28 Best Non-Electronic Gifts for 10-Year-Old Boys in 2024

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Ten is a big milestone because it’s their first birthday in the double digits! Non-electronic gifts for ten-year-olds can be hard to come by, and it doesn’t help that 10-year-old boys are increasingly hard to buy for. It helps if you know their specific interests, hobbies, favorite sports teams, and whether they like arts and crafts or STEM activities. I’ve collected an array of 10th birthday gifts for boys that can work whether they’re interested in typical elementary school-age activities or mature enough to have interests closely aligned to preteens. Best of all, they are all non-electronic (and not gift cards) without being boring.

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For the Outdoors

The world is a wide open space, and middle-grade kids love exploring. Check out the neighborhood, the park, and the great outdoors with these durable binoculars.

Perfect for on-the-go kids with friends in the neighborhood, or for siblings to keep in touch during daring adventures. Encourage kids to get outside with these long distance walkie talkies, perfectly sized for little hands.

If the kiddo in your life is trustworthy enough for something more serious than foam dart weaponry, Daisy’s line of slingshots provides hours of target practice fun. Set up a line of cans or bottles and watch them fly. You’ll need plenty of ammo, and we love the water-soluble ones; no worries about running over them with the lawnmower and breaking a window.

Keep them outside all summer long with this 10-foot trampoline with a safety net. Set up a sprinkler for waterpark fun, or turn on a Bluetooth speaker for an impromptu dance party. Stretch a sheet over the top of the net, and you’ve got an instant outdoor fort.

Throwing discs is always fun, but generally, they end up lost on the roof or repeatedly beaming someone in the head. Both problems are solved with these simplified versions that are lighter and easier to throw. The glow-in-the-dark version ensures that even an errant toss doesn’t have to mean the end of the game.

You know it’s safety gear, but that doesn’t mean they’ll ever figure it out. It’s just a cool light kit to trick out their bike with. Available in single or multi-color so that every family member can have their own signature light set.

Perfectly sized for beginners, this indoor/outdoor quadcopter has simplified controls and no programming or electrical work required. Just plug in the batteries, and off it goes.

Educational Picks

A nightlight science project, these mini terrariums teach kids about earth sciences in a controlled environment. A miniature indoor garden complete with chia seeds for fast results, these beat out old-school chia growers with their clear stratified design; kids can watch up close and see changes immediately.

Make moves with this Harry Potter-themed kit that teaches kids how to code like magic. Creative games and challenges let kids use their own wand to lift, levitate, grow, and shrink obstacles. It’s easy to learn the basics of coding with fun and games.

A smashable STEM toy that makes learning fun, this geode kit by National Geographic is a fascinating way to learn about crystal structures and geology with a hands-on lesson. Display stand included for showing off unique and interesting crystals.

Magic and adventure abound in this modern interpretation of classical Greek myths. You’ll join Percy Jackson on his quest, perfect for kids who like action, adventure, history, or mythology. A character whose main flaw is his steadfast loyalty? Percy is exactly the kind of hero we want to see more of in young fiction.

Set up a track and watch Botley, the coding robot, take off! You don’t need apps, tablets, or computers to learn basic directional coding, and this starter kit has plenty of obstacles for Botley to overcome.

Follow along with the story of Elliott Harkness, the only person in his family without superpowers, in this endearing story about finding your place and accepting yourself as you are. This laugh-out-loud comedy is poignant and fun, a perfectly timed theme for the end of elementary school and the beginning of bigger things.

Got a little scientist or engineer? Entertain him with projects from KiwiCo, a company that ships hands-on STEM projects for kids each month. Each project crate has everything they’ll need to create and design something truly awesome, like a walking robot.


This kid-safe dartboard uses magnets instead of sharp points, so parents have one less thing to worry about. Kids can even practice indoors without worrying that an errant throw will put a hole in the drywall.

Rated “One of the best superhero games ever,” Spider-Man for PS4 is the must-have game everyone loves. With a Terabyte hard drive, the PS4 can hold a library worth of movies, games, and music, and every kid’s favorite titles are available on PS4, from Fortnite to Minecraft.

The lawless frontier of card games for the preteen set, ten years old, is old enough to learn the devastation that is the wild draw four. These giant card sets add even more fun to a fantastic family game.

Easier to put together (and take down) than dragging every one of mom’s chairs through the house, this fort-making kit turns sleepovers into adventures. Great for birthdays or encouraging imaginative play, forts are fun for a wide range of ages, so siblings can get in and play together.

Play at home or on the go with the Nintendo Switch. The huge library of available games means there’s something for everyone. The docking station makes it easy for the whole family to play cooperative games or lift from the dock for solo gaming.


Build and rebuild this Lego dinosaur into a T-Rex, Triceratops, or a Pterodactyl. With posable joints, it makes a fierce guardian for watching over treasures or as decor for a dino-themed bedroom.

Build, race, and crash with this Hotwheels track. With 16 feet of track and motorized boosters to send cars spiraling through endless loops, kids will love setting their cars loose and watching the mayhem unfold.

Nerf wars are a part of summer tradition. Neighborhood-wide battles with Nerf slingshots, cannons, and bows. This upgraded six-shooter is affordable enough to outfit the entire family, so be sure to stock up on enough ammo.

Smash through targets with this Hulk-themed Nerf blaster. Pick up a set of targets for a friendly sharpshooting competition. Three connectible pieces make it easy to mix and match with other assemblers for endless combinations.

Bring home all the spooky fun of the Ghostbusters series in this play firehouse. With 228 pieces, this three-story scene replica lets kids and parents replay their favorites or write new stories together.

Everyone’s real favorite guardians, Groot and Rocket, are here to save the day! Kids can bring them along for everyday adventures and have hours of imaginative fun planning heists and fighting the bad guys.

Keep collectibles safe from everyday rough and tumble play with this nine pocket Pikachu themed Pokemon card collector. Be ready to catch ‘em all with additional page protectors so their top fighters stay safe.

The dress-up trunk may change as kids get older, but just because they’re not interested in playing firefighter anymore doesn’t mean they’re ready to leave pretend play behind. Superheroes, movie monsters, video game characters, and more are popular at Halloween but are fun to play with year-round.

These eye-catching light-up gloves brighten up any birthday party, make it easy to keep track of which kid is yours at the skatepark and make them the neighborhood star at Halloween.

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