15 Loungefly X Harry Potter Backpacks To Add To Your Collection

Classic Meets Magic

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Whether you’re a fan of officially licensed collectibles or have a flair for particularly themed accessories, Loungefly’s vast collection of creative backpacks may be what you need in your closet this holiday season. As one of the most popular Loungelfy themes, the Harry Potter backpacks are an obvious choice for the themed backpack collector in you. Like Loungefly’s motto: “Everyone is a fan of something, and they have something for everyone.”

These stylish backpacks are perfect for carrying just about anything – books, supplies, makeup, cell phone, water bottle, and more. Loungefly makes regular and mini backpacks that feature some of your favorite characters from the series with designs from classic and timeless to unique and edgy. Whether you’re a proud Hufflepuff, shrewd Slytherin, courageous Gryffindor, or wise Ravenclaw, Loungefly has the perfect Harry Potter-themed backpack for muggles, witches, and wizards alike.

The Portkeys To Your New Backpack:


Mini Backpacks



Let’s start with the unspoken hero of the Wizarding World (and Harry’s true best friend): Hedwig! The Hedwig Howler is an officially licensed Harry Potter Loungefly backpack for the owl lover in you. Hedwig’s iconic character is made from faux leather with black and cream-colored applique, quilted, and print debossed details that create Hedwig’s iconic look. The front zipper pocket is Harry’s iconic letter to Hogwarts, perfect for storing smaller items. It has adjustable straps and a top carrying handle. A printed pattern of owls and initials is on the inner lining, with the Hogwarts skyline on the back.

Are you even a Harry Potter fan if you’ve never yelled “Expecto Patronus!” while waving a wooden stick at the sky? In all seriousness, Loungefly makes it easy to wear all the Patronuses at once with their dark navy and light blue faux leather backpack. A gold script of Expecto Patronus is sewn into the top front zipper pocket, and the lining has printed fabric with all kinds of spells. It also comes with thick adjustable straps and a top carrying handle. You could learn what your Patronus is by going to the official Harry Potter site, then take your new backpack on your next adventure.

Loungefly has the Harry Potter backpack for you if you’re more into dark academia style. The Magical Elements design is black with white and gold designs of the main characters, along with spell books, potion bottles, Quidditch field goals, golden snitches, candles, and more. The front pocket has a gold molded metal rivet and the iconic Hogwarts emblem printed on the inside fabric lining. This backpack is also great because the colors go with nearly everything, so that you can take it with you on your next trip to work…or Hogwarts.

If the first three movies in the Harry Potter catalog are your favorite, you’ll probably want this backpack to be able to bring it up whenever someone asks where you got it. It comes with zippers on each of the three tiers displaying cover art from each of the three films. The inside fabric detail has Harry Potter’s initials and the Hogwarts emblem at the bottom right corner on the backside. If you know a film memorabilia lover, this could also be a great gift.

The details on this Loungefly backpack are made to be noticed! The Hogwarts castle is raised to give it an authentic 3D silhouette, while the gradient shading provides the art with depth along with great contrast between the teal, gray, and white colors. Hedwig flies across the golden moon with a rocky print below, hiding a zipper pocket, and the blue backside has the phrase ‘Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’ stitched in white. Reviews rave about the comfort of wearing this backpack to theme parks and around town. You can even get the matching Loungefly Hogwarts Castle Wallet to organize your IDs, cash, and cards.

The true besties of the Wizarding World are displayed at the front of this backpack – Harry and Hedwig! With Gryffindor colors to round out the true Hogwarts fashion, the faux suede trim on faux leather has applique creating Hedwig’s body sitting on top of Harry’s head. The black and gold starry night behind the duo gives it a classic look, and the red printed fabric inside has Harry Potter and the Pop! By Loungefly symbols.

If you love the chibi-style caricature of anime art and are a die-hard Harry Potter fan, this is an adorable Loungefly backpack! This one has all the characters you love, including Harry, Hermoine, Ron, Buckbeak, Snape, Malfoy, and even Voldemort. The lining has Harry Potter printed all over as well. It is an excellent gift for those who love anime art and a comfortable easy-to-travel backpack.

Are you in Slytherin? A fan of their Quidditch seeker? Or just have a crush on Malfoy? Either way, here’s a Loungefly that answers yes to both of those questions. Two main side compartments have side pockets with the Slytherin’s emblem stitched on one side. It’ll be like wearing Draco’s Quidditch jersey with D. Malfoy embossed on the front. The green and white checkered lining inside rounds out the team sport look. This Loungefly backpack would be a great go-to to take with you for sporting events as well, especially if green, white, and black are your favorite colors.

Mini Backpacks

Luna Lovegood isn’t looney – she’s lovely! Carry around her aura with this cream and pink colored Loungefly Mini Backpack. The design on the faux leather bag includes drawings of Luna in her infamous lion hat, with her Spetrespecs, her Patronus bunny, her wand, and the Deathly Hallows symbol. The pink fabric lining is detailed with the bunny and Spectrespecs as well. Enjoy your new Loungefly Mini Backpack while being weird and cute like Luna Lovegood! 

Dobby would appreciate his namesake, this vegan leather Loungefly Mini Backpack. The drawstring backpack has a magnetic snap-button closure, interior zipper pocket, sock charm, and adjustable padded straps with side zippers that expand for additional capacity. The front embroidered details show Dobby and Harry declaring that ‘Dobby Is A Free Elf’ with an adorable inner lining of printed elf socks. 

Another adorable anime chibi-style print, this one comes in a cream-colored background and displays our beloved trio: Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. The front pocket unzips to show the same trio print on the lining inside, while the larger area unzips to a solid cream lining. The straps and top handle are also a solid cream color to give a subtle highlight to the design. 

If you dress up as Harry Potter every Halloween, now you can wear him as a backpack throughout the rest of the year. It has a two-way zipper closure, multiple inner and outer pockets, and the faux leather applique details Harry’s face and his infamous scar on the main part of the bag. His Hogwarts uniform makes up the little front pocket, and you’ll get a checkered yellow and burgundy Gryffindor print pattern on the inside lining. It’s a Harry Potter fan’s dream backpack if they can’t get enough of the boy who lived.

Wearing a Mini Hedwig on your back could get you one step closer to being in the Wizarding World of Hogwarts. If not, you’ll feel cute and comfortable as you show off the off-white faux leather embossed with scale stitching to mimic Hedwig’s feathers and the owl head applique with yellow eyes and a diamond beak. The black inner lining, adjustable straps, and top handle accent the off-white body of the backpack.  


Need a new Harry Potter wallet to go with your new Loungefly Harry Potter Backpack? It is a versatile Book wallet with a detachable wristlet strap to take with your Loungefly backpack or on its own. The outer material is faux leather like your backpack and comes in a medium brown with an ivory lining on the inside. One side of the wallet has a subtle gold print of Hogwarts, while the other has the Loungefly x Harry Potter emblem. Classic meets magical, and it looks so good!

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