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If you’re getting ready for that annual family vacation with a little one in tow, or are trying for their first ever sleepover with a grandparent, a safe and cozy portable crib can make a huge difference. Help your little one keep up with their usual nap schedule with these easy to use, convenient to store options. Even if all you need is a play yard to keep crawlers and toddlers contained while you cook or clean, most parents will find a lot of benefit in having some variety of Pack N’ Play at hand.

A great choice for families with newborns, this Pack ‘n Play offers a napper insert for babies under three months to keep them elevated and easy to reach. The inner mattress frame can be kept elevated for use as a changing table, or dropped and used as a toddler play yard, giving it years worth of functionality and value. Available in a range of colors to suit every nursery style and theme, it has well over a thousand reviews on Amazon detailing all the reasons parents love Graco’s entire Pack N Play line.

Reviewer Feedback
“I originally thought when we had our daughter that I did not need one of these but I was so wrong! This is a must have for any parent. We are currently using this in our bedroom. Our daughter is currently sleeping in a Rock ‘n Play but we will be transitioning her to this in order to then transition her to a crib. We have also used it as a crib at the grandparents’ house for an overnight stay. It packs up nicely.”

A plush, comfortable mattress means even the most reluctant nappers are soothed to sleep easily in Babybjorn’s travel crib. Mesh walls make it easy to check in on your little one, whether they’re playing or napping, and the soft cushioned top guard rail discourages chewing by teething babies or toddlers.

If you’re searching for a lightweight and inexpensive napper for a newborn, this portable bassinet may be a solution. Perfect for letting a new baby nap while at the park or an older sibling’s ball game or dance practice, it includes a mesh cover to keep away bugs. It’s great for traveling to visit family, especially when space is at a premium and there isn’t room for a full size portable crib.

This portable play yard by Graco is an inexpensive way to keep toddlers secure and away from danger, while also making it easy for them to nap if the urge strikes. Side pockets help keep diapers, wipes, and fresh clothes close for children who haven’t yet potty trained. A crib mattress can be added for kids who won’t sleep on the firm play yard base. It’s heavy, and can be a pain to set up, but this thing will survive being dropped down a flight of stairs; or a trip through baggage handling as checked luggage.

This portable mini crib from babyletto is ideal for families in small, urban living situations. Because of its intelligent design, it will last longer than a bassinet and will last through the newborn stage all the way until 18 months. Since it has two adjustable mattress positions you can use it safely even after the little one learns to stand. Because of its folding mechanism and lightweight design it is easily stored, which makes it perfect for leaving at the grandparents for sleepovers.

Featuring all the versatility of Graco’s  usual Pack n’ Play options but sized 20% smaller, the Travel Lite is the solution for the space starved, or anyone who wants to bring a play yard with them wherever they go. This extra portability makes it a great choice for families who car camp or travel frequently, or for apartment dwellers looking to eke more value out of a small square footage.

Designed to be the ultimate choice for travel convenience, the Lotus crib is carried with backpack style straps, rather than the bulky bundles most portable cribs end up as. A quiet, zip-up side entrance makes it easy to check on, change, or cuddle little ones without hurting your back, or disrupting their sleep. Leave the side unzipped during play time and your kiddo may even surprise you by crawling by in themselves in search of their favorite lovey and pacifier, and falling asleep.

This cozy two in one bassinet and changing table features soothing vibrations and locking wheels, so you can move it easily into place wherever you need it, and fix it firmly still. The canopy helps block out bright lights, so baby stays comfortably asleep, even in a sunny room.

Designed for transitioning along with your child, with a bassinet for those early nap-laden newborn days, a wipe-clean changing area with integrated storage, a removable two speed vibrating bouncer, and even a playyard for the toddler years. The quick connect system offers flexibility and function for all ages and stages, while also folding up quickly and easily, so it can always come along on those family adventures.

This rolling bassinet makes it easy to keep your baby by your side, while leaving you free to move about easily. During those sleep deprived newborn days, keeping them constantly in sight helps ease some new parent nerves, and the clear mesh paneling makes it easy to see every adorable sigh, yawn, and smile.

Gender neutral and perfect for any animal themed nursery, this playyard features a raised bassinet for the newborn period, along with an adorable mobile and changing organizer. It transitions into a play yard after babies reach four months old or fifteen pounds. Lightweight and portable, the wheeled base make it easy to move around your home, or pack it up for longer voyages with the included tote bag.

This indoor/outdoor napper has fun dangle toys and a bug and sun shielding top screen, making it a lighter weight option for bringing along on your daily routines. It folds up flat can be easily carried by the handles, or clip the handles to your full sized stroller handle and let it do the carrying for you. It’s a cozy and convenient choice for bringing to the park for some fun tummy time. The Baby Dome has more than a few rave reviews.

Reviewer Feedback
“This is a life saver! We have a pack and play but never use it because this is our go to. Our LO is 10 months old and can still use it. We have taken it to Paris and all around Germany. It is much easier to set up and lighter as well. I even brought it to the pool the other day.”

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