20 Best Push Presents for New Moms in 2023

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There are a lot of major milestones in life, but arguably the biggest is welcoming a new baby into the world. Not only is this a huge turning point for new parents, but it’s also one of the most challenging experiences — physically and mentally — for the person giving birth. That’s why one of the best ways to show support and admiration for your wife, partner, sister, daughter, or friend who just had a baby is with a push present. After almost a year spent growing a human (not to mention the labor experience), it’s easy to see why anyone deserves a special gift when they reach the end of their pregnancy journey!

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Top Push Present Ideas:

What is a push present?

As the name suggests, a push present is a gift given to a new mom in recognition of her incredible accomplishment of giving birth. While the term “push present” might make you think someone must physically “push” to receive a gift, that’s not the case. People who have c-sections deserve push presents as well! Essentially, think of this gift as a way to acknowledge all the new mom has gone through to give birth and celebrate the next chapter she’s about to embark on.

When should you give a push present?

Push presents can be given before or after the birth, and oftentimes they’re presented to the new mom in the hospital or during the days following delivery. Traditionally, push presents were jewelry, but people have been branching out in recent years, gifting moms all types of items, from meaningful accessories to practical must-haves. When selecting the perfect push present, you’ll want to consider your relationship with the new mom and your budget.

If this is your partner, splurging on something unique or sentimental is appropriate. If you’re an in-law, relative, or friend, an item from the couple’s baby registry or gift they didn’t receive at their baby shower is a practical move the new mom will surely appreciate. To help you find the best gift, we’re outlining 20 of the best push presents to give any new mom in honor of her baby’s grand entrance.

Most Popular Push Presents

From diaper bags to spa gift cards, if you want a gift any new mom would be thrilled to receive, these popular push presents are sure to make her feel all the love as she embarks on her postpartum journey. 

While a diaper bag is a new parent “must,” that doesn’t mean the new mom in your life treated herself to a luxe option. Freshly Picked is basically the mecca of diaper bags, combining functionality with seriously fashionable elements. Made from vegan leather and coming in multiple color options, this bag is what cool mom dreams are made of with 10 pockets, a magnetic front flap, and multiple ways to wear it. 

barks on the greatest chapter of her life: parenthood.

Uggs slippers might bring you back to your high school days, but these comfy, sturdy, slip-on slides are officially a mom favorite and a fantastic push present idea for any new parent. The leather and fur design comes in over 10 different color options, all of which feature gripping on the bottoms to help avoid slips in the hospital and while caring for a new babe at home. 

After 40 weeks of aches and pains and a growing baby bump, most moms could use a little (or a lot!) of pampering and relaxation. Gift the new mom in your life a SpaFinder gift card so she can work out those pregnancy kinks and snag a bit of bliss between everything parenthood requires. These cards can be used at a wide variety of spas around the country, so rest assured momma will be able to find her zen wherever she happens to be. 

Sure, everyone has a phone on their camera nowadays, but there’s something truly special about capturing moments on real film and instantly seeing that precious section of time preserved. The popular Instax camera from Fujifilm instantly prints mini photos as you take them, which makes for amazing keepsakes of a mom’s first few days/weeks bonding with her baby. Make sure to buy some extra film, so she can capture all the firsts new parenthood has to offer. 

Push Present Jewelry

As mentioned, jewelry is one of the most popular options for push presents and is a fantastic choice if your daughter, best friend, or partner is the one giving birth. Whether you go minimal or personalized, something sparkly is what the doctor ordered post-delivery. 

Darling and dainty, this charming ring from Maya Brenner is made from 14k gold and looks stunning whether solo or stacked. The design features the traditional birthstones for each month, so order a ring in the baby’s stone as a memento from this time in the new mom’s life and all the joy her child’s birth month brings. 

A tiny pendant necklace is a sweet way to display a baby’s initials, especially if you’re not sure of the mom’s taste in accessories — or if you know she prefers her jewelry to be chic and simple. Featuring a tiny disk that boasts the first letter of the baby’s name, the sleek necklace comes in gold or sterling silver and can feature up to seven disks.

A lot of thought goes into naming a baby, so gift the new mom in your life an accessory that celebrates her child’s given name! The bracelet itself is ultra slim and comes in your choice of gold, rose gold, or silver, plus it has different lengths to choose from to ensure a flawless fit. These look great stacked, so consider gifting again if this momma has another baby (or more!) down the line. 

Even though most people view birth as the goal of being pregnant, that doesn’t take away all the life changes that happened during said pregnancy. For many new moms, transiting from having their baby inside to outside is quite the shift, and this elegant pendant necklace from Elsa Peretti nods to the baby’s very beginning. The bean shape is simple enough to become a wardrobe staple and symbolizes the journey mom went through from positive pregnancy test to delivery. 

