The 30 Best L.L. Bean Winter Wardrobe Pieces for The Family

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Leon Leonwood Bean, more iconically known today as L.L. Bean, dreamt up the very first practical product for the company, after returning from a hunting trip with wet feet.  Here we are, well over 100 years later, and the company has become a trusted source for all sorts of outerwear. Lets cut to the chase, these are the most well-reviewed, highly rated, practical winter wear items from L.L. Bean. From puffer jackets, vests, to super warm socks, you could buy your entire winter wardrobe in one place.

L.L. Bean Men’s Winter Jackets
L.L. Bean Women’s Winter Jackets
L.L. Bean Women’s Winter Boots
L.L. Bean Winter Coats for Kids
L.L. Bean Gloves
L.L. Bean Winter Sneakers

L.L. Bean Men’s Winter Jackets

Looking for something that is durable against extreme cold? This particular jacket has been field tested in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where the average lows can nearly dip down into the negative digits. Loaded with warming down filling, the body will be able to retain more heat, while the water resistant exterior shell will keep you dry. Choose between neutral colors, or bright red, which both pair well with the fuzzy hood liner.

Fleece jackets are solid for throwing on when the sun is shining in the winter, and it’s not completely bitter cold outside. However, fleece is a worthy addition to a layered ensemble, whether skiing, or just making your way on foot to work. Taking fleece to the next level, the polyester fabric is beautifully textured. Reviews note that the wind proofing is most definitely effective. At least 50% of the materials used to make this jacket, are sustainable.

A vest provides many of the benefits of a jacket, while allowing you to wear your favorite print sweater underneath, showing off the sleeves. Made of polyester, the neutral tone, with just the right amount of color trim, pairs well with a multitude of styles. With 50+ SPF, you’ll get a little extra sun protection while on the slopes. However, it is important to note that while the item description on Nordstrom’s site states “regular fit”, reviews mention that it is actually “slim fit”, after customers did their own research on the actual L.L. Bean site.

Maybe it’s just really good craftsmanship that gives this fleece lined jacket it’s versatility, or maybe it’s just magic. Customers note this garment to be a go-to, for nearly all seasons. Described as a three season jacket, it is surprisingly lightweight, while also being warm and protective from the wind during the winter.

Styled to be a combination of both a jacket and a shirt, we can imagine this product being a solid option during the fall or the winter. A wool exterior provides impeccable warmth, while the wind blocking interior PrimaLoft lining prevents any itchiness. Made of quiet materials, it can be worn into the woods without making loads of noise, and it just has an overall timeless look.

L.L. Bean Women's Winter Jackets

Details make this wind breaking, moisture wicking coat something extra special. With a boot laced themed zipper, and an overall heritage design, each multicolored variation is simply a work of art. Customers love that even in persistent light rain, they stay dry and warm when wearing the garment. Another convenience is the large kangaroo pocket, that is ideal for storing your phone, sunglasses or other accessories.

Made from 100% recycled polyester , you can feel really good every time you slip on this powdery pink beauty. However, it also comes in a darker neutral tone. PrimaLoft gold interior serves as a solid barrier against harsh winter temperatures. Reviews detail that while the jacket is really light weight, it is impressively warm. Being low maintenance in comparison to other puffed coats, this one can be machine washed cold.

Filled with DownTek, the parka absorbs 33% less moisture, and also dries a whole lot faster than traditional down coats. The longer design will also help keep a good portion of the legs warm and dry. The overall construction is wind resistant, and has been field tested to prove its durability. Customers who have bought this coat, detailed the fit to be slightly larger than usual. More room means more layering underneath!

L.L. Bean Women's Winter Boots

Elegant and rugged at the same time, these stylish boots are well insulated, with PrimaLoft. The upper portion is waterproof, and other leather components resist moisture as well. Coming in three colors, the bright white looks stunning. In the reviews, some customers have said that while the shoe is solid for traversing in the winter, they don’t have as much traction as one would expect.

L.L. Bean developed the original duck boot, back in 1912. For over 100 years, the company has continued developing the fashionable and practical winter boot, that is praised for its craftsmanship and high-quality. Holding true to its original aesthetic, this women’s dark boot has a rubber bottom, and a full grain leather upper portion, both of which protect feet from winter moisture. The duck boot is a winter essential, that can either pair with a more upscale look, or something a bit more casual, such as flannel.

What do you get when everyone’s favorite L.L. Bean slippers are crossed with classic duck boots? You get a heavenly warm combination that is both comforting and durable. Full grain leather, authentic shearling, a steel shank, and traction chain tread come together to create one heck of a winter boot. If you like to wear socks that are light to medium weight, it is recommended to order down a size.

L.L. Bean Men's Winter Boot

Watching a pair of L.L. Bean‘s classic duck boots being made is super satisfying, and mesmerizing. Guided by the craftsmanship of the human hand, the boot is delicately stitched together, with beautiful clean seams being made throughout the full grain leather, and durable rubber base. The company develops their iconic footwear to defy the phrase, “they don’t make them like they used to”.

