44 Best Subscription Boxes to Give as Gifts

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Subscription boxes are typically a stellar value — products that could be worth hundreds of dollars come in shipments that cost far less. When the Christmas season is over or a birthday has passed, a subscription box gives that special person something to look forward to every month, or however often you signed up. There is a subscription box for everyone on your list, from cheese and wine to books and beauty products. The following, in our opinion, are some of the best.

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Subscription Box Gifts for Women

Ipsy Glam Bag

What it is: A personalized Glam Bag full of products you can’t wait to try

Why gift it: Ipsy starts customizing subscription bags via a beauty quiz that goes into details like how often you wear makeup, personal characteristics, and pallet preferences. Don’t wear a lot of lipstick? Those are the kinds of things you can customize. Ipsy is just a lot of fun for those who like to feel a bit glam. Five products, monthly, for just $12!


What it is: The original subscription beauty box

Why gift it: Birchbox is another great option for those who like to try out new beauty and lifestyle products. Recipients will fill out some questions about themselves to make sure every product that comes in is a great fit! Birchbox is also awesome for men, as there are a diversity of products to fit any personality or preference.

The Bouqs Co.

What it is: Fresh flowers and plants delivered on your schedule

Why gift it: Who doesn’t love getting flowers? Now you can make it a regular gift with a subscription to The Bouqs Co. You can send classic cuts, roses, rustic blends, or seasonal picks to help brighten their day and spruce up their home. Plus, the gift of flowers never goes out of style, and every time they look at their perfect bouquet, they’ll think of you!


What it is: Best-selling skincare and hair care from the Dermstore

Why gift it: BeautyFIX is offered via Dermstore, delighting all those who want to feel a little extra pampered. Around $100 worth of exfoliants, skin washes, makeup, and other beauty supplies are included in each monthly kit, which comes in at $25. So if your loved one is big on trying out the hottest skincare trends or lipstick shades, check out the BeautyFIX kit.

Bombs and Bubbles

What it is: Fun bath bombs and fizzies each month

Why gift it: Put a twist on a spa day with a Bombs and Bubbles subscription. These colorful and quirky bath bombs bring all the fun, foam, and fizz for the ultimate bubble bath. All bath bombs are made in Las Vegas, Nevada, and they come in different scents, shapes, and sizes. Depending on the subscription, each box includes three, five, or six bath bombs each month, making your soak in the tub just as fun and fabulous as they are!


What it is: A sampling of the best beauty and makeup products

Why gift it: BoxyCharm is more focused on providing a diverse selection of makeup products, from eyeshadow, foundation, etc. We love it because it allows beauty gurus to really play with different looks they may not have sought out themselves. If the Christmas shopping list includes a future makeup artist, check out BoxyCharm.

Subscription Box Gifts for Men

Bespoke Post Subscription

What it is: A collection of unique products from under-the-radar brands

Why gift it: Bespoke Post says it all in the name — boxes costing $45 come with $70 worth of intriguing goodies from whiskey glasses to manly memorabilia. Working with small businesses, the company ensures each box has items crafted with an intricate focus. Could this be the gift for the guy who is super difficult to buy for?

Dollar Shave Club

What it is: The men’s grooming subscription that started it all

Why gift it: How about the gift of a Christmas shave? Well, Dollar Shave Club is even more than razors and cream! Just about every bathroom essential you could need can be added to your box, from facial cleansers to wipes. We are also fond of the shipment flexibility, which sends out boxes as often or less often as you’d like.

The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

What it is: The OG of monthly beer subscriptions

Why gift it: If the man in your life loves craft beer, a subscription to the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club is the perfect gift. Selections are curated from more than 10,000 domestic and international breweries to bring beer lovers craft brews from around the globe. Plus, this club has been shipping beer since 1994, so you can count on quality brews delivered to your doorstep each month.

Carnivore Club

What it is: A mouthwatering selection of cured meats

Why gift it: Dubbed the world’s first subscription service featuring premium cured meats, Carnivore Club delivers the finest cured meats by artisans worldwide. Each month features a different mouthwatering cured meat from French Charcuterie and Italian Salami to South African Biltong to satisfy your inner carnivore.

The Beard Club

What it is: A grooming kit for every kind of beard

Why gift it: Help the man you love tame or maintain his beard with quality grooming essentials from The Beard Club. From beard balms and beard shampoo to growth oil and vitamins, this monthly subscription helps him take care of his facial hair — whether it’s stubble, stash, chin strap, or full-blown beard. Choose from popular products or create your own beard crate and get their favorite products delivered when they need them.

