22 Best Shampoos You Can Buy At Walmart

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If you have hit the hair care aisles recently, you know that there are tons of options out there. Shampoos are more than just simple hair cleaners – many shampoos are formulated to target issues by specific hair types. Walmart is a billion-dollar company with thousands of stores across the nation. As you likely know, they have the footprint to carry a wide variety of hair products. We could have listed multitudes of shampoos but went with the list below to provide variety and high-quality performance – all that can be easily found at Walmart.

Best Shampoos You Can Buy At Walmart:

Before diving in, it can be helpful to identify your hair type, which you can do here. Knowing hair type will help narrow down the needs of your scalp and strands.

For Dry Or Damaged Hair

Squalane is an antioxidant and mimics skin’s natural oils, so it is used in this shampoo to gently cleanse delicate damaged strands. Moisture may be retained and enhanced thanks to the less abrasive method. With scents of mango leaves, coconut and bamboo, this is an overall pleasant option that will likely mentally transport you to an exotic island. We’ll take it.

Help out those hair fibers that have been put through wringer one way or another—hot tool styling, harsh weather, and coloring, to name a few. The formula instantly hydrates and adds moisture for boosted plumpness and volume. According to the description, the enhanced look lasts up to 72 hours. Scents of berries, cherry blossom, sweet vanilla, and sandalwood are subtle but pleasant. Customers share their experiences, one comment detailing, “I have very dry hair due to thyroid issues and I’m always looking for the perfect product; well I have found the Holy Grail.”

Royal jelly, honey, and propolis strengthen hair, so let’s take a moment to thank the bees. The mixture also prevents split ends and breakage, giving hair a chance to possibly gain some length. Parabens are nowhere to be found here. One customer discussed their hair texture after using the Garnier variation., “The shampoo leaves my hair incredibly soft. I have 3C curly (EXTREMELY DRY) hair. The conditioner is a dream. So soft.” We are glad you get both conditioner and shampoo with this purchase.

Apricot and Australian macadamia oils are a strengthening and moisturizing dynamic duo, while the product overall claims to give hair a soft and shiny look. “This is my absolute favorite shampoo because I can wash my hair and not have to condition my hair because the shampoo provides so much moisture,” says one user. Bonus—this one is also paraben free.

The Maui Moisture shampoo is made with aloe and pure coconut and doesn’t have sulfate surfactants, silicone, parabens, or mineral oil. You’ve seen us write a lot about parabens, and the reason it’s great when a company bypasses using them is that parabens can disrupt hormones in the body and may increase the risk of cancer, according to the EWG. It’s important to note that this shampoo is gluten-free because some shampoos, including others on this list, contain wheat derivatives. Vegan ingredients were also used in the formula.

For Curly Hair

According to the CDC, phthalates are a group of chemicals used to make plastics more durable. The EWG also says phthalates are endocrine disruptors linked to problems in the reproductive system, including decreased sperm motility and concentration in men. So luckily, this option is phthalate-free, along with being paraben, cruelty, and silicone free. The addition of hibiscus flower extracts promotes elasticity, thus reducing breakage. Its sustainable production with raw shea butter handcrafted by women in Africa rounds out this solid choice for curly locks.

For Dandruff

What is dandruff anyway? Different than dry scalp, it’s a result of too much oil on your scalp, along with an overgrowth of yeast. Low-cost options are sometimes right up there with the most expensive ones. This product can help out a flaky scalp while improving the overall consistency of your hair. This Walmart brand formula remains gentle while wielding the powers of pyrithione zinc. It’s gentle enough for daily use while coming in a handy pump bottle. The description notes it to be comparable to Head & Shoulders.

This shampoo aims to prevent and eliminate itchy scalp and visible flakes associated with actual dandruff, not dry scalp. Menthol cools and invigorates while also soothing irritation. The formula lathers quickly, but one customer mentioned a tip — “One trick I learned, is that instead of rinsing it out after applying it, leave it in until the very end. It helps!”

For Color-Treated Hair

Pure rose oil can strengthen follicles while being antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. That follicle nourishment can help push back against flat hair. It seems recommended to use the shampoo with the conditioner, as some customers detailed their hair became dry after using the shampoo solo. Among the top customer reviews: “Quick, rich later and smells lightly of roses.” The light rose smell sounds heavenly.

