10 Best Kids Punching Bags for Exercise Indoors

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There are plenty of reasons to include a punching bag in your kiddos play room, or to add one onto a home gym. They’re a fantastic way to safely burn off excess energy, they channel kiddos desires to re-enact those superhero moves onto a target that they can’t hurt with their antics, and they can even help start a passion for martial arts, boxing, and other workout-heavy sports that can lead to a lifetime of both better health and more self-confidence.

Best Choices for Big Kids:

Seven height adjustment options keep this heavy bag an option for the whole family to work out with. Incrementally raise the bag from 47″ to 68″ and accommodate either kicking or punching workouts; the base is filled with water and weighs 250lbs when full, heavy enough even for an athletic adult to use for practice.

Ideal for kids who are fascinated with boxing, martial arts, or MMA, this high-quality punching bag comes unfilled, so parents (or coaches) can choose the correct absorbent materials for kids based on height, weight, and ability.

Build timing and hand-eye coordination with this fast-return bag. The 20 pound base keeps the bag steady in place while kids practice improving the speed of their punches.

An adult quality bag with kid’s heights and weights in mind, this heavy bag is dense and durable, perfect for improving striking technique at home. Multi layer padded foam gloves make this an ideal set both for beginners and the more advanced, and let you bring a gym workout home.

Partner drills and home coaching are much easier when you can immediately give feedback on kids foot work, rhythm, and placement. This striking shield protects the parent or coach from being injured while helping their kiddo improve.

Though they’re designed for adults, these double attached striking bags are fantastic options for the home gym for the whole family. Top and bottom connections keep it firmly in place, and buying new straps, or adjusting the strap length gives you a versatile training tool that grows with your kid.

An all-around training companion, this sparring bag is excellent for kids with multi-sport talents, from striking, to football tackles, to wrestling takedowns.

Put the finishing touches on a superhero, Power Ranger, or Ninja Turtle themed birthday party with an army of monstrous villains for your little heroes to defeat.

Ages 4-10

The preschool set can get in in those Rocky dreams with this mini starter kit just right for kids age 2-5 years old. Each set includes gloves and headgear, and pink is one of the color options.

  • Ages 2-5

An honorable mention on this list, especially so little kids can have big fun too. This inflatable punching bag that pops back up after every hit. Priced less than 20$, this is an inexpensive way to keep kiddos entertained and worn out during school breaks or rainy days stuck inside.

  • Ages 3+

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