Fuego Box

What it is: Hot sauce of the month club

Why gift it: Spice things up with Fuego Box, a monthly hot sauce subscription that delivers unique hot sauces from around the world. Choose the heat you think they can handle (from mild to extra hot) and the number of bottles to send each month, and Fuego Box will pack the heat and deliver it straight to their doorstep.

The Winston Box

What it is: A big and tall clothing subscription for men

Why gift it: Get the sizes and styles they want without the hassles of inconsistent sizing or shopping at a big and tall store. A subscription to The Winston Box offers styles for every occasion, from dress shirts and pants to jeans, shorts, and T-shirts. Complete a profile with their preferred sizes, styles, and colors, and expert stylists will send 2-3 garments to their door. Get amazing quality and style for their size to keep them feeling confident in whatever they pick from their closet.

Jerky Snob

What it is: A sample of the best jerky from around the country

Why gift it: If you have a jerky addict on your hands, they’ll love a subscription to the Jerky Snob. Each month, they’ll receive a variety of flavors, textures, and spice levels for the perfect, high-protein snack between meals or while out camping or hiking. Plus, you won’t find any MSG, nitrates, nitrites, or high fructose corn syrup in any of the products.

Sock Fancy

What it is: A better alternative to just another pair of socks

Why gift it: If you’re giving him socks, at least give the gift of comfortable, durable, and awesomely-designed socks with a subscription to Sock Fancy. From whimsical designs to classic looks, the socks from Sock Fancy not only appeal to the eye but are made of quality cotton with a reinforced heel and toe for added durability.


What it is: A gift for the outdoorsman in your life

Why gift it: Whether they enjoy hiking in the woods or are prepping for the zombie apocalypse, the Apocabox offers outdoor enthusiasts gear they’ll actually use. Professional survival instructors curate this bi-monthly subscription to equip everyone from casual campers to hardcore survivalists. Each month offers a themed box focused on a new skill — like starting a fire, foraging for food, or building your own knife — and contains different items and gear to survive in the great outdoors.

Subscription Box Gifts for Couples

Mac Lab

What it is: Delicious desserts delivered to your doorstep

Why gift it: Mac Lab is based in Atlanta but can send the joy of macarons around the country. Subscriptions are fairly short-term, ranging from 3, 6, to 12 months. So this is optimal for gift giving! Recipients will get either a box of 12 or 24 artisanal crafted macarons every month. The crispy exterior of the cookie harmoniously blends with a creamy center. We are partial to the rose/lychee and fruity pebbles flavors.


What it is: A wine club that helps you explore new wines

Why gift it: Winc solves the woes of those who desperately want to dive into and appreciate the wine scene’s depth. After months begin to go by and feedback is given on the tastings of each box, your profile will become more detailed and fine-tuned. Preferences may be unearthed that you didn’t know existed. Wines from this place are sustainable and just downright delicious. Here’s why we love it.

Shaker & Spoon

What is it: A new way to make great cocktails at home

Why gift it: If you know an aspiring bartender or cocktail aficionado, they can dabble in DIY drinks with Shaker & Spoon, a boozy box of craft cocktail recipes shipped straight to their door. Whether they want to step up their technique or are tired of the same ol’ mixed drinks, they can find new recipes and different ways to use their favorite spirits at home.


What it is: Toys, treats, and chews for your dog

Why gift it: BarkBox is the gift for your sweet furry best friends! Or your friend’s furry best friends. Every month, a fun theme can be discovered within each delivery. Halloween may bring candy bar squeak toys and all-natural pumpkin treats, while Christmas is equally as festive. Prices for these boxes start as low as $25 a month.

Bar & Cocoa

What it is: A monthly delight for the chocoholic in your life

Why gift it: Sustainable, ethically grown cocoa has distinct flavors depending on the soil, environment, and preparation. Bar & Cocoa sources fair trade bars with the simplest ingredients — sugar, and cocoa. This is the purest chocolate experience. Each monthly box comes with four bars and tasting notes that detail each variation profile. For true chocolate lovers, there may not be a better gift.


What it is: Your next coffee addiction is delivered to your door

Why gift it: Driftaway Coffee has the sustainability part covered — even the packaging is compostable. As for the taste, Driftaway uses the subscription process and feedback as a way to learn about each customer’s palate. Along the caffeinated journey, tasters will try a range of brews and might even discover new beloved notes. As if coffee time wasn’t exciting enough, Driftaway has perfected it.

