The 10 Best Shower Speakers (So You Can Sing As Loud As You Want)

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Whether you’re looking for a speaker to play soothing classics or audio books during a relaxing bath, or need to blast some rock to get out of bed in the mornings, using a waterproof radio or Bluetooth speaker can help you protect an expensive smartphone from water related mishaps. These portable, durable speakers also make great travel companions for outdoor adventures or workouts, especially if there’s a concern that bad weather may be on the horizon.

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Up to 10hrs play time between charges
  • Answer or end calls, adjust volume, and more

Fully waterproof and submersible, this Bluetooth enabled speaker connects to your devices and keeps you in control of your playlists. Adjust volume, skip songs, or even take calls all without putting your phone at risk. A suction cup attachment makes it infinitely adjustable, and it detaches easily when it needs a recharge.

  • Affordable
  • Over seven thousand Amazon reviews
  • Bring along anywhere

While it’s perfect for the shower, you can bring along this waterproof speaker anywhere you want to go! Includes both a suction cup and a hanging clip, so you can attach it to a beach umbrella or backpack for endless tunes anywhere. The waterproof design is perfect for bringing along on any adventure, or leave it waiting at home for your everyday routine.

Reviewer Feedback:
“As someone who is hard of hearing, this speaker is a godsend. I often have to put my phone near my shoulder or right next to my hear to hear podcasts or music, even at full volume. I was tired of having to plug my phone into aux cords and be tethered to whatever device was amplifying the sound. This speaker is perfect! I can pop my phone in my pocket, clip the speaker on my belt loop, and do household chores hands free! The speaker works great in the shower, too. It’s easy to use, easy to charge, and easy to connect the Bluetooth. I’ve used it everyday since I got it and I love it!”

  • LED Lights
  • It floats!
  • Great for kids at who fight bath time

This powerful speaker gets rave reviews from reviewers for its’ clear and powerful sound. A favorite for both small spaces and large, you can listen along to that popular audiobook while enjoying a relaxing bath. Because it floats, along with being waterproof, it’s a favorite among boaters, pool party hosts, or bringing along to any outdoor gathering where there’s a chance of rain.

  • Connects with Bluetooth or an aux cable
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Water resistant, but shouldn’t be submerged

On-device controls means you won’t be fumbling with wet hands on a smartphone screen just to change songs or adjust volume anymore. This pocket-sized speaker boasts a ten hour plus battery life and easy to use Bluetooth connection, so device compatibility is never an issue; swap from streaming via Android devices, to Apple, and back again.

Reviewer Feedback:

“All of the positive reviews on this thing are absolutely true. Keeping in mind it’s a single speaker, it’s the best Bluetooth speaker money can buy. Not only is it rugged, the sound quality is very clean. Lows, mids, and highs are all well delivered in this little powerhouse.”

  • Carabiner style clip
  • Connect two speakers together on a shared broadcast
  • Also can connect via cable

Pick up a single one of these waterproof speakers for use in a shower or bathroom, or buy a pair and daisy chain them together for a whole house dance party; great for getting everyone awake and out the door in the mornings. The carabiner style clips make it easy to connect them to a backpack or bicycle, so take those tunes on the road. A number of reviewers also commented that it floated when dropped in water, making it a great choice for kayakers, fishermen, or boaters.

Reviewer Feedback:

“The JBL clip 2 is a small speaker with big sound! I carry this speaker often on my belt loop at the docks while working and driving boats. The main features i was looking for in a speaker, before i bought the clip, was small, lightweight, Bluetooth (so i wouldnt have to deal with cords), and the ability to atleast resist water. This speaker has displayed all of the mentioned features without fail, and has even been soaked with me in the pouring rain and continues to play my favorite music as well as ever.”

  • Accepts MicroSD cards
  • Also uses Bluetooth connection
  • Lanyard and suction cup included for shower installation

Save your phone battery! There’s no need to connect via Bluetooth when this device accepts MicroSD cards; you can load up your device with music beforehand and enjoy up to 12 hours of play time at 70% volume. Under 8 ounces, it’s the perfect travel companion, and with the built in microphone you can even take hands free calls with Bluetooth connection to a phone. With a 66ft Bluetooth connection range, you can start up your morning playlists from a phone, Bluetooth enabled laptop, or any other device. Enjoy internet radio, your favorite podcast, or audio-only versions of your favorite shows.

  • Powerful 8W HD Sound
  • Affordable
  • Reviewers say on-device controls are hard to see

Load your favorite media onto a MicroSD card to have your playlists always available, or connect via Bluetooth to a phone or other device for tons of flexible play options like media apps, streaming services, or even the local weather forecast. If you can play it on your phone, you can play it on a Bluetooth enabled speaker.

Reviewer Feedback:

“In the shower with the water running, it’s plenty loud. I don’t even need full volume. I’m also very impressed with the quality of sound. I didn’t expect it to sound great, I expected it to kind of sound like a little shower radio… you know, a little “canned”. But no, very high quality sound from that little speaker. “

  • Available in a range of options like FM radio reception or aux cable line in
  • 12W speaker for impressive sound
  • Bluetooth 5.0 enabled

The extra long battery life on this portable waterproof speaker makes it a great choice for full day use at indoor/outdoor parties. It connects easily to a home assistant like Amazon’s Echo or Echo Dot, so you can change songs or playlists on the fly with voice commands.

  • Set up to 7 radio presets for easy navigation
  • AM or FM reception available
  • 7 NOAA channels for emergency weather alerts

A more traditional option, this waterproof shower radio lets you start off the morning with favorite stations or important news. Includes all seven NOAA channels so you never miss out on an emergency weather alert. A great choice for campers, hikers, or scouting troops, it’s fully submersible, and a good way to keep in tune with upcoming weather changes that may affect those outdoor plans.

  • Kid friendly design
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Suction cup design for attaching to a shower wall

End the fight at bath time with some fun tunes to splash and sing along with. Turn on that favorite playlist or video series on your phone and use this Bluetooth enabled shower speaker, and you’ll be hosting a concert in no time. The fun whale design makes it a perfect companion for a splashing good time, and a built in microphone means mom doesn’t have to miss that important call if it comes at an inopportune moment.

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