil, and naturally hang from trees in the rainforest, therefore are optimal for hanging inside a home. The succulents are somewhat picky but still okay for beginners or those with little time. Keep the temperature between 60 and 70 degrees, avoid excessive sunlight, but still have just enough. Don’t overwater the soil, but definitely still water it. The upside? Usually they only have to be replanted every few years, and can bloom during the winter.

Live red prayer plant

Prayer Plants are quite busy, with small flowers that often go unnoticed. But the leaves are known to fold together at night, hence the name, which makes this a fun unique house plant to own. Bonus, these are very easy to maintain, and can grow to be quite lush and full.

String of Pearls

String of Pearls look just like, you guessed it, a string of pearls. Actually, multiple strings. Another succulent, the flowing strands enjoy light, but not too directly. Also keep them away from drafty areas, such as a room with an air conditioner. But the unusual appeal of the pearls with break the boundaries of typical old house plants. In a way, they are quite artsy and edgy. Throw them in a cute pot like this one shaped like a woman’s head.

Chenille Plant

Fuzzy little caterpillar like flowers bring a fun element to this hanging plant! Some refer to these as red hot cattails, and they are wonderful in an outdoor summer garden, but can be brought in for enjoyment during the winter. For the most part, this plant really likes sun. But it doesn’t like to just fry, so don’t expose it to extreme temperatures or light. The Chenille is also toxic, so keep away from pets and children.


Verbena are cheerful flowers that require a little bit of work, but work that is quickly rewarded. Verbena must remain well balance when it comes to moisture, so you’ll find yourself frequently tending to this. However, the aromas and therapeutic uses of the hanging beauty far outweigh any inconvenience. Best for maybe an outdoor porch, Verbena serves as a great resource to hummingbirds, bees and other pollinators. If you’d like to start from seeds, you can purchase some here.

Make your life easier and opt for a moisture sensor when caring for the more fussy varieties of plants (like the above mentioned Verbena).

Hanging Fuchsia

Hanging Fuchsia resembles something otherworldly, or maybe a jellyfish illuminated deep within the ocean. Nonetheless, it’s a striking plant that grows either indoors or out, and can be left to trail out of a suspended planter. These beauties don’t do well in extreme heat or sunlight, so consider this during placement. Inside, you’ll want to be sure that they are receiving adequate humidity.

Keep your hanging fuchsia’s or any other humidity-loving plants happy with this mini portable plant humidifier.


Petunias will certainly do best on a front porch with at least 6 to 8 hours of full sun every day. When watering, don’t hold back. Petunias are simple to grow, and will produce an abundance of flowers that add bushels of color to a home’s curb appeal. The smell is also quite pleasant.

Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum produces wispy light colored flowers that will add a delicate touch to your outdoor living space. Described as being quite hearty, only very basic gardening skills are needed to successfully grow one of these stunning plants. The most important thing noted by experts, is to use a hanging pot that has a drainage hole, to avoid root rot.

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