20 Best Minnie Ears For Your Next Trip To The Happiest Place On Earth

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If you’re planning a trip to “The Happiest Place On Earth,” you deserve the right accessories to go with it. Whether you’re a collector of the most famous ears in the world or looking for the right look for your first trip ever, you’re sure to find the right Minnie Ears for your trip. As one of the most popular souvenirs to buy at any Disney park, it can be hard to find the style of your favorite characters or creative design that speaks to your inner Minnie Mouse. 

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As you shop for your new Minnie Ears, think about the vibe you want for your trip. Are you celebrating a birthday? On vacation to reconnect with your inner child? Live nearby and just want to visit for a Disney adult meet-up? Whatever Minnie Ears you choose, you are sure to become your new favorite and only get more addicted to seeing what new designs to get for your next trip. Here is a list of the 20 best Minnie Ears for your next trip to The Happiest Place On Earth.

If you’re going to one of the most iconic theme parks in the world, you need truly iconic Minnie Ears. These Elope Classic Minnie Ears are simply classic with two ultra-soft velvety plush ears and Minnie’s iconic red and white polka dot bow. This Disney-licensed accessory has a one-size-fits-most headband with a sturdy and wide comfort fit. Mickey Mouse may do a double take as you walk in the park with these. You could even use them as part of a classic Minnie Mouse Halloween costume.

Pink or blue? With these ears, you wouldn’t have to choose! These 3D-printed interchangeable Minnie Ears frame the fairy godmothers – Merryweather in blue on one ear and Flora in pink on the other – in the iconic dress-changing happily ever after of Aurora and Prince Phillip dancing in the clouds (which was also one of Walt’s favorite endings). You can take it to the next level with one of the most iconic crowns in the Disney repertoire right in the center of your Minnie Ears.

Whether you dress up to head to the park or just want to wear an homage to one of the iconic princesses of all time, these handmade sequined Cinderella-inspired Minnie Ears are a great addition to your look. The interchangeable ears have her trusty mouse friend Gus on one ear and the white golden carriage on the other with an option to change to the white sequin silhouette of her castle. The silk headband sits comfortably on your head while the slimmer ears keep everything lightweight. 

The stained glass homage on these Beauty and the Beast Minnie Ears is stunning. With Belle and the Beast etched on one ear and the infamous red rose on the other, you’re sure to get compliments from everyone. The red sequined bow in the middle complements the handmade ears’ colors. The headband is comfortably lightweight, so it’s best to be careful if you’re planning to go on a fast or wet ride. 

Look at these ears! Aren’t they neat? Wouldn’t these make your collection complete? With Ariel’s famous fork in the middle of the purple sequined bow, I’d say you’re the girl who has everything (Minnie Ears-wise, anyway). The green scales on each ear have a prism design and complement the mini pearls and adorable golden starfish to bring your whole mermaid look together. Ariel would be proud you made these Minnie Ears a part of your Disney World trip.

If you prefer a non-themed classic look when planning a trip to the parks in the fall, these stunning copper Minnie Ears are the ticket! The shimmery copper ears are simulated leather with a padded bow of copper sequins, and the non-slip velour interior ensures the headband stays in place. These copper Minnie Ears will definitely stand out when the sun shines on them during your next trip to the park.

Is there a more iconic and fabulous Disney villain than Maleficent? Wear this horned headband and ensure people know the answer is absolutely not! Enjoy the “Happiest Place On Earth” as the “Mistress of All Evil” with this Maleficent horned headdress. The comfortable headband holds the shimmery iridescent green and black horns as purple lines of sequin wrap around each horn. These villain’s ears sell out fast, so get them while you can! 

One word to describe these Minnie Ears: timeless. The pearlescent lamé Minnie Ears gives angelic vibes, while the bow’s oatmeal sheer fabric has a more whimsical feel. The subtle shimmer will glow in the sun, and the simple monochromatic look will definitely turn heads. If you want to look like Minnie Mouse for your themed wedding day, these may be the ears for your big day.

