14 Best Subscription Boxes for Date Night


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While many folks are now venturing out to their favorite restaurants, some of us have just adapted to staying at home. We have grown to really love those laid-back nights with our loved ones when we don’t have to worry about driving somewhere. Thus we introduce our ultimate “best date night subscription box list,” which is ideal for romantic and interactive date nights. Sure, you could just snuggle together and watch a movie, but there are so many more options! Create artesian crafts, cook a meal with unfamiliar but delicious ingredients, and enjoy professional-grade cocktails. Even if you do like to get out on some nights, we think you will find plenty of adventure in these boxes on the nights you decide to stay in.

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Perhaps you and your significant other visited Japan and totally fell in love with it. Relive the magic with a subscription box that will send you tastes from the country on a regular basis. Turn the arrival of your box into a scheduled date night! Pull out the tatami mats, and set various treats upon beautiful plates. Sip warm tea together while reminiscing about the memories from your trip. And if you haven’t been to Japan, this is a great way to get a small culinary sampling.

Wine epitomizes a romantic date night. When you have a good varietal on hand, you really just need two glasses and each other. Firstleaf lets you detail your taste preferences, then will send you your first box of wine to try out. After tasting, you’ll rate them and further customize your profile. Every month that goes by, your wine preferences will be more specific. So toss some logs in the fireplace, slice up some brie, and enjoy the endless conversation.

Since wine is such a wonderful way to do “date night,” you might as well have options for a great wine subscription box. What makes Winc stand out is the fact that they completely make all of their own wine. Standing by the quality, the brand says by making their own varietals, customers get more bang for their buck. The process also starts by answering some questions via their quiz, which will start the customization process that will continue as you receive each box. So break out the good glasses, and be sure to have snacks that pair well with a variety of wines.

You don’t have to go out to a café to have a curated super special coffee experience. Drink Trade will select fair trade, single-origin options for every delivery, but you can also ask for a specific coffee you might have both particularly loved. Make it a date morning with a freshly brewed espresso while trying to make each other a fun steamed milk artistic image on the lattes. Prepare each other a fancy omelet, or bake some warm and fragrant cinnamon rolls together. Drink Trade also has decaf variations, so have biscotti and coffee while watching your favorite TV show at night. Perfection.

Going to a highly touted bar is a lot of fun, but being responsible means not trying everything you might like to. Just say “no” to drinking and driving! So take the Mixology home to you, and be your own bartender. Each delivery contains enough booze, mix, and add-ons like dried fruit, to create four or more super special cocktails. Get creative, and make each other a drink while knowing you are safe and sound at home and won’t have to get an Uber. As an add-on, customers can select to receive barware as well, so you’ll have the perfect glasses for your drinks.

Couples who craft together stay together. At least that kind of seems legit! Learning to work together, and being open enough to be creative together, can be a great way to spend date night. The subscription will open the opportunity to learn a new crafting skill every month, including anything from wood burning, candlemaking, and even clockmaking. So these aren’t just your regular arts and crafts. You’ll have something to show off in your living room for much time to come. For date night, two kits are suggested, so each person has their own.

What if everything you needed to set the perfect date night mood came in a subscription box? Well, it does! The delivery will bring fun interactive activities, ambiance setting materials, delicious snacks, and sometimes cocktail mixers to pair together, along with other essentials for a romantic evening. So go ahead and set aside a night when your box will be delivered, so you can truly reconnect with each other. Date night has never been so easy, especially since you don’t even have to get into the car.

CBD is becoming a topic of much interest in the world of natural wellness. CBD is cannabidiol found in the hemp plant. Many suspected benefits range from pain relief, relaxation to even enhanced wellness for pets. Whether fact or common trend, folks are really feeling CBD products. Hemp Crate claims to be a solid resource for obtaining quality CBD products at a reasonable price, which is apparently hard to find. The best part is that you can customize what kind of products you’re looking for, such as great date night picks, pain-relieving bath bombs, and ultra-soothing creams and lotions.

Are either of you fascinated with technology, electricity, and other cool techie things? Whether you’re already an expert or are just looking to learn, you can hone your inner nerd, in a good way most definitely, together. Creation Crate specializes in distributing super fun, ultra interactive projects that teach anything from circuitry to building crazy cool mechanical objects. Grow your brains together while enjoying quality time. Be sure to whip up some piña coladas and salsa for your creative session.

Never skip a beat when it comes to bringing home a breathtaking bouquet to your significant other on date night. Select biweekly to monthly subscription deliveries of the most vibrantly colored, fragrant bouquets that have been sustainably sourced as well. During the holidays, bouquets get extra festive and dazzling. This is just one aspect of what will regularly be an incredible date night. Get ready to eat a fine steak dinner while smelling the fragrant aromas of roses and other floral variations.

Yes! There is a subscription box company that is totally dedicated to date nights, and it is as amazing as it sounds. Every month, you will receive a complete date in a box, and it will be filled with fun and engaging games that will help unify you and your love. You may find certain activities may teach you a thing or two you did not know about each other. Other add-ons give that special touch, such as candles and sweet candies.

The Scavenger Box will add that element of surprise you’ve wanted to take up a notch in your relationship. Customize a hunt with various clues and puzzles that will take your love on an exciting and meaningful adventure. You can add your own personal touches to various clue cards that will send them scurrying about to find the next clue. In the end, a romantic and unforgettable gift is waiting. That’s definitely one creative way to do date night.

Just imagine sitting on the couch with your honey, binge-watching Game of Thrones for the third time. If you are trying to stay low carb and extra healthy, having popcorn might be out of the question. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a really impressive snack spread to enjoy during your binge-watch date night. My Keto Snack Box will deliver different mouthwatering munchies to enjoy not only while cuddling and watching shows but maybe while playing a game or having a deep conversation.

One of the most fun interactive activities to enjoy with your spouse’s cooking! Getting in the kitchen together and having a little creative fun while developing some seriously awesome flavors can be a true bonding moment. Hungryroot makes cooking at home easy, with specific ingredients and all the garnishments. Ultra healthy groceries also come with very simple recipes that serve as a great intro to cooking more artesian-style meals. Then, you sit down and eat it together, admiring your work. Be sure to try out their edible brownie batter!

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