21 Best Housewarming Gifts To Show Someone You Care

Welcome Home

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While traditional housewarming gifts may have been about literally warming up, these gift ideas help make a home feel warm by helping the new occupants transition it into a space that is loved, lived in, and welcoming.

A new home means a new decorating scheme.

Decorating a new space can be overwhelming, and blending styles can stump even a seasoned eye, but the authors behind Domino magazine have the answer in this beautifully photographed and thoughtfully illustrated style manual. Filled with step by step instructions for melding form and function and buying guides for furniture, lighting, and textiles, all wrapped in a coffee table book that serves as an objet d’art on its own.

If you want to give them house plant, but they're notoriously bad at keeping them alive...

Live plants help freshen up any new home, and these easy to care for succulents make a lovely gift to help liven up a new space. With the included detailed instructions and care guides, even a novice can keep these vibrant succulents happy, and these gift packs come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to buy and gift- or keep- as many as you like.

A new place means lots of entertaining, be sure your pal is fully prepared.

A new home means new opportunities to entertain, and this crystal decanter set clearly advertises hospitality at a price that means you won’t need to hide the good stuff in your office desk drawer.

Super heroes like curling up with a good book on a rainy day too.

Reading is Super again with this floating bookshelf with a familiar silhouette. Let visitors know at a glance who your literary heroes are, and which books may save their day.

Because moving can be messy...

Give a gift that makes a new home sparkle and shine — a gift card for a cleaning service like Handy.com. The cleaning professionals can be scheduled as early as the next day, the app is easy to use and they’ll even do your laundry. If you weren’t best friends already, you will be after a gift like this.

Did you know pineapples are a symbol of hospitality, making them a perfect home decor choice?

Pineapples may be a traditional hostess gift, but these durable dish towels will bring a lot more sweet days to their lucky recipients. Pair with a pineapple welcome mat to let visitors know; despite a sometimes tough exterior, we’re sweeter on the inside.

Because every new house needs a set of fancy soap that no one is allowed to use.

Nothing makes a space more welcome than small examples of a host’s care. These luxurious french milled soaps come in a mix of holiday scents, inviting guests immerse themselves into the kind of relaxing stay that usually accompanies a 5 Star hotel.

A new house means finding places to put everything, give your buddy a helping hand.

This wall-mounted pot rack keeps everything in easy access for the adventurous cook exploring possibilities in a new kitchen. Well used favorites stay within easy reach, and it makes a great conversation starter for showing off new pieces. The decorative scrolled top rack can hold spices, oil and vinegar, or recipes on display.

Personal touches turn a new place from a house to a home.

For renters looking to personalize their space without forfeiting their security deposit, vinyl decor saves the decorator’s day. Pair with a framed photo or set of wall sconces to create a cozy area for resting and recharging.

Provide some added security so those new surroundings feel safe and sound.

Whether renting or buying their home, there always seems to be a flood of financial paperwork, applications, and insurance documents. Lessen the stress of big life changes with this Amazon Basics Safe. Everyone needs somewhere safe to keep those important papers, family heirlooms, and priceless mementos that can’t afford to be lost during- or after- a move.

Create fun, clever messages for every occasion!

When you’re past erasable whiteboards but not ready to commit the time to glue magnets to a bunch of scrabble tiles, felt letter boards feel you. Already instagram famous for everything from bridal showers to baby announcements, this set has over 300 letters and symbols, so you’re sure to get your message out loud and clear.

Ensure all guests are greeted with peace and prosperity.

Wishing any who enter peace and prosperity, this four season Olive Branch wreath offers new residents an easy way to put a personal touch on their home, before visitors even step through the door.

Who wouldn't want to have the smartest house on the block?

The Nest smart thermostat is a great entry level item in the smart home. Its intuitive interface allows you to control the temperature in your home remotely; so start the heater before you leave work and arrive toasty to a welcoming space. It self programs based on your usage habits, saving money and time, and you’ll have peace of mind while traveling that your climate control system at home isn’t wasting your money keeping the furniture at a comfortable temperature.

Friends don't let friends leave empty cereal boxes in the pantry.

Never fight over who ate the last bowl of cereal without putting more on the grocery list again! Clear countertop storage dispensers help battle pests, keep food fresher, and let you keep tabs on your essentials more easily.

15. No one enjoys doing laundry, but these makes it a bit easier.

Transitioning from the laundromat to in-home laundry may seem like the best benefit to a move, but these dryer balls are the real mvp; they cut down on drying time, eliminate static cling, and soften clothes all at once. Dab on a few drops of your favorite essential oil or fragrance to personalize every load of laundry.

You can never go wrong with one of the classics.

Nothing says “I’m glad you got a new place” like cookware that clearly says it’s their turn to host for the holidays. Choose a durable piece from a respected company, like this enameled cast iron model by Staub, and watch it turn into a family heirloom for generations.

Help your friend add a pop of color and personal touch to their new homestead.

One of the first things to do in a new space should be adding fabrics; rugs and curtains help muffle the “empty” sound of a new home. This Turkish-made rug is an easy to clean option with a low pile and sturdy jute backing. This is one of those gifts that’s better when you discuss it with the recipient first, but don’t let that detract from the excitement.

Houses mean home repairs, keep tools organized and easily accessible.

Organize easily with this helpful peg board! Useful for garages or utility rooms to keep tools on display and at hand whenever small repairs crop up.

Celebrate with a nice bottle of wine... each month!

A bottle of wine is a classic housewarming gift, but take it a step further with a wine subscription club like FirstLeaf that delivers wine right to their doorstep each month. As homeowners, having a few bottles of wine on hand makes entertaining easy too.

A sheet set with 5 star reviews is hard to beat

The perfect sheet set is hard to find- everyone has different tastes and budgets. This 100% cotton flannel set by Stone & Beam has garnered gushing reviews from users who love how warm and soft they are, including several who love that they can buy these winter sheets in twin size for kid’s beds too.

Help add style and practicality to a new bathroom

Accommodate any design style with this 100% polyester waterproof and mildew resistant shower curtain. Comes in a sunny seashell print, or stark minimalist forest scene.

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