12 Best Sprinklers for Kids to Have The Best Summer Ever

Summer Fun

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Beat the heat this summer without fighting crowded beaches, long car rides, unscheduled closures, and the general chaos of summer travel. These splash pads, pools, sprinklers, and blow-ups can keep you cool and calm while your family enjoys all the fun outdoor activities that summer can offer. Bring on the slip n slide races or jumping through sprinklers with older kids, and get ready to introduce babies and toddlers to their first water park day at home.

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The whole family can enjoy some friendly competition with this sprinkler that’s perfect for all kinds of sports. The adjustable spray height lets you tailor the game to just the right skill level, and included ground stakes means a sudden storm won’t blow your new favorite summer toy down the block.

This splash pad’s shallow pool is ideal for letting babies and toddlers explore. Bring along their favorite easy-to-clean toys and watch them sink or float while your little one learns to tolerate and love the spray of this fun fountain.

Pair this generously sized inflatable sprinkler with a pool, slide, or bubble machine, and you’ll have a backyard water park that’s sure to entertain. Plus, who can resist running under the five-foot colorful, fun rainbow?

Take a bite out of summer vacation with this fun jumbo sprinkler! Kids can have a ball with this three-foot-tall watermelon-designed sprinkler that looks good enough to eat.

Turn any trampoline into a splash pad this summer with this trampoline sprinkler. Easy to install and customizable to fit your space, kids will stay cool and comfortable while jumping this summer.

Unlike most splash pads, this combination sprinkler and mini pool can stay inflated even without the sprinkler running, so you won’t waste water while your little one splashes. Ideal for families trying to keep both older kids and toddlers entertained at the same time, little ones can sit and splash while big kids jump around in the spray.

Make memories this summer with this charming splash pool with rainbow arches and spray spouts. Fill it with pool or bath toys, and you’ll keep your little ones playing outdoors all day.

This pink, three-in-one sprinkler splash pad is perfect for the mermaid-loving kiddo in your life. The best part? It can also be a makeshift indoor ball pit when summer ends!

Everything is always better with our furry friends, so why not get a sprinkler/splash pad combo they can enjoy, too? The non-slip material on this splash pad makes it safer for kids and is thick enough for dogs to not tear through.

If you’re looking for a good, old-fashioned sprinkler without having to inflate a big pool, this may be your pick, This swirling, twirling spinning sprinkler is a quick set-up that is sure to entertain the kids and dogs!

Make your summer gathering a blast and impress the future astronauts with this six-foot-tall inflatable rocket sprinkler! While it is tall, an adjustable spray height can ensure the little ones get splashed, too.

This fun inflatable cactus is a sprinkler and a ring toss game all in one! You might even catch the adults getting in on the action to stay cool.

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