The 10 Best Pieces of Shapewear Available in Plus Size

Crushing On Curves

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Embrace your curves! Our bodies are individually unique, and if you have a specific feature that tends to stand out, take pride in it, and buy clothes that celebrate your beauty. Shapewear should be selected to highlight various attributes, versus squishing them down and covering them up. Forget that! It’s time to be comfortable, not only physically, but in who we are. Below are our favorite Shapewear pieces for stunning plus size women.

Everyone needs a pair of great high waisted briefs, that are not only comfortable, but smoothing and sculpting. That’s the entire purpose of the ideally designed Skims brief. We also love that the brand offers a multitude of different fabric tones, to match a variation of skin colors. The soft fabric doesn’t conceal your natural shape, but rather enhances it. You might just find that these become your favorite underwear ever.

With adjustable straps, this dress slip is basic in the most perfect way. There’s nothing too fancy about it, and the fabric is very plain, and smooth. When you have a gorgeous dress draped over the top of it, you’re probably going to want simplicity. Sculpt those curves to look seamless underneath your favorite gown, or business casual dress.

You could cover this bodysuit up with a top and pants, or a dress, but we think that the striped and mesh material is just so stunning. You may want to wear it around the house, showing it off to just yourself or maybe your sweetheart. The underwire bra portion adds the perfect amount of support and lift, without making you feel too constricted.

A cami offers subtle curve sculpting, and control. Another huge perk, is not having to worry about any exposed skin when bending over or being active. The neckline scoops below the bust, allowing you to wear your own bra. So don’t worry about covering up the cute lacy pattern of your favorite Victoria’s Secret push-up or sports bra.

Girl, if you’ve got those hips, flaunt them! This shaper extends from the mid waist, down to just above the knee, to accentuate those jaw-dropping hips and curves. On the practical aspect, your jeans will seamlessly slide on and off with the smoothing effect of the fabric. We also love the playful mesh cut outs in the front!

You might just fall in love with this bodysuit! The fabric is buttery soft against the skin, and it is designed not to cling to your clothes. So the fabric of your favorite top and pants will sit just the way you want them to! The cupped bra accentuates the bust, and the shoulder straps can be worn five ways! So if you have a top that is typically revealing your bra straps, there’s probably a way this one can be adjusted to conceal. Spanx is a staple shapewear brand, and absolutely nails it when it comes to comfort and effectiveness.

Leggings are truly a girls best friend. They are versatile, and can be worn to the gym, or underneath a fall tunic. These are just a great pair of basic, perfectly shaping leggings that will enhance the booty region, and smooth out the legs. The fabric used to create this particular pair, happens to be very breathable and cooling at the same time. Leggings in the summer? Yes please.

Brace yourself, because your backside is going to be just too much to handle, in this shaping pair of underwear. Boost your posterior, while feeling super comfortable and breathable at the same time. The smooth fabric helps erase panty lines when opting for a more formfitting pant, or skirt. It’s a practical pick that is definitely an underwear drawer staple!

We like buying body shaping wear in pieces, because you can choose, depending on your outfit, what will work the absolute best. But sometimes having a full body piece could be an excellent choice depending on what you are going for. This staple shapes your beautiful curves from your neck down to the bottom of your legs, making it an absolute snap to slide on a favorite dress. You will also notice a backside lifting effect.

Keep it simple with a shaping cami, that provides the most subtle smoothing affect, while appearing to be your average tank top. We will go out on a limb and say we can see this being worn under an open sweater, or a sheer top, as it appears modest, while serving as a practical shaping piece at the same time.

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