The Best of Target’s Back-To-School Essentials

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Target’s School List Assist makes it easy to find your kid’s supplies online and add them all into the cart at once, so you won’t be knocking elbows with the PTA moms over the last three-ring binder. After the essentials are loaded, we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to escape without an adorable add-on, like a cute new lunch box, stylish jacket, or rain boots, perfect for tromping through puddles on the walk to school.

Even the plainest of paper bag lunches gets fancy fast in an adorable, unicorn-themed lunch box. Wipe-clean interiors help you recover after messes, and the large, single compartment interior makes it a snap to take dirty containers out and pop clean ones in.

Target’s Cat and Jack, French Toast, and Art Class school clothing lines are always functional and adorable, but their new additions that offer support for kids with special needs and disabilities are a step in the right direction toward inclusiveness, and we’re excited to see it. This school jumper features shoulder snaps, side zippers, and more, all while letting kids fit in with age appropriate styles and uniforms. 

A smaller fitting backpack is essential for petite elementary schoolers. This dino printed bag is big enough to bring along a change of clothes or rain gear for wet or messy days.

Silvery iridescent pencils add flair to the often boring task of taking notes. Make sure to get a pack to keep at home too; they’re great for creative work as well as school work.

When homework assignments and test dates start to feel overwhelming, help is here. A cute planner can help make sense of due dates, and scheduling study time keeps everything in perspective and under control.

New school years open up endless possibilities, so let kids show they know the skies are the limit with this cosmic printed two-pocket folder.

Good study habits start early, and having the right tools is essential. Inspire your student to approach problems creatively with this set of dual tip markers, perfect for highlighting and taking notes.

Deck out school supplies with these peppy stickers, or use them to brighten up chore charts at home.

Send lunch or snacks for the picky eater in your household in this insulated thermos. It will keep soups hot on cold days, or let your little one nosh on cold fruit during those sweltering August days.

Because absolutely no one has the time to struggle with laces on little shoes on a school morning. These neutral colored slip-on shoes mesh well with any uniform policy and are easily washable.

Dodge a drizzle in this uniform compliant windbreaker. Great for keeping in the car for “just in case” days, it’s always easier than sending an umbrella with them.

Taking a few minutes to themselves after a long day can help kids decompress and process what they’ve learned, so giving them some free time to listen to music and relax can lead to better performance on homework later.

Create a cozy homework nook for reading, studying, and thinking with a plush pillow, good lighting, and a blanket, and you’ll give reluctant readers a relaxing way to dig in to their work.

Tools can be cute! This three-ring pencil pouch adds some sparkle and fun to every school day.

These magnetic locker accessories add some style and flare, as well as functional organization tools, to your kiddo’s locker or cubby.

This three-punch notebook fits snugly in a binder, so it’s perfect for keeping notes next to handouts, worksheets, and other take-home paperwork, conveniently organized when it’s time to study.

Win the lunchbox reveal with Annie’s organic single serve snack packs, a perfect surprise in your kiddo’s lunchbox, or a last minute grab for that classroom party you definitely didn’t forget about.

Preschoolers and kindergarten teachers often include these on the school supply lists — because little ones being notoriously generous with their germs — but it’s a kind gesture to include for older kids too. Even grads off to college can use a pack when their roommate gets gross during cold and flu season.

Field trips and fair skin don’t mix, so slather them down beforehand, and send these no-mess sunscreen sticks along to prevent painful burns. Kids can apply it themselves with the easy-to-use stick applicators.

Keep nice new school shoes away from mud puddle lovers by keeping them safely stowed in a backpack until you arrive.

Keep the whole family on the same page with a dry erase calendar that lets you note doctors appointments, vacations, and school holidays.

You probably have to pick up a few of these to send to school, but grabbing an extra for home use is always helpful too. One per kid makes sure you’re keeping track of homework assignments and permission slips.

The beginning of a school year is awash in enrollment forms, permission slips, and doctors records. Keep everything separated by child or by form type with these color-coded, plastic zip-up envelopes.

Pre-k and preschoolers often have scheduled naps in the classroom, and if your tot isn’t comfortable on the sleeping mats at school, sending in one of these soft, fuzzy mats can make for a cozier experience.

Seriously, have you seen the Starbucks line during the first week of school? Grab a spare case and call it a teacher’s gift — they’ll be way more appreciated than any apple.

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