19 His & Hers Gift Ideas for Couples Who Love Entertaining

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What to get the host and hostess whose invitation you never want to miss? A thoughtful gift that ensure you’re invited back again and again.

1. Because your house guests deserve the cutest cutlery ever.

Perfect for entertaining family and friends for brunch, or a fancy high tea with scones and jam, they make a lovely gift for any anglophile with an affection for marmalade or lemon curd.

2. A great host or hostess always have a go-to recipe, make sure it's easily accessible.

A great hostess, housewarming, or engagement gift, this “living” recipe book is made to keep family traditions vibrant and relevant, and keep family always coming back around the table to celebrate together.

3. Are you really a homeowner if you aren't obsessed with shiplap and the Gaines family?

Ramp up an entertainer’s repertoire of dishes with these southern family favorites, beautifully presented by the hostess with the most-est, Joanna Gaines.

4. When you really want to take your dinner party meals up a notch.

Step up an entertainer’s game with this French-made Tagine by classic cookware maker Emile Henry. From Moroccan, to middle eastern, to the cuisine of Provence, they’ll be inspired to search for the perfect recipe to highlight the versatility of the two-in-one cooking vessel, and you’ll, hopefully, get to sample their creations.

5. Make hosting even easier with a wine delivery service

What’s better than wine? Wine that’s delivered to your doorstep. A subscription to Firstleaf wine club means the host and hostess will never run low on wine and that there’s a wide variety for their guests.

6. There's nothing better than a little mood lighting.

Encourage guests to filter outdoors onto a deck or other entertaining space with these outdoor LED string lights; perfect for livening up conversations, creating quiet spaces away from a boisterous party, and reminding smokers to keep it outside.

7. All the benefits of a real fireplace without the hassle of a real fireplace.

Creating a warm and cozy environment just got easier with electric infrared fireplaces. Choose whether to operate with heat, or just a flickering firelight effect for ambiance. Numerous safety features make this the easiest low-maintenance fireplace available, and you’ll never have to worry about controlling heat with careful firewood management; this one is remote-controlled for your convenience.

8. Is it really a party if champagne isn't involved?

Every hostess gets wine, so stand out with these lead-free wine glasses instead. We know offering to help sample all those bottles of hostess gifts is a real chore, but that’s what friends are for.

9. You're going to need somewhere to sit during your next backyard BBQ!

Create a functional entertaining space for the square-footage challenged with this indoor/outdoor seating set. Transform outdoor areas into a multi-season entertaining zone with lighting, coolers, and fans or heaters as needed.

10. Step your dinner party up a notch with some fresh cigars after the meal.

For after-dinner drinks and cards, up the ante on the luxury factor with this home humidor for quality cigars. The included hygrometer makes it easy for anyone to ensure a proper environment, and cedar construction to ensure gentler aging and fragrance.

11. Any good host or hostess will have a bottle of chilled wine ready at a moments notice.

Help entertainers keep organized with this countertop wine cooler. Keep champagnes, dessert wines, and more from being forgotten in the back of the fridge behind the appetizers, chilling at the wrong temperature, neglected. With variable temperature controls, you’ll be sure to achieve the correct temperature, and sitting counterside it can’t be out of sight or out of mind.

12. For the hostess whose outfit is always on point.

For a hostess whose jewelry has to shine as brightly as she does, this bracelet features lab stones with certified conflict-free diamonds, so she can show it off proudly. Now if only she could guarantee everything else would be certified conflict free.

13. Because a well dressed host knows what he is doing.

For when parties make the transition from college buddies watching the game, to coworkers celebrating successes together, make your own style transition with this two-button wool blazer by Ralph Lauren. Dressing stylish doesn’t have to be any harder than serving the appetizer course.

14. I doubt you need convincing on expanding your candle collection.

Make every space welcoming with this comforting, long-lasting candle by Yankee Candle company. With over a hundred hours of burn time, the comforting scent of baking spices can waft their way through party after party.

15. The smartest hosts obviously have the smartest house.

Synergize your evening’s plans with smart devices for whole-house coordinated lighting. Managed with your smartphone, tablet, or Amazon Alexa with a compatible Echo device, these Philips Hue color-changing lights let you use color tones to decorate themed parties, set the perfect lighting tone for family photos, or gently nudge guests that it’s time to go home.

16. An iconic eye shadow palette for an even more iconic hostess.

If your parties can last as long as these rich, vibrant eyeshadows, you’ll have to look into serving breakfast the next morning. With a variety of shades from matte to metallic, you’ll always have the right color to match the mood.

17. Always put your best face forward at every event you may have.

Help him put his best face forward with Brickell’s Men’s Daily Advanced Face Care Routine, because you want guests focusing on your glowing personality, and not oily skin.

18. Perfect for brunch, after dinner coffee or casual drop-ins, always have hot coffee ready.

Serve effortless brunches, or after dinner coffee with dessert with this insulating coffee server. Stores three liters of premade beverages while staying hot or cold for hours.

19. This could possibly be the most perfect punch pitcher around.

Easy to operate and perfect for family get togethers, children’s birthdays and more, this drink server keeps ice separate from tea or punch, so drinks stay full-flavored and are never weak and watery. Easier for children to operate than traditional punch bowls or pouring pitchers, you’ll prevent spills and messes with the no-drip faucet.

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