11 Best Tea Blends That Help Reduce Bloating

Bloat Be Gone!

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Bloating is not a pleasant feeling. It’s uncomfortable, at times painful, and can ruin your entire day. The causes of bloating can vary from eating too fast or not chewing your food enough to a deeper issue like food intolerance or chronic digestive issues. Women and men struggle with bloating, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of when you need relief. Though drinking a cup of tea may not be your first choice when you’re feeling bloated, some ingredients can help you feel better sooner and even prevent your digestive discomfort from happening in the first place. Instead of reaching for another antacid or over-the-counter medication when you feel bloated (though always talk to your doctor to see what works best for you), there are virtually side-effect-free options you can take to alleviate it.

Herbal teas work with your body to support your natural digestion process instead of forcing the problem through more abrasive chemicals. I’ve compiled a list of 11 effective and affordable herbal teas that could also help with your overall wellness goals. These tea blends are caffeine-free, top-rated, and highly reviewed for helping reduce bloating.

Best Teas to Help Reduce Bloating:

When it comes to peppermint, you probably think of a cooling and invigorating experience. From candy canes to body wash, peppermint has become a refreshing household staple for a reason. But did you know the cooling sensation from menthol helps debloat by relaxing your digestive system? It does this by alleviating pain from the contracting muscles in your gut and cleansing your digestive tract to give you fresher breath. If that wasn’t awesome enough, peppermint tea can improve your concentration, relieve your headaches, and open your airways. Simple, yet effective. Just be mindful to drink in moderation, as too much peppermint (tea or otherwise) can cause adverse effects like heartburn and digestive discomfort.

You know that lower belly discomfort you feel after eating a big meal and almost immediately start to regret your life choices up to this point? Maybe not that dramatic, but it is one of the worst feelings you can have after eating a delicious meal. But, there’s a tea for that. Ginger tea has been highly recommended for bloating after meals since ancient times in Southeast Asia, and you can also use it as a spiritual tonic to soothe the chakras. Ginger tea aims to speed digestion while alleviating cramping. You can pair it with lemon, honey, and turmeric to add more anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. Studies have shown ginger can be as effective for period pain as ibuprofen (and much more holistic) and stop the signal to your brain’s HT3 receptor that causes nausea. It can be your new superpower tea blend if you experience all those issues simultaneously.

Often, bloating happens throughout the menstrual cycle due to an imbalance of hormones and disruption of our sleep cycles, eating habits, and overall electrolyte levels. Raspberry leaf tea contains an alkaloid, fragine, that helps tone the uterine and pelvic muscle fibers to reduce bloating and decrease cramps. Raspberry leaf tea has also shown positive results when consumed with a healthy eating lifestyle to manage weight and increase metabolism. This Yogi tea can help alleviate if you suffer from heavy cramping and bleeding and can be healthy for pregnant women in limited quantity (after talking to your doctor, of course). 

Do you like lemon in your tea? Well, this lemony herbal tea blend takes care of that and adds a one-two debloating punch of ginger and probiotics. Lemons are known for their ability to alkalize the body and cleanse both mind and body. Consumed with digestive powerhouses like ginger can alleviate gas and get things moving in your digestive tract much easier. The probiotic strain in this tea blend is Bacillus coagulans. These good bacteria produce lactic acid and can survive harsh stomach acids to reduce distention and gas in the intestinal tract. The cinnamon in this tea blend helps regulate blood sugar, and the licorice root acts as your dual digestion and immune booster. You can enjoy this lemon ginger tea on its own or with a touch of honey.

Chamomile tea is a calming choice often associated with improving sleep and relaxation. For bloating, this chamomile tea and mint blend is perfect for a late-night cup and after any meal. Both star ingredients are carminatives that soothe the lining of your stomach, relieve gas, and reduce bloat. The caffeine-free duo can help you with feelings of irritability and anxiety as the menthol in peppermint soothes internal discomfort, and chamomile calms the nerves. If you want to make it part of your nightly routine, you can pair it with a good book and softer lighting to wind down and relax.

When you have a tummy ache, it just plain sucks. No matter the time of day or night, your stomach sometimes needs a little help feeling better. Yogi’s Stomach Ease is a great choice to soothe tummy troubles from issues like IBS, PMS, and even anxiety. The main ingredients of fennel and licorice root both have properties that work together to help relieve flatulence, encourage urination, speed digestion, and ultimately reduce bloating. This slightly sweet and refreshingly earthy Ayurvedic Yogi blend helps you feel warm and cozy as the cardamom, coriander, and caramel flavor move through your body and ease your stomach. 

This organic stimulating tea blend may be a good option if your bloating and stomach woes are due to occasional constipation. We’ve all been there, and it’s essential to listen to your body with gentle yet effective solutions that work with it. The Organic Smooth Move tea blend has used the senna leaf extract as a natural laxative for over 40 years. It relieves constipation within 6 to 12 hours, and peppermint helps reduce cramping to make the results less painful. The floral notes of the chamomile and the slightly sweet apple flavor make each sip pleasant.

Dandelion evokes images of running through a field in the countryside without a care in the world. But, sometimes, it’s hard to be carefree when you’re not feeling very light or energetic. Bloating can make us feel lethargic and tired as we wait for everything to digest. Dandelion root has an enzymatic reaction within our body that debloats through stimulating additional bile in the liver to get your bowels moving. It’s also a natural diuretic, so you’ll lose some of the water weight that comes with bloating, especially before and during menstruation. Here’s a quick tip: make sure to brew it using the recommended time since dandelion root turns bitter if you over brew.

If you need to start your day with a tea that can debloat and wake you up, this wellness herbal tea can help. The star ingredients are orange peel extract and ginger, which create a bright flavor profile and a soothing feeling. The inviting aroma of citrus, mint, and spice come together to ease bloating and support overall wellness. Orange peel extract has anti-inflammatory properties that help calm gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea, constipation, stomachaches, heartburn, and gas. The ginger and peppermint give the debloat boost as you start your day.

Not many reach for hibiscus for digestive issues, but it’s a surprisingly effective tea drink. The flower, known for its tropical look and beautiful scent, also holds antioxidants and flavonoids that support the hormone aldosterone that regulates water and electrolyte balance in the kidneys. Hibiscus tea is especially beneficial if you sip it after a heavier salted or greasier meal to prevent water retention and, thus, bloating. The all-around compostable packaging is another great draw to this brand. At the same time, the bright pink hue is a great alternative (and equally beautiful) elixir to the sugary after-dinner drinks. Always read the packaging carefully if you have any allergies, as FGO intercrops with peanut fields. 

You think of debloating after you feel discomfort. But, what if you could prevent it by waking up your digestion before you eat anything? Yogi crafted this tea blend using apple cider vinegar (ACV)  to help gently wake up your digestive system and get things moving. The blackberry notes make for a fruitier flavor that complements the tart profile of the ACV. Ginger helps you warm up to the day, and the raspberry leaf revs your metabolism while giving the debloating a headstart. You can drink up to 3 cups daily, but pace yourself to ensure it works holistically with your body.  

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