8 Best Reusable Straws to Cut Down On Single Use Plastics


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For individuals looking to cut back on their use of disposable plastics, straws are an easy place to start. There are tons of options already available and inexpensive, in every style from lightweight and brightly-colored silicone for children’s lunch boxes, to easy to clean glass, to durable stainless steel.

What You Should Know

  • Metal straws get hot or cold based on beverage temperature
  • Easy to clean with the included brush
  • Lightweight, go-anywhere design, nearly indestructible

Inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to clean, this four pack of stainless steel straws are perfectly sized to keep one tucked in a purse or laptop bag for quick access during meals or snacks. Stainless steel straws are extremely durable, but the metal is highly conductive, so using it for very hot or cold drinks will be uncomfortable. At around 11″ high, they’re too large for use in toddler cups, so if you’re buying straws for a child’s lunchbox these aren’t the best candidate.

Review Highlights

“Nice reusable replacement for a plastic straw”

“Love these straws, they do exactly what they were intended for”

What You Should Know

  • Clear glass straws go with any style cup
  • Non conductive and hard to stain
  • Breakable, so not always a good choice for children 

Non conductive and difficult to stain, these glass straws are a more comfortable choice for drinking very hot or cold liquids. Glass doesn’t hold flavors or odors, so it only takes a quick cleaning for you to be able to swap them out from a lunchtime soda to a post work smoothie. Over two thousand reviewers gave these straws a fantastic rating, with over 90% five star reviews on Amazon.

Review Highlights

“no breakage after several months of daily use”

“I’m back to order another set”

What You Should Know

  • Hand Wash Only
  • BPA Free
  • Pack of 50 Straws

Convince kids to drink healthier beverages, like smoothies or juices, with these fun bendy straws. Perfect for birthday parties, they’re washable and reusable, as well as BPA and PFOA free, and come in an array of fun colors perfect for all seasons. The fun and punchy yellow makes for a particularly lovely accompaniment to a cool, refreshing lemonade on a warm summer day.

Review Highlights

“My two year old absolutely adores them”

Great shapes and colors so you can use for both girls and boys!”

What You Should Know

  • Made of natural, organic bamboo
  • Comes with a coconut fiber cleaning brush
  • A carrying pouch keeps them clean and easy to find on the go

Reusable, biodegradable, and made of natural materials, this ten pack of bamboo straws is made without dyes or bleaching, and are sturdy and durable. They’re less breakable than glass, and there’s no fear of chipping teeth or breaking through paper cups. They’re child safe and come with slight size variance, so each family member can get the length and diameter straw that works best for their favorite beverage.

Review Highlights

“Saved me the trouble of having to reapply my lipstick 100 times a day since I don’t use plastic straws”

“I love these and they are super easy to clean”

What You Should Know

  • Food Grade and dishwasher safe
  • A great way to introduce children to cutting back on waste
  • Not a good choice for thick milkshakes or smoothies

A good choice for children who still need lidded cups to prevent spills but are past the sippy cup stage, this 12 pack of 6″ reusable straws are a great option for daycares, preschools, or just large families with young kids. There are even four cleaning brushes for when the kids inevitably lose one. The soft silicone is safer for toddlers (or adults!) to chew on than glass or stainless steel options, and the rainbow of colors makes it easy for everyone to recognize their drink.

Review Highlights

“Love the size of the straws and color selection”

Easy to clean and nice size. Perfect for toddlers who like to bite straws too”

What You Should Know

  • Soft bite removable silicone tip with low temperature conductivity
  • Fits 16 and 20 oz Klean Kanteen Pint Cups and Insulated Tumblers
  • Dishwasher safe

For fans of the Klean Kanteen line of reusable mugs and tumblers, these hybrid stainless and silicone straws are the perfect marriage of two of the most popular types of reusable straws. The durability and firm shape of a stainless steel straw, covered by a non conductive silicone sleeve, perfect for anyone with temperature sensitivity that makes cold drinks unpleasant, or people who can’t help gnaw on their straws a little. Ideal for restaurant use, the bright colored silicone makes them hard to accidentally leave behind when you’re done with your meal.

Review Highlights

“Overall great price for this set, well made, durable and a little less plastic in the ocean.”

“These straws are perfect”

What You Should Know

  • Telescoping design fits a range of cups or tumblers
  • Attaches to a keychain
  • Cleaning brush is also telescopic

This food grade stainless steel straw fits oversized drinks and tumblers when fully extended, or close it up and it fits in a traveling container complete with keychain attachment.

Review Highlights

“Very cool! I leave it in my car for fast food drinks so I don’t have to use a disposable straw”

“It fits inside of different sized bottles, cans, glasses, etc”

What You Should Know

  • Perfect for thick drinks like smoothies
  • Helps cut into tapioca pearls in Boba tea
  • Comes with a carry case

With an extra wide design and a sharp, angled tip, these straws are perfect for cutting through thick smoothies and milkshakes, or Boba teas. The pointed edge helps scoop up those seeds and ensure nothing gets wasted.

Review Highlights

“I’ve gotten lots of complements on these, and the price is such a steal for the quality”

“The angle tip is perfect for getting even the last bits of the toppings”

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