Lacing up boots isn’t always ideal, whether you’re taking the trashcan to the end of the driveway, or just running to the store for some milk. However, these more simplistic slip on shoes are made of waterproof leather, and are as durable as some of the best boots on the market. But the real selling point, is that they are designed to have the comfort of a sneaker, while being effortless to take on and off.

Made to be waterproof, and ultra warm with fleece interior lining, these are ideal winter boots for walking the dogs in icy wet weather, or doing other light household chores that might have you standing in freezing mud. Reviews do note, that when engaging in more intense activities, like using shovels or pick axes, they experienced leaks. Some folks add ice grips on the bottom, for added stability.

L.L. Bean Winter Coats for Kids

Made of 100% recycled polyester, this lovely violet quilted jacket is filled with warm PrimaLoft insulation. A chin guard provides extra warmth around the neck, on windy and snowy days. Being ultra light weight, kids can still be kids, without feeling to weighed down. When not in use, this quilted coat can be easily packed away as it folds down to take up minimal space.

Cozy is the word with this puffy jacket, that comes in three fun color block styles, that are quite gender neutral. DownTek insulation, teams up with soft fleece lining, to provide that warm hug all day. The water resistant rip stop shell add even more durability and kid friendly convenience. Bonus – – the jacket is machine washable.

Coming in solid neutral colors, this is a great standard L.L. Bean puff coat for kids. DownTek fill, and fleece lining also create an ultra warm combination. A high neck, and hood provide an added boost of protection on a stormy wintery day. Reviews point out that this is a truly ultra warm option for young ones.

L.L. Bean Gloves

Made with technology that was originally designed by NASA, these gloves are made to be super lightweight, yet super warm. Consider these a puffer jacket for your hands! Finger portions are also touchscreen compatible, preventing you from having to take those gloves off every time you want to snap a picture. Part of the construction is made from recycled polyester, which is something we can all feel pretty good about.

From personal experience, having a lighter weight glove liner underneath bigger, thicker mittens can be a great layering solution. When getting toasty on the ski slopes, being able to remove thicker gloves, while having something a little bit more movement promoting underneath, adds comfort options throughout the day. These glove liners are made from sun protecting, moisture wicking fleece.

This mitten is made from natural materials that are impeccably melded together for a long lasting product. In Maine, you might see someone wearing a pair of these when chopping wood, but they are also a solid option when hitting the ski trails -– an elastic band is available to put around the wrist for extra security.

While not your traditional pair of gloves that you’d wear to make a snowman, these are firewood gloves, which are definitely a winter essential. Protect your hands from splinters, or creepy crawlies that may be hiding in your stack of kiln dried Oak.

L.L. Bean Winter Sneakers

Made from a combination of both stain resistant suede and fabric, the super convenient sneakers are 100% waterproof. Stomp through much of the mushy mess winter has to offer, while keeping those toes nice and dry. Coming in two neutral yet cool color patterns, the overall look is quite versatile. Don’t worry about having to sit down and take time to put these on – – they slide on and off via a pull on loop.

Looking good in purple, these sneakers are more ideal for just keeping the foot warm, rather than providing traction on ice, according to reviews. But the moisture wicking, water resistant exterior will definitely be ideal when dealing with any super cold winter wetness.

L.L. Bean Smartwool Socks

The perfect socks to pair with your winter boots, this will support your arches a little bit better than the average sock. The herringbone design is ultra neutral, and will look great either dressed up or down. Expect extra comfort, as these are designed to be virtually seamless.

Kids will look super cute in these mountain, and polar bear themed Smartwool socks, which are designed not to be itchy! The moisture wicking material, will help keep their feet dry when snow tubing, or just having a snowball fight with the neighborhood kids.

Neutral can also mean colorful! We love the subdued, yet different designs on the Smartwool socks for men. Give them the gift of more support, and impact cushioning. Who knew socks could provide so much tactical benefit?

L.L. Bean Hats

Be sure to flip through all of the awesome designs that this standard beanie for adults has to offer! Browse L.L. Bean designs that date back all the way to the 1980s, because retro is totally in! Pick a version that is adorned with Maine’s tallest mountain, or evergreen trees.

Not really into hats that have that adorable pom-pom on top? No problem! L.L.Bean‘s standard beanie, that comes in a variation of colors might be the ideal choice for you. One hundred percent acrylic yarn creates a solid staple for your winter wear lineup.

Add the ultra cozy look up buffalo plaid, and fur, to your super practical winter ensemble. The ear flaps can either stay down to keep you extra warm, or can be folded upward. This hat is a little bit more high maintenance, as it needs to be spot cleaned, according to its description.

Choose from navy, pink, or forest green, when selecting this thick beanie for kids. Knitted to be chunkier than the adult version, we suspect this 100% acrylic hat is ideal for snowy winter days. Knitted in a rib style, the hat is a classic additional for kiddos.

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