The 10 Best Lululemon Leggings for Weightlifting

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Lululemon started out in Canada in the late 1990s. Though originally conceptualized as a yoga wear company, Lululemon offers a wide range of garments that enhance even higher impact workouts, like weightlifting.

If you didn’t already know, finding the right pants for lifting is…essential. The last thing anyone wants to think about while squatting a heavy load of weight is whether or not their pants are going to stay in place. Both men and women have a significant selection of choices in leggings that are ideal for weightlifting sessions and other high-intensity workouts.

Leggings can be an extremely beneficial clothing option for active men. Designed to be highly lightweight, these particularly sleek men’s leggings feel totally non-distracting when trying to go on a run or have a lifting session. Side vents allow excess heat to escape, so you don’t get overheated when working out. There are side pockets for convenient storage, and reflective details in case you’re out and about at night. While initially designed for running, the characteristics of these pants make them great for lifting as well.

Who knew leggings with a drop cord could be exactly what you might be looking for, when in search of something that is going to stay super secure while lifting? Within the waistband, there is also a hidden pocket, for ultra-valuable items you want to keep with you at all times. Side pockets also allow other items to be stored. Lululemon has used their most fast-drying fabric when making these sweat-resistant leggings. So if you do start to really put the pedal to the metal, these will stay as dry as possible.

If one thing stands out the most about this pair, it would be the pattern and colors used in the two eye-popping designs. Like liquid magma, the vibrant red hues used in one variation are absolutely striking, and will certainly have you looking sharp when stepping foot in the gym. High waisted leggings are more likely to stay in place when doing heavy lifting, in this particular pair that also has the internal draw cord. Pockets are available for storing your apartment key, or gym membership card.

So we know that these leggings are designed for yoga, and low impact workouts, because they are ultra soft. To be exact, this super lightweight fabric is best described in the product summary as feeling “buttery“. That sounds just about as heavenly as it can get. But it’s the softness, and high waist band, that make us think these would be a good fit for light weight lifting sessions. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be comfortable while pumping a little iron.

The description even details that these Fast and Free tights pass the squat test! So we will take that as a “yes”, when it comes to utilizing these for heavy weight lifting workouts. Clean stitch lines curve in various directions, creating a sleek yet subtle appeal. The waistband is designed to fit a little bit tighter, while the draw cord allows it to be cinched to perfection, before doing lots of bending and squatting. This particular option comes in a wide variation of colors, to go with your favorite workout tops.

Cropped a little bit of above the ankle, these leggings are just “summer“ enough, while providing extra coverage when temperatures might still be slightly chilly. Adding to the comfort level, there is not an inseam, if that is something that tends to irritate or distract when you are working out. Take advantage of the convenient back pocket, which can accommodate small essentials, and find comfort that the standard draw cord is in place around the waist band. Choose from up to nine colors, both neutral and bold.

Incorporating design features of a couple of different Lululemon leggings, we like the features this particular pair offers. At 23 inches, they are cropped off a little bit below the middle shin, and will promote a nice breeze on a warm spring day. An extremely impressive five pockets line the waist band! Storing the essentials shouldn’t be a problem at all. The waistband is designed to stay in place, so you can focus more on your weight lifting goals, rather than if your pants might slip down a little.

For some reason or another, you might find yourself weight lifting outside. Or maybe you are just super sensitive to the cold in general, and want to have some thing extra toasty on when leaving the gym. Made with an insulating exterior, and a sweat wicking interior, these leggings will help fight off the winter chill. On the exterior, is ribbed fabric that gives the feel of extra muscle support, which can be useful and comforting while lifting. We might also be caught lounging around the house in these, when it’s snowing outside.

Who knew the right pants/leggings could help keep you focused? Removing the distraction of extra fabric, leggings are a solid option for men who like to lift. The barely there feeling will give you freedom of movement, while not being overly heavy or hot. Seams are designed to be nice and flat, further enhancing that free feeling. Within the waistband, are silicone grips, that will help keep things in place when dipping down low to achieve that next weightlifting mile stone.

Designed to support muscles, the fabric maps over major muscle groups, to help stabilize. Joints will also receive a little extra support as well, further being an example of the benefits leggings present to men. Guys, if you are used to wearing loose fitting clothing, toss on a pair of athletic shorts over your tights, while getting used to the fabric and style. Even if you always pair these with athletic shorts, you will still get the muscle support benefits. So it’s a win-win.

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