9 Best Mats & Rugs for Your Child’s Room

Play all day!

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Babies and young children spend a lot of time at floor level. Whether crawling, creeping, rolling, or taking an impromptu nap, we want their space to be comfortable, clean, and to entice them into play and motivate them to new milestones. These soft, washable mats pad hard floors for gentler falls, make for comfortable floor spaces that are easier to clean than carpeting, and invite imaginative play with bright, intriguing colors and patterns. Thin mats are great for younger children who are just learning to crawl or walk, while thick padded mats make great indoor or outdoor exercise spaces for older children getting involved in gymnastics, dance, tumbling, or martial arts.

Foam mats are comfortable and versatile, and this brightly colored, American made version is sure to satisfy. Plush enough to soften falls on hard floors for beginning crawlers and walkers, or for lining a play yard for indoor or outdoor use, it transitions easily for use protecting flooring, especially carpeting, from older children and messier play. Keep paints, crayons, and other art supplies from staining floors without discouraging creative play.

Sometimes early crawlers need some incentive to get up and moving. Learning to crawl is hard work, after all! This baby mat flips up at the edges, allowing you to “fence in” toys, teethers, and rattles, or create a mini ball pit on the floor. Gently throw toys from one side to the other, and encourage little ones to move and explore. Set a musical toy, or one with bright flashing lights just out of reach, and watch those little movers get excited to try again.

Spur imaginative play with this street view map, a replica of NYC that’s tailored for young kids. Add Matchbox cars for races, light-up police cars or fire trucks, or even toy superheroes to save the day from disaster. At 75” by 45” this oversized rug works great at covering the floors in a child’s bedroom or playroom, and has plenty of room for multiple kids to play together. Haul Lego building materials in construction vehicles, and build skyscrapers of your own at home.

If the weather outside is too frightful for a game of sidewalk chalk hopscotch, this indoor version saves the day. Easy to keep out all the time, or roll up for quick storage. Bright and cheerful colors make this the perfect accent for any room design or color theme, with friendly animals.

Spill proof and reversible, this is the perfect at home or on-the-go mat for families with young kids. It’s great for an indoor tummy time session, or to fold up and carry to an older sibling’s soccer match. Great for backyard stargazing or outdoor naps in pleasant weather, there’s no need to worry about sharp twigs scratchy grasses poking through this mat.

Bright and vibrant, this handprint patterned rug will have kids high-fiving, cartwheeling, doing handstands, and playing an impromptu game of twister. We could see this taking center stage in a daycare or nursery, with it’s stain-hiding, kid friendly design.

Learn A is for Apple, B is for Bear and more with this educational rug. Tiles alternate between shapes, letters, and numbers, so every step has something new to discover. The bordered, patterned design makes this a great lifesize board game or counting game for kids to learn the basics of turn taking, sharing, and counting; great skills to have in preschool and beyond.

For rollers, divers, and tumblers, this thick gymnastics mat makes practice easy and portable. This mat folds up quickly and carries easily with the attached handles, and weighs only 10lbs. It’s easy to take to a park or playground for on-the-go tumbling practice. The padding is also suitable for martial arts flips and rolls, and for practicing yoga.

Learn left or right handed cartwheels at home easily with this step by step training mat. The vinyl wipes clean easily, so sweaty and messy play won’t cause any damage. Reverse side has a balance beam pattern, great for beginning gymnasts to practice their turns and kicks without any risk of falls.

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