The Best Movie Character Costumes for Men in 2022

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It’s costume party season, and you know what that means…let the ultimate 2022 Halloween costume parties commence! Whether you love the spooky season (and honestly, who doesn’t?) or your friends are dragging you to the next Halloween rager, you need a costume to go out in these hallowed streets with style!

You may mistake Halloween as a time to dress up, but it’s so much more than that. From the most popular movies to pop culture references (which, trust me, there are plenty!), you can rest easy knowing you’ll be the coolest guy with the sickest (or funniest) costume. Here are some great options to create the best movie character costume for your 2022 Halloween party.

Best Movie Character Costumes For Men in 2022:

Top Gun: Maverick

Jurassic World: Dominion

Michael Meyers


Obi-Wan Kenobi


Top Gun: Maverick

As the biggest movie of the year, Top Gun: Maverick is obviously in our top spot for men’s Halloween costumes in 2022! If you feel the need for speed, what better way to party than as Maverick himself? This faux leather men’s bomber jacket is an officially licensed Top Gun: Maverick costume with a faux fur collar, easy front zipper, two fully functional front pockets, and six sewn-on fabric Maverick fighter pilot school patches. 

Are you even a fighter pilot without aviator sunglasses? Let them know you mean business with a pair of polarized aviators on you at all times. Not only will they help block out UV and HEV lights (hello daytime and Zoom parties), but there’s no question that your ensemble won’t be complete without them. These 100% polarized lenses eliminate glare and have a high-impact resistance with a polycarbonate hard coat for durability. It also comes with a premium microfiber pouch and cleansing cloth to keep you looking hella cool after this year’s Halloween costume and into the next.

To complete the Maverick look, you can show just how good of a Top Gun fighter pilot you are with these movie memorabilia dog tags. They have the character’s namesake on the tag itself, which includes a 27-inch stainless steel ball long chain and a 4.5-inch ball shirt chain to customize to your measurements. The material is quality military grade/spec T304 stainless steel, so you’ll get a good long wear out of these dog tags that you can wear to any Halloween costume party and then save in your Top Gun fan collection for another day.

Jurassic World: Dominion

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t like dinosaurs? The third highest-grossing movie of 2022 proves that audiences obviously still do! You can dress up as the lead character, Owen Grady, with this high-quality faux leather vest with detailed pockets and cargo design that perfectly fits over a chambray-style shirt underneath. It’s durable enough for everyday wear, and you can size up for a looser fit or down for a more snug look. 

Wear this long sleeve classic woven chambray-style shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and you’ll be chasing dinosaurs (or running from them) in no time. The Wrangler denim is soft and stylish with two front chest pockets with button detail and a relaxed fit for a comfortable fit. It comes in 10 different colors, so you could mix and match it with the dinosaur hunter vest or just get a nice set of new shirts for yourself. 

If you want to go to a Halloween party as the true main character of the whole Jurassic franchise, you gotta go full dino! The beloved T-Rex costume has always been a crowd-pleaser and is still relevant in 2022…win-win! Have some fun at your next party and dance the spooky night away as the biggest, baddest, and boldest dinosaur in the game. The long sleeve inflatable jumpsuit has a zipper closure and comes with a battery-operated fan (the AA batteries aren’t included, so keep that in mind).

Michael Meyers

Can you even have a Halloween without Michael Meyers? The iconic serial killer mask has to be somewhere on the premises if you expect to throw a top-notch Halloween party. This 100% natural latex mask is non-toxic and fits most adult head sizes. You can even enlarge the eye holes for better visibility and nostril holes for breathability with scissors. With the latest Halloween Ends movie being an end to the franchise as we know it (for now, anyway), what better time to dress up like the man/monster himself?

You can’t have Michael Meyers for Halloween without the iconic blue jumpsuit. The workwear costume is made of durable polyester fabric with strong seams. You have front and back pockets to stash that extra candy and an oversized chest area so you can move freely on the dance floor or chase your friends around (in fun, of course!). The elastic waistband and straight-cut build give you a comfortable yet intimidating shape that will have people doing a double take as you walk ever so slowly into the party.

The finishing touch? The horror genre’s most famous prop – Michael Meyer’s butcher knife! This fake Knife is made of durable PU foam with a fiberglass core, so you’ll still get a good grip and a heavy hand without actually hurting someone when it’s time to show it off. It’s painted realistically with a classic butcher knife shape. 


Halloween is the season of scream – literally! Ghostface is officially a staple in the Halloween Horror catalog and 2022’s Scream movie gave us an interesting twist to the story. You can embody the mystery man behind the mask with this Scream costume set that includes a black full hooded robe with draped sleeves, a wrap tie belt, and the Ghostface Scream mask. 

With one of the scariest knives to grace our screens, Ghostface Killer’s costume isn’t complete without the hunting knife to go with it. The knife has realistic (but fake) liquid blood inside the blade, so you can turn it upside down to make it look like you’ve been the slasher all along.  

Obi-Wan Kenobi

You can Jedi mind trick the whole party by showing up in the ultimate Obi-Wan Kenobi costume. The Star Wars Jedi Master costume comes with a brown hooded robe, a white tabard, and a faux leather belt for a truly authentic look. The waist bag is a nice touch to the look, and the tapered brown pants fit American men’s sizes. There are three color variations – black, brown, and white – so you can add your own flair to become a whole new kind of Jedi Master. 

Even if you aren’t a die-hard Star Wars fan, you know the high-knee boots that Obi-Wan Kenobi wears throughout the franchise. These equestrian-style boots are made of high-quality pleather with a rubber sole and sturdy stitching for durability and non-slip texture. Embrace the journey with some seriously comfortable shoes to make your Obi-Wan Kenobi costume of 2022 one to remember.

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s iconic blue lightsaber? Yes, please! Even if you just want to keep it for cosplay throughout the year, this Honjin Force FX lightsaber comes with 15 ultra-bright presets and an infinite selection of colors. Everyone will want to swing the lightweight aluminum hilt, responsive motion-sensitive lightsaber, and swing sounds with 12 different ‘true-to-movie’ sound fonts. You can use your Jedi gestures to turn it on with a swipe or shake the hilt to have fun with friends. You’ll have one lightsaber, a USB charging cable, a user manual, and little Allen wrench, three small screws, and one connector in a nice gift box. 

Thor: Love and Thunder

Show everyone you are worthy by showing up as the God of Love and Thunder per 2022’s MCU film phenomenon. With Party City officially licensed Men’s Thor costume, you’ll get a sleeveless poly knit jumpsuit with a stand-up collar, a printed primary color design, a pair of arm gauntlets, and rear hook and loop closures. The red Velcro cape secures the jumpsuit so you won’t choke on the ties, and the printed woven design belt is easy to wear with rear closures. 

Thor pulls off that long hair and long beard look – and now you can too! This two-piece long blond wig and beard set is perfect for bringing your Thor: Love and Thunder look together. Made of 100% heat-resistant matte fiber, you can iron straighter or curl for a more Viking-style look. It’s soft to the touch, but don’t let that fool anyone into thinking that you aren’t ready to rumble the heavens with your superhero-ness. It’s a breathable men’s wig and comes with one piece beard and one hairnet with adjustable straps.

Do you even lift, bro? Because Thor does! Show up to your next Halloween party lifting Stormbreaker as the son of Odin (and former King of Asgard). This electronic axe lights up with a lightning strike design, and you can activate the sound FX with the press of a button. Your Halloween party may want to pass it around, but only you can decide who is worthy enough to wield the axe of Thor’s power. Halloween 2022 is calling – it’s time to assemble!  

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