20 Best High School Graduation Gifts


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The time has come, your baby was in kindergarten yesterday and is graduating high school today. Or maybe it’s a beloved nephew, or niece that you’re watching receive their diploma. Picking out a gift can be a little bit challenging, and daunting on the wallet. So we’ve come up with some high rated, meaningful, yet sometimes practical gifts that will let them know how proud you are.

A coffee machine is extremely helpful during long nights of studying, and early morning classes. Keurig’s compact single serve machine will fit seamlessly in a small dorm. Let the gift keep on giving, and send them their favorite K-Cups every month, or after they nail that exam.

Maybe not every new college student will be into this pretty pink velvet office chair, but some will certainly appreciate the adorable look. There’s plenty of office chairs to choose from at Walmart. A comfy place to study is worth its weight in gold.

OfficeJet has created a printer that rates surprisingly well! We all know how difficult it can be to hook up to a wireless device, but things seem to go pretty smooth with this one.

College is a whole new world for kids. Mom and dad are no longer around to put out notices and alerts for upcoming events or project deadlines. Perfectly elegant, this glass dry erase board will help them stay organized, and punctual.

Staying in shape will not only help students think more clearly, but they’ll feel better in general. The Tone It Up fitness collection features a variation of weights, resistance bands, and other workout gear that can be used in a dorm or small apartment.

Highly customizable, your graduate will keep this piece of art close to their heart. Pick a character that resembles the recipient, and include phrases, dates and other pivotal details.

Parents can personalize a message within this genuine leather wallet. Include a quote that means a lot to the whole family, or just add a message that will be encouraging every single time he opens it up. Feeling generous? Stash some cash inside.

Put a significant place inside a keychain, so they can always keep it with them. A picture of a map, of any place that is special, can be put inside. Maybe it’s their high school location, or possibly home. They’ll be reminded that their special place really isn’t that far away.

Remind your graduate that there is no limit but the sky. Nothing could be a better reminder than a necklace that actually features broken glass, to symbolize that broken glass ceiling. Soar high baby birds.

Cityscape rings are a super cool way to commemorate a new destination, or destination left behind. While not every city is available at this point, there are quite a few to choose from.

We are sure after about a weekend, they are really going to be missing mom’s spaghetti while at college. Cooking is not often a practical thing for students, hence we introduce you to the microwave pasta pot! Best gift ever.

Shower squids! Remind them that they can still remain a kid at heart, even though life is moving forward. And bonus—these are super practical, offering a place to hang shampoo and other shower necessities when space is limited.

A gift doesn’t have to be crazy elaborate to be thoughtful and cute. Socks make a wonderful gesture, and we love the graduation themed illustrations on these.

They all need something to drink their coffee from. Remind her that if she believes, she can do it. An elegant design adorns the exterior of the stainless steel insulated cup, complete with a splash proof lid.

A precious hippo reminding you to achieve your dreams? Sounds like an awesome gift. Useful too, because it holds glasses, pencils and other desk essentials. Don’t worry, there are other characters like a dog, and cat.

Lamps might seem a little too practical, but not this one. With adjustable lighting, things can be dimmed down a little to treat the eyes a little bit easier while studying. A charging port is also built-in.

Universal for both men and women, this is one cool looking backpack, also known as the ultimate college rucksack. Made for a laptop, books, and other essentials for a day in class, you’ll have made their life a little easier.

The neutral stripe pattern of this bedding set is perfect for anyone. With great ratings, it will provide comfort, and perhaps a reminder of home. At the same time, they’ll probably sleep great, which is most important!

Alexa can add a little bit of ease to life for students after high school. Not only does it play music, with crisp excellent sound, the space efficient Dot is an alarm clock and much more.

Nothing on our list catching your eye? Are you just not sure what would be the absolute most perfect thing to get for that high school graduate you’re so proud of? Opt for an Amazon gift card. But this one comes in the most precious graduation cap holder.

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