Murray’s Cheese Club

What it is: A tasty, gourmet food club you can’t live without

Why gift it: We are of the belief that a cheese subscription is a life essential. Murray’s Cheese is ideal for those who are already cultivated connoisseurs or those looking to learn a bit more about the depth of this beloved food. Each month will bring artisan and classic cheeses to your doorstep, perfect for parties or charcuterie date nights in front of the television. This one would pair wonderfully with a Winc subscription.


What it is: A selection of premium art supplies to inspire your next masterpiece

Why gift it: Spark someone’s creativity with the ArtSnacks subscription, a monthly delivery of art supplies curated to inspire their inner artist. Each month, they’ll receive new and unique art products to try. If they’re up for the challenge, they can create an original piece of art using only the products in their box — and all the products are selected because they work perfectly together, so you can easily create your next masterpiece. ArtSnacks is a great option for creatives who enjoy art as well as non-creatives looking for an outlet to relieve stress, anxiety, or try a new hobby.

Drink Dona

What it is: Barista-approved chai concentrate you can make at home

Why gift it: Give them the gift of warm and cozy award-winning chai they can make at home from Drink Dona. These perfectly spiced yet lightly sweetened small-batch brews boast bold flavors of black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and black peppercorn. Mix this spice-filled chai concentrate with equal parts milk and enjoy the full-bodied flavor at home. This subscription can be sent weekly, biweekly or monthly, depending on how often you need your chai fix, and you’ll receive four 32-ounce bottles of Dona Masala Chai.

Subscription Box Gifts for Kids

OwlCrate Jr

What is it: A monthly reading box for little bookworms

Why gift it: You can help foster a child’s love of reading even from afar with OwlCrate Jr., a monthly book club for kids. OwlCrate Jr. is designed for kids ages 8-12 and comes with a new book as well as unique items related to that month’s theme. There’s also a second book, activity, or game included in every box.


What is it: Fun and engaging STEAM projects for babies, toddlers, and teens

Why gift it: Make learning fun for kids of all ages with a subscription to KiwiCo. Each month, your child will receive a project tailored specifically to their age and developmental stage. Whether they love to tinker, doodle, or create, there’s a crate for everyone at KiwiCo.


What is it: Montessori-based play kits for babies and toddlers

Why gift it: What do you get a baby who has every toy in the store? A subscription to Lovevery, a Montessori-based toy subscription box that fosters learning through play. It’s not only a thoughtful gift for the child but also for parents who can use it to help guide their children through each developmental stage. And when the baby turns out to be a total genius, you can say you helped get them started!

Little Passports

What is it: A trip around the world for your little globetrotter

Why gift it: Help your child explore the cultures and countries around the world with a subscription to Little Passports. Perfect for ages 3-9, your little explorer can study geography, world culture, and art all in one activity-packed box.


What is it: The ultimate gift for little athletes

Why gift it: Got a kiddo who loves to play sports? There’s a subscription box for that too! Give the gift that keeps them playing and having fun with SportsBox. Training aides, gear, and sports swag are delivered to their door each month for kids who play baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, softball, and football. Just pick your sport and select the size for your athlete — plus, the subscription can grow with them, as you can change sports and sizes in your subscription.

Groovy Lab in a Box

What is it: Projects to spark your little scientist’s curiosity

Why gift it: Keep your little engineer engaged with hands-on projects from Groovy Lab in a Box. These projects are delivered monthly with all the supplies they’ll need for amazing STEM activities. The projects help develop critical thinking skills with an engineering design challenge each month. Beyond the box, your little STEMist will have access to the online learning portal for even more information on the month’s topic.


What is it: Personalized styling for kids

Why gift it: Have a fashionista on your hands? Give the gift of style with this personal shopping experience for kids. They’ll take a quick survey to let Kidpik shoppers know their size and style. Then seven pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories are delivered to their door — all they have to do is try on the clothes, keep what they like and send back what doesn’t work. It makes shopping fun for kids (and convenient for parents), and you can get them clothes they’ll actually love.

Girls Can! Crate

What is it: A box of inspiration for up-and-coming fearless women

Why gift it: Who runs the world? Girls! Make sure they know it with the gift of the Girls Can! Crate. This subscription helps empower young girls to become strong women. Within each crate, girls will be introduced to a fearless woman who has made an impact on the world, and they’ll learn more about her through a 28-page activity book, plus 2-3 projects from her field of science, engineering, or art.

