12 Best Tinted Lip Balms With SPF (Protect Your Pout)

Pouty Protection

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If you take your skincare seriously, that should include your lips. Dry, cracked, and peeling lips aren’t just about appearance. It signals from your body that it needs hydration, nourishment, and protection from the elements. Your lips are the thinnest skin you have, with about a third of the epidermal layers of the rest of your face. It can also show the earliest signs of aging, like less plumpness due to collagen loss and a less-than-healthy color due to damage ranging from normal wear and tear to significant sun damage. Why wouldn’t you want to protect with some SPF? Now you can protect your pout without sacrificing your best looks. Take care of every part of you with one (or more) of the 12 best-tinted lip balms with SPF on the market today.

Best Lip Balms With SPF:

Who hasn’t wanted to be a bit of a sun bum every now and then? If you have, you know how important SPF is for your skin, including your lips. SunBum’s tinted lip balms come with UVA/UVB protection with super moisturizing coconut oil and fatty-acid-rich shea butter to make your pout stay hydrated while you hang out at the beach (or wherever you are). There are four gorgeous shades for you to try, including bonfire (rosy brown), nude beach (light brown), sunset cove (petal pink), and sandbar (peachy pink). 

Because, of course, Venus Williams would give us a sporty tinted glossy lip balm with SPF 15 – why wouldn’t she? The four shades of this tinted mineral-based lip sunscreen include Love (sheer soft lavender pearl shimmer), Power Player (sheer pink), Game Day (sheer berry), and Venus (vivid wearable red). Reef-safe, vegan, and dermatologist-approved, the Perfect Form lip balm formula meets Credo Clean Standard alongside being made with packaging from recycled plastic materials.

Do you like your skincare and makeup products to do more than one thing? Colorescience agrees! Their Sunforgettable Color Balm is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, gluten-free, and water-resistant for up to 40 minutes. It can be used on your lips and cheeks for buildable color – all with SPF 50 UVA/UVB, pollution, blue light, and infrared radiation protection. You’ll find the right shade to complement your skin tone with one of their three buildable tinted shades in Blush, Berry, or Bronze.

A Neutrogena favorite for sun and moisture protection is the Revitalizing Tinted Lip Balm with SPF 20. It comes in a sleek black roll-up tube that fits just about anywhere you need it to be. These six tinted balms range from a wine plum shade to a sheer shimmer with promises of a smoother lip texture after just one week of use. If you really want to double up on a sun-protecting plummy pout, you can layer it with Neutrogena’s Moisture Shine Lip Soother Gloss with SPF 20.

Whether you pair this with the brand’s tinted lip balm or wear it alone, this Moisture Shine Lip Soother is a great option for soothing and shiny sun protection. Sometimes it feels like we have to choose between hydration and plumpy shine, but Neutrogena solved that problem. Moisturizing hydrogel cools and soothes as it relieves dry and chapped lips with glycerin, cucumber, and chamomile extract. You’ll get a colorful sheen that will probably make you want to keep at least one of these three shades with you at all times.

Revlon is basically a high-quality and affordable brand icon at this point – and their formulas are no different. This SPF 20 lip balm is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a naturally hydrating lip balm with a kissable color. The moisture, color, and sun protection will last on your lips for up to 8 hours, and each colorful crayon balm has its own tasty, fruity flavor. The rounded shape of the crayon-like tube glides right on, so there’s enough balm to last quite a while.

This sensitive skin-protecting lip formula comes with a wand so you can literally brush on the SPF 32 block while showing off your smooth pout with three beautifully tinted natural shades. Argan, sunflower, and castor oils hug your lips to replenish moisture while the titanium dioxide, zinc, and iron oxide SPF 32 formula protects against UVA, UVB, and HEV damage (aka, that harmful blue light from your devices). The glossy tint doesn’t mean it’s tacky or sticky, so you can enjoy this vegan, gluten-free, and reef-friendly formula wherever you go.

This reef-safe tinted lip balm comes in six shades (and one sheer), including a couple with a touch of shimmer. The Broad Spectrum SPF 15 lip balm reviews rave about the incredibly light lemony scent and the moisturization factors from the botanical oils and waxes. The Skin Cancer Foundation also recommends the Lip Drink balm for its effectiveness in UVA/UVB protection, which means you are really doing your skin a favor by getting a beautifully tinted lip balm from Jane Iredale. 

Combining reparative plant oils and waxes with SPF 15 makes this tinted lip balm stand out. The meadowfoam and black currant oils give your lips the conditioning fatty acids they crave, while the natural humectants in their sugar formula give you that extra layer of 24-hour moisturization. The shade Honey is a subtle and beautiful rosy brown that complements your lips with a hint of a naturally nude look.

This one comes in a three-for-one deal that’s great if you keep forgetting to bring a lovely sunscreen lip balm with you. Put one of these in your bag, keep one at home and any other place you frequently need a quick swipe of a hydrating lip balm. Juice Beauty is known for incorporating antioxidant-rich ingredients into their skincare, so it’s no wonder their Lip Moisturizer Trio combines mineral SPF 8 with vitamin E and organic mango and passionfruit essences for both care and color. It comes with one naturally clear option (great underneath drier lip products) and two beautiful mineral-tinted shades: playful (a deeper red) and joyful (a delightful pink). 

If you prefer a buttery balm, Well People’s tinted formula has you covered. The SPF 15 mineral lip sunscreen comes in three shades: Natural, Nude, and Wine. The micro-ionized Zinc gives you a physical barrier between your lips and the sun, while the high linoleic acid from raspberry seed oil brings UV-protecting hydration that helps to even out your pout. It is exclusive to Ulta Beauty, so check it out online or visit a store to see that gorgeous Wine color in person.

Well known in the sunscreen world, COOLA has been creating certified organic ingredient skincare products for over 15 years. Their plant-based, reef-friendly SPF 30 formula means that you can keep your lips hydrated and protected in and out of the water with the Tinted Liplux Balm. Cupuaçu Butter gives that deep hydration while UV-protecting Raspberry Seed Oil nourishes, and Jojoba Seed Oils smooths and moisturizes your delicate skin. Your lips deserve to have that subtle glow all year long. 

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