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If you’re a makeup lover, chances are you’re familiar with the brand Real Techniques. Its iconic orange Miracle Complexion Sponge is loved by beginners and experts alike for its superior foundation blending abilities at an affordable price. I personally will never use another sponge for my foundation–I’m a full-coverage gal, and only the orange RT sponge gets the job done. Real Techniques also produces brushes that rival luxury brands and professional-quality tools that make beauty more accessible for all.

Here are the 16 best Real Techniques brushes and tools to upgrade your makeup routine:


The pink Setting Brush is easily one of the best brushes I have in my collection. Its small, tapered shape is just right for setting under the eyes, around the nostrils, and anywhere else that may get oily throughout the day. The synthetic bristles are soft and fluffy and also help naturally blend powder or cream highlighters on the high points of the face. To top it all off, the brush has a low price point–you really can’t beat it.

If you’re bored of sponges, try the Expert Face Brush as another way to apply cream or liquid foundation. The dense, hand-cut bristles form a dorm shape for buffing and blending out your base. It provides medium to full coverage, depending on your preference. I’m a sponge person, but I still use this, especially around my nostrils, to make sure my concealer is blended.

Real Techniques is the top dog when it comes to sets. This one is especially eye-catching because of the light pink bristles and the gray handles. The Easy as 123 Brush Kit is a handy purchase to bring along for travel. It contains four brushes for a simple but flawless look: foundation, brush & spoolie, blending eyeshadow and blush.

The Tapered Cheek Brush is for those who like more subtle pops of color when it comes to blush and highlighter. It has a precise set of bristles for targeted depth and a natural glow. You can use the brush with liquid, cream or powder blush, contour and highlighter.

Crappy brushes? We don’t know her. The Everyday Eye Essentials Brush Set is everything you need to take your shadow game from lame to luxe. The kit includes eight must-haves including a smudge brush, two crease brushes, a fine liner and a convenient metal lash separator. You can use them with any kind of shadow–powder, cream or liquid–for easy application and a look that lasts.

A mini version of a best-seller, the Expert Liquid and Cream Concealer Brush is small but mighty. Reviewers rave about how well the brush gets into hard-to-reach parts of your face and how soft it is at the same time. Achieve flawless coverage around the eyes and nose, along with any blemishes you want to cover up.

This is the most gorgeous brush I’ve ever seen, hands down. Half the fun of owning the Passion Potion Blender Brush is displaying it on a makeup desk for everyone to admire. Part of the limited edition Enchanted collection, the dense bristles are designed to give a seamless finish when applying foundation or liquid contour.

We love to see a multitasker. The Set & Bake Dual Ended Brush is a double threat: the matte powder side sets product on the forehead, jawbone, and chin, while the precise baking side has a smaller, targeted head to dust powder (setting and/or foundation) under the eye and around the nose. Plus, the smaller brush has a retractable cover for mess-free storage.

Start every day off on a good note with the Flawless Base Brush Kit–your makeup routine will never be the same again. This kit includes four essential brushes for a smooth canvas: contour, detailer (for concealing), buffing, and square foundation. The best part? It includes an adorable matching light orange cup for easy organization and storage.

I prefer powder products over cream or liquid, as I feel I can control them better and I (probably) won’t end up looking like a clown. The Ultra Plush Powder Brush is my go-to for when I want to define my cheeks with a more natural, diffused look. This one also works like a charm for powder foundation and setting powders.

Sponges, Application Tools and Other Accessories

Of course, I had to include the Miracle Complexion Sponge–it’s legendary! The orange sponge is renowned for its foundation blending abilities at a price that makes it accessible for makeup lovers of all budgets. Use it damp for a dewy finish or dry for a matte finish. The flat edge, rounded sides, and precision tip allow for all different kinds of applications in one sitting. The sponge is latex-free and made with polyurethane foam.

Are you someone who never gets around to washing your brushes? No judgment here. Reach for the Brush Cleansing Palette to lighten the load. It’s ergonomically designed to fit right on your hand as you sweep away makeup and bacteria using the textured surface. It’s heat resistant and dishwasher safe, too, so you can keep it clean and fresh for the next use.

Use this with your new cleansing palette to keep everything squeaky clean. The Brush and Blending Sponge Cleansing Gel is dermatologist tested and made to extend the life of your tools. With no alcohol, phthalates or harsh chemicals, the formula is gentle enough for weekly use.

The Satin Finish Extender Setting Spray is magic in a bottle. Spray it on your sponge and apply after your foundation to lock in and extend your base. You can also spray it directly on your face for a matte refresh. Super skincare ingredient niacinamide works to minimize shine and pores, blur fine lines and improve texture. The container lid locks so there are no worries about spillage when you’re on the go.

Primer is an important component in helping makeup last, but sometimes it can feel like you’re spreading germs on your face when you apply it. The Primer & Smooth Base Skincare Brush is a double-sided hands-free applicator. One side has a stainless steel scoop to get the most out of your products, while the other is a plush brush to smoothly apply the primer and help prevent creasing.

The Miracle Powder Sponge ensures a seamless setting process with a soft velvety material. Use the rounded side for blending, the flat edge for baking, and the pointed tip for coverage. Like the Miracle Complexion Sponge, it’s latex-free. You can also use this with contours or blushes.

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