For Oily Hair

An impressive 48 hours of clean roots is the eye-catching feature here. Washing hair too much can be damaging and a total hassle. “So far this is the best combo I’ve used for my greasy scalp and dry ends. Smells good and leaves my hair nice and soft. I can go one more day without having to wash my hair.” Break free from the everyday hair-washing routine and experience the freedom! You might notice an overall improvement in hair health. However, according to Healthline, the benefits you experience may depend on the kind of hair you have.

Remove mineral and hard-water build-up —this is what I need. I live in an area where water is so hard it accumulates on dishes, our faucets, and my hair. Deep clean hair without stripping natural oils because if you have dry hair already, you want to preserve those nutrients. Aloe vera, honey, and willow bark extract work in harmony. If you’ve never heard of it, willow bark helps boost your scalp health by eliminating dandruff, dirt, or both. Major applause to the company for not adding parabens, SLS/SLES, phthalates, or mineral oil. Cruelty-free and color safe, this one checks a lot of boxes.

Quillaja, also known as Panama Bark, cleans gently, which is ideal if you have oily yet delicate hair. A unique mixture of wheat protein, rosemary, and thyme protects from UV damage. Yes, too much sun exposure can damage the cuticle of your hair. After diving into the reviews, we found a lot of positive feedback, and those who noted the shampoo to lather well.

For All Hair Types

Repair and protect your hair—that covers a lot of ground. Panthenol is a b vitamin that enhances hydration. Wheat-derived compounds thicken and may create a more lustrous appearance. The shampoo is 100% vegan and contains no parabens. White ginger flower and aloe add more nutrition and a gentle fragrance.

Do you have flat to medium-volume hair to which you’d love to add some fullness? This formula is thickening—and who doesn’t want that? Biotin and collagen meet wheat protein to deliver more body. Mentally transport to the spa with smells of bergamot, jasmine, and vanilla. Sulfates and parabens aren’t in this mixture.

Coconut scents will take you to the island. Dermatologists have also tested this shampoo for its effectiveness. Paraben and mineral oil-free, this option is a bit cleaner. Recyclable bottles make sense, and you can also toss this one in your blue bin. The formula is color-safe and PH balanced. It is noted to clean well while also hydrating—a dynamic duo.

Avocado, almond, and olive oil nourish, but surprisingly this shampoo is also lightweight. Say goodbye to an oily result and hello to shiny, soft tresses. Expect three times the moisture of a typical hydrating shampoo. “I put this in my hair after every wash and condition. I put it in my wet hair and comb it through.. It keeps it from frizzing up,” says one customer. The shampoo is also cruelty-free.

Passionflower, chamomile, and aloe create a deep dermatologist-tested clean. It’s also color-safe and PH balanced. “I love this Herbal Essences Shine Chamomile shampoo not only for the excellent cleansing it provides for my family’s hair and scalp without stripping or over-drying it, but also for the clean, and the fresh scent it leaves behind,” says one customer.

For Men

Get it all done at once with a multipurpose solution. The formula utilizes moisturizers and Panthenol for its results. Expect a lightweight product without contributing to build-up. “My husband likes this shampoo. It cleans without drying out hair. It also leaves just a slight clean scent,” detailed another review.

Battle everyday dryness that can cause serious distraction and discomfort. The unique formula is enriched with caffeine and menthol as it cleans and freshens. We love the recyclable bottle—don’t forget to separate recyclables.

For Kids

This option cleanses and moisturizes, which is great for little ones. Customers mentioned a better combing experience thanks to the detangling formula. Here’s a true story for you – I would always have to wait until my mom got home when I was little to have her untangle a brush out of my hair if my dad was tasked with combing it! Maybe this shampoo would’ve helped! No parabens, sulfates, dyes, or animal testing are involved in the making of this shampoo.

I love Hello Bello. I use the wipes, both the body and cleaning ones, and have been completely pleased. Bonus—the products are typically really affordable. Without phthalates, parabens, artificial fragrances, and common allergens like gluten, peanuts, and soy, this one is quite “clean.” Coconut, marshmallow root, and aloe extracts combine in a formula that customers say is “Gently enough for my sensitive 18-month-old, and myself.” As an adult, I’d totally use this myself.

Colloidal oatmeal, real milk protein, and natural essential oils are an expected combo from the Dr. Teal line. The company creates many soothing products. Hypoallergenic ingredients are gentler on delicate skin. In addition to working as a shampoo, this is a bubble bath, so scrub-a-dub those grubby mitts and hair simultaneously.

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