The 12 Best Massage Guns On the Market (Plus: The Right One For You)

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Massage guns are like a supercharged version of the typical electric-powered massager. Varying in appearance, overall they are aesthetically similar to a power tool. Massage gun technology is fairly new, and research is in progress, but athletes and those with muscle pain are intrigued by the device when it comes to healing after workouts, or just relieving tension.

Massage guns are new devices that deliver deep vibrations and rotations into muscles and tissue. Great for athletes and those with general soreness, massage guns are designed to increase range of motion in treated areas, promote healthy circulation for overall muscle health and just make you feel a little more relaxed. Several brands exist, with more expensive ones coming in at $600, but then there are variations for under $100. If you are wondering which massage gun is right for you, read on.

The device credits percussive therapy for its ability to help muscles heal or relax. Percussive therapy is when pressure and vibration are both used to target problem areas on the body. According to device manufacturers, this type of movement against tissues can increase blood flow, improving overall circulation. This alone could reap many benefits for users, as blood flow means healing.

Right now, there isn’t enough data out there to say “Hey, go spend $100 to $600 on this new gadget.”

However, a massage gun is far more powerful (and noisy) than any traditional $30 contraption for sale online. So if you’re looking for something that can deliver heavy duty body work, and you have someone that doesn’t mind applying the treatments so you can truly relax, it seems like it could be something handy to have around.

As far as accelerating muscle healing, let’s wait and see what the science says.

The takeaway is that a massage gun could deliver similar benefits of a deep tissue massage. And massages are expensive so that could warrant the price tag. But Amazon does have more affordable versions. Always take precautions when using any new device, and avoid areas on the body like incision sites. Talking to a physical therapist could be a good place to start, and they may even have a professional massage gun there you could try out—these tools were invented by a physical therapist.

Regardless, it’s looking like these may be more than just a gimmick.

Theragun is the original massage gun created by a chiropractor treating his own injuries. Delving 60 percent deeper into muscles than regular massage devices, the Theragun is promoted for its ability to relieve pain and improve circulation. The Liv is the baseline model, and has the signature no strain triangle shape. While still fancy for a massager, it’s the more basic Theragun choice at $199.

Skipping over the G3 and strait to the top line Theragun model, the G3Pro has more speeds, attachments and a handy travel case, but it is going to set you back about $600, but it does go on sale sometimes. Buyers could nab it for around $450. This is the pick for someone looking for a name that’s already proven itself, and doesn’t mind spending top dollar.

Shavron is the creation of a UK company, and is one of the big daddies in the massage gun world. Professional grade strength delivers serious tension relieving mini blows, and the battery life can last up to six hours. Only four heads come with the Shavron, but that’s really all you need with this beast. Still not maxing out at the top of the price bracket, this is a go to choice that is no frills, but effective.

The FITPULSE has a whopping 30 speed levels, so you can adjust to exactly what each muscle group needs. A lot of power is delivered for a price that is well under the $200 mark, and the reviews note that the same benefits are seen as when buyers use one from the chiropractor. A fun touch is the wide range of colors the device comes in, from basic black to pretty pink.

Several attachments come with this pick, so if you need something that can work all the nooks and crannies, one of the heads can probably do the job. A little less noisy that some, you can use it without causing too much fuss around the house. Nine intensity levels are available on the VYBE, and the battery is pretty heavy duty, so it doesn’t need to be charged as often as some.

This is your budget friendly pick, sitting under 100 dollars which is usually the noted lowest price for these massagers. Five speeds are controlled from an LCD screen on the back panel. After ten minutes, it will shut off to preserve battery and to prevent from over working muscles, however it’s chargeable via USB. Rating nearly at five stars, you get a lot for the money, including additional massage heads that target the spinal muscles and joints.

Mark Wahlburg uses the MuscleGun. Sold. Just kidding. There’s a few designs for this brand, but the Musclegun Carbon probably has the most easy to manage shape of all our list picks, and it’s really, really light. For those having to massage themselves solo, this would likely be the superior choice. Men’s Health magazine ranks it at the top of their massage gun list overall, and the $199 price tag is easier to cope with.

Recovapro is made with aluminum, so it’s lightweight and excellent for tossing in a gym bag. Pull it out before a workout to warm up your muscles, or help speed the healing process with five different attachments that can virtually target anywhere on the body. While this one is well into the $300 range, the company offers cheaper choices.

TimTam houses the same benefit potential as all our other picks, but the design is a bit more “Home Depot”, if that’s makes sense. The industrial look has a certain appeal, and the trigger prompt actually makes a lot of sense. Made with antimicrobial plastics, the TimTam is that practical pick for the practical workout enthusiast. Perhaps someone that prefers doing pull ups on a jungle gym versus going to a fitness club, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Recoveryvolt is primarily marketed as being budget friendly but very high quality when it comes to materials and design. Three speeds, and a decently long battery life add practicality and efficiency. Typically in the upper 200 range, Recoveryvolt is a trusted brand that is good for those not wanting to risk something cheaper. Take a close look at the reviews because some people have their complaints.

Hypervolt, made by Hyperice, was designed by rocket engineers, which is pretty cool in itself. Right? A pressure sensor gives more information about which areas need therapy most. A few sessions later, and improved range of motion and reduction of pain are some of the benefits that may be experienced. Overall, it’s a lightweight option that’s easy to use, and comes in around the middle of the price range, at $299.

The Hypervolt Plus is a slightly more expensive version of the original, and it’s considerably more powerful. For 50 extra bucks, you’ll get 30 percent more powerful vibrations, while the device is equally as quiet as the latter. All the features of the Hyperbolt can also be found on the plus. One more bonus for the extra money is an added overall sleekness is appearance.

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