Subscription Box Gifts for Teens

Pura Vida Bracelet Club

What it is: A stylish monthly jewelry subscription

Why gift it: If your teen loves to accessorize, they’ll be excited about the Pura Vida Bracelet Club. The subscription delivers three woven bracelets every month, with styles ranging from holiday themes to coastal vibes. The bracelets are perfect for stacking or mixing and matching. But this subscription is more than just bracelets — every purchase helps provide full-time jobs for artisans around the world.

Strong Self(ie)

What it is: Gift boxes for tween and teen girls

Why gift it: Buying for teen girls is hard, but this quarterly subscription box makes it easy. Strong Self(ie) is full of trendy products tweens and teens will love, along with positive messages to help raise strong young women. They’ll find everything from socks and scrunchies to bath bombs and bracelets, making it a great gift for birthdays, holidays, and more.

Loot Crate

What it is: Awesome geek and gamer gear delivered monthly

Why gift it: Give the gift of geeking out with a Loot Crate! It’s a monthly collection of awesome collectibles, apparel, and gear from the top pop culture franchises delivered to their door. Choose from gaming crates, anime crates, or surprise them each month with the original LootCrate, which sends a themed collection of items from a comic, game, TV show, or film franchise each month. There’s a wide world of fandom out there to enjoy!

Styled by PacSun

What it is: Newness on rotation with styles from their favorite brands

Why gift it: Let’s face it, buying clothes for a teen is almost impossible. Make it easier with the gift of Styled by PacSun, a collection of looks from their favorite brands shipped to their doorstep every month. With a quick survey of their size and style, PacSun stylists can curate a box of wardrobe refreshers picked just for them. The service is currently available for men, with styles for women coming soon.

Brown Sugar Box for Tweens

What it is: The ultimate self-care subscription for girls of color

Why gift it: Help young girls know their black is beautiful with the Tween Girls Edition of the Brown Sugar Box. They’ll receive one Izzy & Liv shirt as well as four to six additional items like accessories, beauty, toys, books and more. This quarterly subscription is perfect for girls ages 9-14 and is sure to help build their confidence.

Fearless Nail Art

What it is: A monthly subscription for nail art lovers

Why gift it: Need a great gift for a teen? You’ll nail it with this one! (See what we did there?) The Fearless Nail Art subscription box is great for at-home manicures. Each box includes a stamping plate, plus four or five items like decals, stencils, stickers, foils, and rhinestones to add a little something extra to their favorite polish. And while your teen can spoil themselves with beautifully manicured nails, this subscription is perfect for sharing with friends during a sleepover.

Lip Monthly

What it is: A beauty subscription just for your lips

Why gift it: If your teen is just beginning with makeup or maybe just prefers the less-is-more look, a Lip Monthly subscription makes for a great gift. Each month, they’ll receive four to five full-size lip products delivered to their doorstep. They can discover new brands, products, and shades in every bag so that they can feel pretty without a full face of makeup.

Creation Crate

What it is: The tinkering toy for techie teens

Why gift it: Have a tech genius on your hands? The Creation Crate will keep them busy with projects that teach them how to build and program electronics while also preparing them for a future job in one of the fastest-growing industries. This tech subscription box also offers online instruction and video tutorials, so they’ll quickly go from beginners to tech wizards in no time.


What it is: Uplifting and unique subscription for teen girls

Why gift it: Let the tween or teen in your life know they’re beautiful just the way they are with positive messages and beauty accessories in the iBbeautiful box. This monthly subscription box is curated for girls ages 6-15 and is filled with items and messages meant to boost their confidence. You’ll find age-appropriate jewelry, bath items, and nail and hair accessories inside each box.


What it is: An athleisure styling subscription

Why gift it: If your teen loves the athleisure look, but you don’t love the high price tag, then give them the gift of a Fabletics subscription. This monthly subscription offers affordable and stylish athletic wear for women and men. Choose from leggings, sports bras, shorts, tanks, and other workout attire, so your teen can stay trendy without breaking the bank.


What it is: Care packages for college students

Why gift it: They may be far away, but you can let your college kid know you’re thinking of them with the CampusCube. This care package is perfect for exam weeks, holidays, birthdays, or just because. You can send it once, twice, or sign up for a subscription to give them something to look forward to each month. The box comes packed with healthy snacks, personal care items, and other goodies to create the perfect pick-me-up to show them some love.

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