Push Present Ideas From Partner

Let’s face it: Your partner has done most of the heavy lifting throughout the pregnancy — even if you’re the one who’s been literally lifting/cleaning/taking care of things lately. Show your appreciation for all you’ve gone through together with a special push present your significant other will adore. 

From the ultrasound photos to the hospital ID bracelet, there is a multitude of keepsakes created in the process of having a baby. This sentimental push present gives moms a place to store all of the memories made from the pregnancy and beyond. The sturdy wooden box can include the baby’s name and birthdate for a more personalized touch.

Finding clothes that fit during pregnancy and postpartum is a struggle, and chances are your partner just wants something cozy to slip into that feels a little more elevated than old sweatpants This lace-trimmed, nursing-friendly nightgown from Seraphine comes in a beautiful sage hue and will quickly become a go-to outfit for early days spent snuggling and bonding with the newest member of the family. 

A Target gift card is more than just a gift card. A Target gift card from a partner says, “I want you to have some uninterrupted ‘you time,’ wandering the aisles with an iced coffee in hand.” Whether she shops for baby essentials, home goods, or some new wardrobe items, first-time moms will love being able to peruse Target at their leisure with a charged gift card at the ready. 

There’s no sound more beautiful than hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time, and this stunning print can take a new mom back to that special moment over and over again. The print can be customized in your choice of color and font, and you can even get a QR code printed on it that, when scanned, will play the recording of the heartbeat back to you. 

Budget-Friendly Push Presents

If you think push presents have to break the bank, think again! There are plenty of budget-friendly gifts new moms will adore, whether it’s a long-awaited bottle of wine with a custom label or an eye mask to help sleepy parents catch some much-needed Zzzs. 

After months of steering clear of alcohol, most new moms look forward to having a glass (or three!) of wine after delivery. A simple bottle from the store with a customized label from Etsy is a sweet gesture that’ll be well-received by the happy new parents. Pack along a few cups and a wine opener, just in case they want to break into the vino ASAP! 

With so much emphasis on the birth of the baby, first-time parents might not have planned ahead for all firsts still to come. This gender-neutral keepsake memory book can be used to document the baby’s milestones throughout his or her first five years, including first steps, first words, and the first day of school. 

Few gifts will mean as much to a new mom as a soft robe she can throw on for middle-of-the-night feedings and sweet bedtime cuddles. This highly-rated option from Amazon comes in pretty much every color imaginable, and reviewers love how soft and silky the fabric feels. This is a great option to present at the hospital, so the new mom has something cozy to wear before and just after delivery.

Made from the softest mulberry silk, this decadent eye mask is a saving grace for new moms. With restless nights and essential middle-of-the-day naps, a sleep mask can help drown out the world when the time for sleep is limited. This beloved option from Amazon comes in 12+ color options and arrives ready to be presented with a travel bag and gift box. 

Push Present Ideas for Second Baby

The first baby isn’t the only one that deserves celebrating! If the mom in your life is giving birth to her second (or more!) child, she still deserves a push present worthy of her strength! Whether it’s the gift of caffeine or a candle that honors her new baby’s birthday, these push presents are perfect for moms who are welcoming another child to their families. 

Gemstone jewelry is a wonderful choice for moms because they can select gems that represent each of their children (or their entire families). This streamlined pendant necklace — which comes in a variety of lengths — is an especially good option because you can buy the charms separately. Unlike a ring or bracelet, this way a mom (or a kind gifter such as yourself) can add to the necklace if even more children join her flock down the line. 

Expanding a family is a beautiful thing, but feeding that family can be tricky, especially when you have a newborn plus other hungry mouths eager for some grub. A simple push present that will easily be one of the most appreciated is an Uber Eats gift card so the parents can order a hot meal instead of trying to find time to cook. Trust us, nothing says “we’re happy for you” like taking the guesswork of dinner off the table. 

Combining astrology, numerology, and tarot, Birthdate Candles offer more than your standard, aesthetically pleasing flame. Select the date of the baby’s birth to give the mom in your life a closer look at who the little person will become…or at least what’s written in the stars for them! Even the scents are based on the birth date, providing a truly unique and thoughtful push present option. 

As any parent can tell you, caffeine is the holy grail when bringing a new baby home. And truthfully, a second baby requires a serious coffee upgrade. This highly-rated Nespresso machine makes both coffee and espresso, plus it comes with a milk frother to make mom’s much-needed (and well-deserved!) caffeine fixes even fancier. 

While a push present isn’t a necessity, any new mom will appreciate the sentiment as she embraces motherhood.

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