Powerline is obviously the best Disney animated superstar of the 90s! If you’ve ever wanted to stand out, these A Goofy Movie-inspired 3D Ears will help you do just that. One ear has Powerline’s face in front of a 90s-style zigzag triangle background while his name floats on an orange and yellow atom on the other. The iridescent purple bow is interchangeable with other customized bows if you prefer to coordinate your theme park outfit.

These Pocahontas-inspired Minnie Ears are probably one of the most creative handmade headbands I’ve seen to date. With all the colors of the wind creating a beautiful crown of leaves in the center of this headband, you can sing with all the voices of the mountain (even if it’s just the Mount Everest coaster in Animal Kingdom). Meeko and Flit are adorably centered inside each ear, and you can choose a custom color bow for your 3D-printed interchangeable Minnie Ears. 

If you want to wear a little piece of Disney history, these Disneyland Opening Day Minnie Ears may be your ticket…literally! The resin-based headband has the iconic red, blue, and purple Mickey Mouse-shaped balloons painted inside one ear and a mini-recreation of opening day tickets inside the other. The ears are clear with colorful speckles, and the golden braided ribbons with a red bow in the center will have you celebrating in true Disney fashion all day.

Because who doesn’t think Baby Yoda is the best thing about Star Wars? These green and gold sequined Minnie Ears have Baby Yoda in the center of its gold bow, so prepare for people to ask you where you got these as they audibly fawn over your new ears. The headband is flexible, and the ears have top ratings for the comfortable fit throughout the day at the park.

If you really want to feel like part of the Disney festivities, you’ll love these Magic Carpet Minnie Ears. The magic carpet is pressed in the middle to create a bow with a blue gem right in the center. The light blue sequins are reminiscent of Princess Jasmine’s famous blue outfit, while the fun gold tassels remind us to have fun like Aladdin. 

If you want to stop the show, then become the show. These Alie In Wonderland Minnie Ears are the perfect way to do that. The ears have the classic teacup design in purple and blue, and the mini top hat at the center of the headband gives you all the Mad Hatter vibes you need. The attached pink and polka dot veil is a nice flair to the dramatic and is held by a bright pink ribbon bow with a yellow teacup in the middle. 

Celebrate culture with this World Showcase Mexico Minnie Ears headband! You’ll want to head to Epcot’s Mexico pavilion and hear the mariachi play as you sit back and enjoy a refreshing margarita. The white cotton background on the padded burlap ears makes each embroidered Mexican motif in vivid pink, orange, yellow, and teal colors pop on the ears and striped center bow.

Sometimes, you just need fluff! These Sherpa Minnie Ears are perfect for the winter season and come in black, emerald green, ash rose, and light pink. If you tend to have a colder head and want to head to the parks in style, then the super soft Sherpa and comfortable fit will be a great choice to coordinate your outfit as you enjoy a cozy trip to Walt Disney World.

Get ready to feel like you are part of the light show with one of your own with these Minnie Ears! The headband is handmade with LED glow neon pink and green bow that is overlaid with shock pink and purple ribbon with glow-in-the-dark stars, neon rainbow silk roses, and the handpainted Mickey Mouse in the iconic Fun Wheel are all backlight responsive. Truly stunning Minnie Ears that you’ll want to wear again and again!

You really can’t go wrong with classic velvet. These dark red velvet Minnie ears are elegant and comfortable with a one-inch headband lined with soft trim. The centered bow is a bit larger to make it feel more like a crown, and the monochromatic burgundy shade gives Minnie’s classic red an upgrade. You may want to wear these out to dinner just because, too.

Disney desserts are truly in a league all their own. Show your love for culinary classics with this Loungefly Sweet Sprinkles Minnie Ears headband. The ears are oversized, so you can really see the sprinkles dripping down the frosting on the chocolate cupcake on each one. The red and white polka dot bow is a cute addition, and the whole look reminds you that you absolutely deserve to enjoy that extra cupcake from The Main Street Confectionery.

To infinity….and then the park! Toy Story is a beloved Disney and Pixar treasure, so enjoy the parks with this nice handmade sequined homage to Buzz Lightyear’s space suit with white and green background with the iconic red Star Command button and the blue, green, and red lines on the ears. The purple bow is also made of sequins and reviewers say the white headband is flexible and comfortable to wear throughout the day.

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