13 Best Pillows for Snoring in 2022


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Snoring can occur for many reasons, such as congestion, something that involves your anatomy, or it can be directly related to body weight. Unfortunately, long-term it might lead to poor sleep quality, and even heart issues. However, some cases of snoring can be remedied by simply opting for a different pillow. The right selection can better align your airways, preventing partial obstructions that result in the loud vibrating sound, that unfortunately keeps others awake, too. We’ve read through reviews on a variety of sites that make specialty pillows, while also pulling some solid selections from Amazon. So here it goes—the best pillows for snoring.


Memory foam shapes to accommodate the cervical spine, and relieve pressure simultaneously. Made with foam that has better circulation, those who purchased the pillow might notice feeling a little bit cooler at night. Those who sleep on their back, or their side, may find the pillow to be ideal. While the large majority of reviews mentioned they typically purchased the Sleepsia pillow for neck pain, we can see that the neck and head support could possibly offer snoring relief, when looking at it from a mechanical standpoint.

Ghost Bed, like many mattress companies, also makes pillows. Made with gel memory foam, the pillow will not flatten down throughout the night, and actually keeps the spine in an ergonomically ideal position. This means that you likely won’t experience overextending, while your vertebrae will be in the correct position. This in itself can reduce snoring. Ghost Ice Fabric, which just sounds awesome, further enhances the cooling capabilities of the pillow. So if you are also a hot sleeper, this one might warrant a second look.

Leesa offers a straightforward, solid memory foam option. Channels within the pillow promote airflow to keep sleepers cooler. But the solid construction means that it will hold shape, while being able to provide proper neck support. We also like this one, because it is basic enough, that it can accommodate a variation of sleepers, whether you’re more comfortable on your stomach, side, or back. Side note, when sleeping on your side, the tongue does not fall back in a position that is strongly associated with snoring.


Allergies sometimes can be a cause of snoring, and this Sleep Number pillow is hypoallergenic. But the overall design can also be helpful even if seasonal pollen isn’t the culprit. Contoured in a way to support the head and neck, the pillow is ideal for those who like to sleep on their back. Back sleepers tend to snore the most. Further enhancing the capabilities of the product, are the removable inserts that allow the height to be customized to an optimal comfort level and positioning.

Dream Cloud’s pillow supports the head, neck and shoulders, for an ideal position whether you sleep on your stomach, back, or side. The crown height of the pillow is adjustable as well. Overall, this pillow seems to deliver significantly better sleep for those who purchased it. There are a few reviews that mention the pillow does not provide enough shoulder support.

Odorless non-toxic memory foam has been used to create the unusually shaped pillow. The center is a little bit lower, so that the curvature of the cervical spine can remain intact. This can help keep airways open. Removable foam pieces have been used, so that you can customize the perfect height. A consistent comment within the reviews, is that the design can help reduce, or possibly eliminate, snoring all together. Other benefits were reportedly reduced jaw pain, and diminished neck stiffness.

Made to support the neck, and shoulders, with a very specifically thought out curved design, this Honeydew pillow is noted by those who have left reviews, to reduce snoring. When the creators crafted this pillow, they thought out every aspect, all the way down to the height, which is set so that it does not strain the neck. Copper is infused into the memory foam, to not only provide a cooling effect, but to give naturally antibacterial properties.

Memory Foam

The way the memory foam is contoured, gives this pillow a capability to support the cervical spine, while also helping align the shoulders. Reviews noted that the pillow provides neck support, but doesn’t force the chin downward toward the chest, which seems to be the magic combination to help with snoring, for some at least. Multiple reviews mentioned a significant reduction of snoring, but not always a 100% result.

In the description it states that the design will help sleepers breath more freely—a less constricted airway means less snoring. Slow rebound memory foam provides optimal support, while the substances used to construct the pillow are also mentioned not contain any harmful substances. While there are an abundance of positive reviews, some did note that the product had a strange smell, and was harder than expected.

Body Pillows

Body pillows can help elevate the upper part of the body, so that respiratory issues, and snoring, can possibly be improved. Perfect for all positions of sleep, depending on how you use this particular style pillow, you can relieve pressure points, and improve circulation, as it extends the full length of the typical body. With a machine washable cover, this particular pillow also has a customizable shredded foam fill, so every customer can experience the perfect amount of support.

Let the pillow curve around you, like a giant hug, with its unique and wavy “U” shaped design. Flip the pillow around, for a wide variation of other sleeping positions. Curves and contours of your body will be more supported with all the different positioning options. Customers can choose between a natural latex fill, or a latex-free cooling gel.

Wedge/Shaped Pillows

Five components work harmoniously together, to create an ideal inclined sleeping environment, while also providing leg support. Customers detailed that they finally have been able to sleep beside their partners again, after purchasing one of these unique pillows. Anti-skid backing prevents the top and bottom portions from sliding all over the bed. Bamboo makes up the exterior cover, which is also thought to be helpful for those with snoring issues.

“Designed by side sleepers, for side sleepers“, this is the pillow cube! Coming in two sizes, standard and thick, there is an option for both people under 6’ 3” and over 6’ 3”. Cube designs can ideally support the head and neck, as the foam is not too soft, or too hard. Among the benefits, are improved circulation, and a reduction in snoring. The description details that you will likely wake up better rested, since the pillow promotes better REM sleep. The cover is washable, since it would probably be pretty hard to find a cube pillow case. One of the few downsides that we noticed, was that it takes a while for the pillow to arrive.

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