Top 15 Puffer Jackets for a Stylish Winter Wardrobe (For Men & Women)


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Cold weather is coming, and it’s time to freshen up your winter wardrobe. Maybe you are planning a trip to Jackson hole, or maybe you just want to freshen up your look for the chilly months—either way, there are a couple of staples that will make life easier and far more comfortable. Out of those staples, is the classic puff jacket, which is often presented with a tight quilted seam, down or down alternative insulation, and water resistant material. The style is versatile, for men, women, or kids, and is practical, because typically the style allows for more movement, while still being super warm. We have sifted through some of our favorite sites, to define what we think are the very best puff jackets for winter.

Cotopaxi is an outdoor gear company on a mission. Their products help alleviate poverty, as a percentage of the proceeds go directly to initiatives that do so. It’s just the icing on the cake that all of their designs are colorful, trendy, and overall stunning. Several different colors come together to create a striking gradient look, that has pops of various colors. Down insulation is designed to keep you warm all the way from the chilly fall nights, to the end of the spring. Take on the snow or rain with the water resistant material, and know that the materials have been sustainably harvested, and no animals are treated unethically.

It is becoming more common for clothing companies to utilize recycled materials to create beautiful garments. That is the case with this diamond quilted puffy jacket for women, as its down alternative interior was once a bunch of plastic bottles! It’s pretty amazing stuff. The water resistant design is intended to keep those wearing this particular jacket nice and warm, while the overall design is not overly bulky. So yeah, you won’t feel like a giant marshmallow, and will actually be able to move quite freely.

Lands End offers a versatile, multi purpose down jacket for men, that features a two layer insulation method, with various materials designed for optimal heat retention. Air pockets in between the layers trap even more heat within the ripstop shell. Cuffs around the ends of the sleeves prevent cooler air from working up into the arms, and several pockets offer quite a bit of storage, for items like a cell phone, lip balm, or even gloves whenever you should need them. With drawstring stoppers, the two way adjustable hood can be worn to your preference. Lands End also commits to creating this coat from ethically sourced materials.

The quilted design looks absolutely lovely on any silhouette, and we have to say the white color is simply stunning. Made of polyester, the exterior will wick away snowflakes or rain sprinkles, keeping you from being affected by the elements. We also like that this is a low maintenance puff jacket. While many require special cleaning efforts, this one can simply be tossed into the washing machine. As another added convenience study, the on seam pockets that have snap closures, so your valuables such as cell phones and credit cards are less likely to fall out when on the slopes. This coat is also made with sustainably sourced materials.

A beautiful combination of both natural and recycled synthetic materials come together to make this perfectly standard fitting men’s coat. Expect to be protected from extreme winds, and wet conditions. This jacket is named after one of the worlds tallest mountains for a reason, because it is meant to stand up to some of the toughest weather. A chest pocket allows for convenient storage for valuables, and the hand pockets will allow for quick access to warm those digits. There are several neutral colors to choose from, like a cool dusty blue, an evergreen tone, and a more simplistic black or gray.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the winter, with this versatile, extra warm jacket that can take on your morning train ride, or a hike into the woods. The large quilted design is a little different from the average puff style jacket, and has somewhat of an old-school appeal. To keep the shorter jacket in place, there is a bungee cinch at the bottom hem, and a hood will keep your head toasty and dry throughout the day. Choose from a handful of colors, from a perfect purple, peachy pink, to basic black. The North Face logo is displayed proudly and boldly on the back shoulder.

Are you the type of person who can’t stand being restricted? Does the idea of skiing down the slopes, with fabric a little too snug make you feel kind of claustrophobic? Well problem solved, because this jacket features a stretch material, that offers a little bit more movement, that is just right! At the same time, the fit is slim, and looks quite sleek when paired with a tactical set of snow pants. This jacket also features a bungee cord cinched hem, to reduce draft. The zipper is also especially designed to prevent cold airflow from getting inside of your coat.

We know dog clothes are often designed just to be really cute! But many are actually quite practical as well, as dogs get cold too! This puff coat for dogs is made with a water resistant exterior material, and is lined with warm and cuddly fleece. There is a leash access point, and the fastening method allows you to easily secure a snug fit. Does your dog hate hoods? No problem. This one can be removed. Bonus, there is also a pocket for treats. With the warmth that this puff jacket provides, it will probably be a little easier getting your dogs outside to do their business during the winter. Just watch out for chemical snowmelt, as you might need to get a pair of boots to also protect their paws.

With a fit that’s neither slim nor big, this coat offers plenty of versatility for women. The longer length prevents any drafts from seeping in, and the material is meant to stand up against rougher weather. While durable and water resistant, this coat is also packable, which means it can be easily rolled up and put into your luggage when transitioning between hot and cold climates. We also have to say we absolutely love the bluish green color that this coat comes in.

We really like that this puffer jacket from Eddie Bauer, provides kids with the same durable features that come with a lot of adult coat variations. The fabric is water resistant, and the insulation is designed to keep young ones warm. There are pockets for securing gloves, a couple of dollars, or even their favorite hot wheels cars. Another alluring feature, especially for parents, is that this coat can be carefully machine washed, on warm with mild detergent—because you know that kids are going to get their jackets dirty during an epic snowball fight.

Alright all of you extremists out there. This coat was designed for you, as it can stand up to winter mountaineering, climbing, and other high intensity activities. And because of this, you know that it is going to stand up well when skiing the slopes, or just building a snowman with the kids. Aside from how cool the sleek neutral colors look with those pops of orange, everything about this option is practical. Storm resistant fabric, that is also water and wind resistant, will preserve your body heat through ultra cold days. However, made with sustainably sourced down, this jacket is going to feel really light on the body, so it won’t hold you back. Plus you can feel pretty great about knowing your coat contributed to a little bit kinder earth. Every step forward counts.

We get it, sometimes you want your puffer jacket to be a fashion statement. Sometimes it can be difficult to show off your dressing skills in the winter, with all of the bundle some clothing. But with this bright yellow jacket, you’ll be able to show just how trendy and chic you can be, even when it’s below freezing. Canary yellow is just the right tone, without being too loud, nor too muted. The short cut is absolutely adorable, and will pair well with leggings and ankle boots. The ultra fuzzy hood adds a touch of uniqueness to the overall look, but it is detachable, should you decide you want to go without it. Options are good.

The price is on the lower side when it comes to buying a puffer jacket, and the reviews almost reach five stars, so we will assume that this is a pretty great value. The fit is quite relaxed, and would definitely allow for a thick and festive Christmas sweater underneath. So consider this your practical go to when scooting around town during the holidays, or just when running outside to do a few things when it might be snowing. The coat folds down compactly in a little drawstring bag, so it’s ideal for traveling.

Stay warm, but do it in Tommy Hilfiger style. We love the presentation of the jacket, which appears sleek, but not over embellished. But make sure you take a look at all of the different color combinations available, from solid options, to gorgeous tri color patterns. A fleece lined collar keeps the neck nice and warm while preventing cold air from entering — you probably won’t even need a scarf! Pockets are designed to store essentials, or even just keep your hands warm when you don’t want to wear gloves.

This jacket comes in a multitude of fun colors and patterns, from icy blue, to pretty pink! This girl’s jacket fits the standard criteria for a good puffer in the winter. The nylon material is water resistant, and of course it will help block the wind as well. This would be a great option for layering with other colorful and cute shirts – – we are thinking a mermaid graphic T with the teal blue coat! The price is reasonable, so maybe even get her a couple of options to change up her outfit throughout the season.

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