The Best Lululemon Clothes for Men

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Lululemon has an astonishingly wide variety of clothing for men. I love the variety of styles, that can suit a multitude of activities, or just everyday life, and even days spent lounging around the house. Some products are made with sustainability in mind and feature recycled materials. So if saving the earth is your initiative, there are definitely some items for you. I sifted through a wide range of Lululemon clothing for men, and have found several key pieces from different categories, such as tank tops, casual pants, and even tights! Trust us, you will want to read up more on those. Keep scrolling for the best Lululemon men’s clothing, and you just might find yourself coming away with a complete wardrobe.

A vest is so incredibly multi-functional. Not only will it keep you warm, but not overwhelmingly as if you were wearing a full jacket, it’s quite stylish as well. A vest allows you to layer for practical purposes, while also creating several different looks. Laying is way better than packing a ton of outfits when going on a trip! So you wore that handsome button-down on the first day? Well throw on the vest and you have something totally different for tomorrow’s outing. Goose down makes for an ultra-cozy wearing experience, while the exterior fabric is also water-resistant.

The casual look of this hoodie is not only ideal for wearing on a fall day with jeans, it’s an optimal choice for runners, basketball players, or other athletes. When you start to sweat during an intense game or workout, the fabric will wick away moisture, while also preventing any clinging to the skin. We all know how uncomfortable that is! An even cooler aspect is the anti-stink technology that has been incorporated to reduce any smelly smells.

When running, or even just walking around outside in the winter, hands just seem to get so cold! Gloves are naturally a great solution, but not being able to use the touchscreen on your phone can often be a downside to wearing them. You’re in luck! Because the tech fingers on this particular design allow you to text, swipe to the next song, or do anything else you might need to do on your phone. Another feature is a reflective accent, that will make you more visible at night.

Every man needs a good go-to pair of pants, that could almost be mistaken for casualwear, rather than an athletic or pajama piece. Thus we have joggers! While of course practical for yoga or other activities, joggers are generally great for lounging around the house. With considerably more room in more, eh, delicate areas, joggers are made for ultimate comfort. So whether he’s sitting around the house playing video games all day, or trying to look presentable for the in-laws on Christmas morning, these definitely are a closet staple for men.

Soft, and breathable, this hoodie finds that magical in-between of super comforting, but not too stuffy. With a classic fit, this can be thrown on with a pair of jeans when going out for some sushi, or it can be worn around the house during the winter. Hoodies are incredibly versatile, and with 15 colors to choose from, there will likely be one that suits the man in your life. From hot pink to camo, there are lots of great colors.

Not only does this polo look extra snazzy, but it will also be quite the practical option when it’s hot outside. Sweat-wicking fabric helps keep you dry, while the fabric also features Lululemon’s anti-stink technology. No more awful smells wafting back in the car to the backseat, on the way home from the baseball game. But Lululemon specifically created this one for those out on the course. Double win, when meandering into the country club for lunch after a round, you’re going to look good.

I now introduce you to the mainstay long sleeve shirt, for chilly fall days or the winter. Layering ensures comfort throughout fluctuating days on the ski slope, or just in an area with unpredictable seasons. Buy him one to coordinate with every pair of pajama pants he has, or maybe pick a neutral color that he can wear under a sports coat. Made with abrasion-resistant material, this could be ideal to wear for the annual Thanksgiving family football game.

Filled with warming down, this vibrant coat allows folks to be able to move around, while still offering the same amount of cold protection as an extra puffy coat. The water-resistant exterior helps keep the warming elements dry, and you will be feeling great despite what the weather might be doing. Toss up the hood to protect your hairdo, feel a little safer at night with the reflective details, and keep your iPhone or car keys safe within the secure zipper pockets.

Those who have bought these pants before say they may never return to regular pants again! Jeans and traditional trousers can be quite constricting, and a stretch fabric that can still present as a traditional pair of slacks is the solution. Four-way stretch fabric means these pants move with you, not deep into your skin when bending over! Expect a more precise fit, and then just the traditional presentation, that looks great with a polo shirt, team jersey, button-up, or Christmas sweater!

The versatility of this coat is endless — not only is it a fashionable option for a rainy day, but it is also ideal for throwing on after a workout. Vented underarms and a back panel create plenty of airflow when trying to cool down. How ideal would this be on a hot and humid rainy day in the south? Reflective details make you more visible at night, and they just look pretty cool, too! And the dreamy light cream color will go with just about any outfit or athleisure wear.

These might become like that T-shirt you’ve had since the 1995 World Series, that is just too comfortable to throw away! The fabric will relax over time, becoming more and more comfortable! The textured detailing is a nice touch, that will throw something interesting into the mix of your assortment of regular mesh gym shorts. The seven-inch length hits the thighs perfectly, so as not to get in the way while playing basketball, but still not short enough to be more revealing than men might be comfortable with.

Blended with wool, this long sleeve essential shirt is like really good hiking socks, but in the form of a short, of course. Nylon prevents the wool from being itchy, but you’re still getting those major toasty benefits of the natural fabric. Consider this your next favorite hiking shirt, to wear layered beneath a vest and puffed jacket during the winter, or just on its own on a slightly chilly fall day. However, this is a good-looking shirt, so could be great to wear for Thanksgiving dinner at the same time.

Okay, so before you totally scroll past this one because it says “tights,“ hear me out. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to run uninhibited, without loads of extra fabric weighing you down?  This weightless fabric sits close to the skin, while not being constricting. You will feel the airflow, and that is just about it! Get ready for true and total freedom—so much freedom that you might think you’re in one of those embarrassing streaking dreams.

Fall in love with the funky yellow camo design of this ultra-lightweight tank top, or opt for more neutral colors like white or black. Feel the breeze while running in those hot summer temps, and let absolutely nothing, not even a heavy T-shirt, hold you back! Made with fabric that is totally recycled, you can feel good that you’re doing something good for the earth while speeding through the finish line like a lightning bolt. Last but not least, the fabric has been infused with their zinc anti-stink technology, which will keep you smelling fresher throughout a workout.

This is that comfortable, perfectly fit T-shirt, that you toss on the floor at the end of the day, and throw back on in the morning because it’s too comfortable to resist! The cotton is blended with a specific material that is made to be ultra-soft. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift for your man – – pair one of the various colors of this practical, ideal T-shirt, with a pair of pajama pants, or even rugged cool jeans. It’s hard to go wrong with a really good, comfortable T-shirt. And we’re guessing they call it the five-year T-shirt because it lasts for at least that long.

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