Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations (Plus Gear to Make Setup Easier)

Deck The Halls

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Christmas is very much a wonderful time of the year, where we all get in the spirit to start draping garland, lights, and other special heirloom figurines all throughout the home. But sometimes, decorating the outside can be a daunting task we may not get to. But we believe putting up lights, or other outdoor decorations shouldn’t take hours and should be an enjoyable experience. Add some ease, and fun of course, into the process while prepping a fresh batch of cookies to munch on while outside. From accessories that make it super easy to clip lights onto the house, to decorations you can just toss out into the yard in a snap, we have made a list of several easy outdoor decorations for Christmas.

Let’s start with the basics – – anchors. These heavy duty aluminum stakes can help hold anything down, from an inflatable snowman, to many light displays. Perhaps the wind really whips through your area, and blows over your expensive displays. That’s no good. Utilize the nylon cord, and anchor them to these sturdy steaks for extra security. You can even get a permit to cut down a live tree, and use a stand and these anchors, to hold it in place. Real trees add striking beauty to an outdoor display.

Prebuilt light displays might be an obvious selection, but they truly should never be overlooked! Lights are already in place, so no wrapping or clipping needed to be done on your part. We particularly love deer, because they look elegant sitting about the yard, around bigger displays. The white material around this design makes it a pretty decoration either in the day, or at night. Now you just need a sleigh.

Made of plastic, these clips are gentle on gutters or shingles when hanging holiday lights along the roof. Bonus, lights will appear a bit straighter too. Made to be universal, the clips work in a wide range of situations, whether making your own tomato cage Christmas tree (definitely try this), or just doing a simplistic outlining of your home. Not only are they easy to clip on, they are easy to take off, without damaging anything. Always use caution of course. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get several uses out of one set.

A solid ladder is a great addition to your home tool collection anyway. There aren’t many ladders that out-do this Gorilla ladder, as it is both heavy duty, and extremely versatile. Side adjustments allow you to utilize this product on stairs, or in just an A-frame traditional style while putting up lights. But if you need to get a little bit higher up, it flips outward to fully extend, for access to that extra tall peak on your home.

Sometimes, there is just no time to do any real intricate decorating on the outside of the home. And that’s a-okay! The smallest touches can be extremely magical as well. Contribute to the festive beauty of your neighborhood, by simply switching out your outdoor bulbs. While this is one example of many, home owners can use red and green bulbs to quickly illuminate the exterior in the most festive tone. Consider alternating bulbs from red, to green. It’s lovely and easy peasy.

How cute is this festive yard stake elf? She looks as if she stumbled straight out of the North Pole, onto your lawn. Yard stakes take seconds to install, and seconds to remove and store for the next year. Bonus – – they don’t take up much space when laying flat on a garage shelf. Younger kids, or teens might find it fun to come out and help you place different ones throughout the yard, in various fun scenes.

Hanging lights all over the exterior of the home can take some serious time. But if you’re still wanting to add the traditional look of those colorful bulbs, while minimizing the work, consider these fun jumbo Christmas light pathway liners. They look gorgeous illuminating off of snow, and can be practical by ensuring folks can easily make their way to your front door for the Christmas party. You’ll still get that traditional colorful light look with much less work.

This tiny little guy has gotten some solid reviews on Walmart, and he’s an inflatable, which takes seconds to set up. He sits a little over three feet tall, but has a super friendly stegosaurus face, that will delight all children that ride by your home. His bright green color screams “Christmas”, and his adorable Santa hat serves as the most excellent final touch.

Lanterns add a seriously cozy vibe, whether setting them on your front porch beside that classic Santa Claus figure, or using them on your back porch, to create a festive sitting space for Christmas parties, or just every night wind downs with your loved one. Place a flameless candle inside, for safe operation, and adorn the glowing surroundings, with greenery and holly. If using a flameless candle, you could even tie a bow on top.

With longer cords, these lovely snowflakes can be hung quickly from your patio, or over your garage. The subtle touch can be utilized all the way through winter! Each snowflake will delicately twinkle, adding a bit more magic to your display. Use them on their own, or add to some string color lights for a little bit more depth. If one bulb goes out, the rest of the string will continue to shine bright through the night.

Wreaths, how beautiful they are and how easy they are to hang! With wreath hangers from the dollar tree, it’s literally as simple as placing it and fluffing it. We love the realistic nature of this particular option from Amazon. It’s not too ornate, but it is still festive enough! You could even add your own touches and bows for a more complex presentation. Hang them from all of the windows, or just your front door.

Giant ornaments will certainly have a big impact on your outdoor display! The designs have been delicately hand-painted, and the resin construction is made to last the winter. Arrange the fun colors with some sitting straight up and others tilted to the side, as if they are ready to be hung on a, really big, Christmas tree. Use additional lights around the display, to really illuminate these beauties at night.

A Christmas rug adds a touch of cozy to your front door, that is immediately welcoming to your guests. Those topiaries sitting on your front porch, will instantly be enhanced by this cheerful, almost wine red rug. On top of being downright lovely, it is practical as well, as snow will need to be dusted off of shoes before people enter into your foyer. This particular rug naturally resists mold and mildew, so should last longer than the average rug.

Silhouette yard decorations are often made of sturdy metal, just like this one. The construction helps it last for years to come! It is advised to use low ground lighting, to truly illuminate the detailed decoration to its maximum. Kids riding by will be delighted to see Santa in his sleigh, full of presents, while ringing a bell to let everyone know he’s getting ready for takeoff. What is even better, is the flat design which makes it much easier to store during the off months.

Convert your cozy outdoor furniture, straight from fall, to Christmas! If the weather permits you to be able to utilize your porch all winter, you should definitely add some Christmas pizzazz, as an easy way to show off how holiday oriented you can be. While Grandon Road offers other lovely Christmas pillows, we particularly like this option, with lots of contrasting greenery, against its cream fabric background. So just toss the pumpkin pillows to the side and throw these on, and maybe even get an outdoor flannel, plaid blanket.

Outdoor light projectors have continued to progress, with images and square footage coverage getting better and better! This highly rated projector features a handful of patterns, from Christmas trees, Santa Claus, to snowflakes. Simply stake in the projector outside, and let the product to do the rest of the work! Fun images, and vibrant bright colors, will truly help make your house a stand out, when you actually spent very little time out in the cold preparing the display.

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