Top 9 Motorcycle Dog Carriers for the Safest Possible Ride

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Taking your dog on a motorcycle ride probably sounds like a lot of fun, but you also want to seriously evaluate the safety, and comfort of your four-legged friend. Be sure your first step is to research any safety regulations in your area, or for your specific circumstance, and it’s always a good idea to consult your dog’s veterinarian before utilizing carriers. Every animal has specific needs and you must take into account their height, weight, and overall health condition before bringing them along with you.

All technical stuff aside, dog carriers made for motorcycles aren’t something that you find in abundance. If you plan to make this a habit, consider a sidecar as an adorable, comfortable option for your pet. Don’t skip out on the protective gear, and remember your dog gets cold too so dress them accordingly. Be sure to ease your dog into the idea by taking short rides before committing to any sort of long trip.

This solid motorcycle dog carrier has a rigid frame within, so the structure is more protected, than with an overall soft carrier. The fabric is well ventilated, so your baby will get to enjoy those fresh breezes while out on a ride. Multiple zippers and compartments allow you to store other essentials or dog-specific items. When on a motorcycle, every bit of storage is valued. Two entrances are available, one from the top, and one from the side. Coming in a traditional tone of black, the carrier will fit likely with most styles.

Some interesting but welcomed features come with this motorcycle dog carrier. For example, the pictures show a bubble window that can be attached to the top of the product. We can only imagine this would make it a lot easier for pups to look around at the surroundings. A handful of mesh openings create optimal airflow, but always ensure for yourself, that your pup is comfortable and not overheated when in a motorcycle carrier. In the description, it mentions that the carrier comes with two doggy dishes. A metal frame creates a more secure surrounding, and the synthetic leather will help repel moisture. However, this carrier also comes with a rain cover.

With an overall sleek look, the carrier will seamlessly sit on the back of your motorcycle, looking like it was absolutely made for it. Not only does the carrier have multiple points of ventilation, but the top portion also opens up generously. Adding convenience to any cleanup of potential mistakes is a bottom removable tray. Two doggy dishes that are specifically designed to be stowed in a compartment, come with the carrier. Pet parents can easily disconnect the carrier from their motorcycle, and use it as a handheld transportation method for their precious cargo – – a.k.a. fur babies. Reviews note that the framing could be a bit more rigid, but overall, the carrier was easy to install.

Looking like a really nice piece of luggage, the PVC material presents well, while also being able to stand up against the elements that being on the back of a motorcycle might present. Pups will have several points of ventilation, for fresh air while winding through mountain roads, or cruising by the beach. Two side handles add ease for carrying, if you should need to detach during your trip. A variety of straps and rings come with the product to give options when securing to the seat. However, reviews mentioned that there aren’t instructions, so it might be a good idea to reach out to the manufacturer for information on the very best way to install this product.

The Goldfire is a little bit cheaper than other motorcycle-mounted carriers. Reviews on the product are solid, with customers noting that the construction seems quite sturdy. Designed to be water-resistant, reviews also note that the fabric seemed to hold up well to moisture, and even wind. Some options are available when it comes to strapping down the product onto your motorcycle, and plenty of secure materials have been provided, such as extra straps, and strong D rings. Always ensure to follow instructions when installing a carrier on your motorcycle. Overall, this is a great option, that seems to hold up really well, and also has additional storage.

Perhaps you want to go all out, and buying a bag that you simply secure with straps just won’t do. This is far more than just a motorcycle carrier for dogs, it’s an extension of your motorcycle, designed and mounted specifically for your dog, and type of bike. A rust-proof metal frame serves as the anchor, then you get to do the fun stuff, like pick out your upholstery, and customize embroidery for the sidebars. Weatherproof construction enhances the longevity of the design, and you and your buddy will be hitting the road in serious style. Various add-ons, such as a harness, or rain poncho, can be selected.

Safety is always the main focus when choosing a carrier. This option is centered on keeping your dog safe and comfortable throughout all rides. Heavy-duty PVC material encases the exterior of this uniquely-shaped carrier. Rain isn’t a problem, since this is a fully waterproof material. It is more narrow than your bike’s handlebars for safety reasons, and of course, meets all animal transportation regulations for the United States.

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