Top Toys for Five-Year-Old Boys

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Five is a wonderful age for young boys. They have moved past babyhood and are now merging into the straight up kid phase. This is the age where they may be starting kindergarten, learning to sit for longer periods of time focusing on more detailed tasks. However, they are still full of energy! We’ve compared ratings and reviews to bring you the best toys for five year old boys.

Cops and robbers is an age old game for young ones. Now, they can build their own scenarios for this versatile Lego police set. Coming with both the crook and policeman, a police vehicle and getaway vehicle, hours of endless stories are a possibility.

Five-year-olds can hone in their construction skills when putting together this monster truck. After assembly, the fun is not over yet. Now, they have a beast vehicle to run around on imaginary roads throughout the house.

Uniquely designed to provide the initial understanding of mechanics and building, parents will get major bang for their buck with this toy. Coming with a wrench, and other items that introduce young minds to building and fixing, kids will never know that they are actually learning in the process.

Never is it too early to start learning about the complexity of ecosystems. And how fun and magical is it for kids to grow their very own in a clear cylinder? Different types of seeds, and ornamental figures are included in the kit.

Before graduating to incredibly intricate Lego building sets, this beginner’s building block kit might be just the place to start. Hundreds of pieces come inside. Basic colors, and neon hues are at the whim of each recipients imagination to do what they will. A green base plate makes for the perfect starting point.

Elevate your child’s imagination with something a bit more than an action figure. For ages, young kids have been fascinated with dinosaurs. This particular figure has various actions that bring it to life just a little bit more.

Instill a love for camping with a beginners camping set! Coming along is a pop-up tent, pretend Swiss Army knife, cooking pot with play food, binoculars and a lantern. Whether using in the living room, or in the backyard, this would be fun for parents and kids alike.

Kids can legitimately start developing their musical skills with these bells. A beautiful tone emanates once each top is clicked, and the color-coded system will help kids immerse into real music. Sooner than later, they might be able to treat mom and dad to some truly gorgeous Christmas carols.

These beginners guitars come in different levels, beginning with a three string that is appropriate for a young child to begin with. Real chords will be taught on the basic instrument, and can bridge the learning gap for early stage musicians.

Goldilocks and the three bears is a classic story passed down through the generations. Take your storytelling to the next level, by incorporating the playhouse that goes along with the book. Kids can use the figures to act out the story as you tell it, and at times, maybe even change the story up entirely!

Dinosaurs just seem to be universally loved by children. Whether they love dolls, or trucks, dinosaurs seem to fit the bill. Roll out this imaginative play mat, which comes with various dinosaurs from a T-Rex to the triceratops. Likely, this will be a toy that they can utilize for years.

At this point, parents everywhere have likely heard of slime kits. These compilations of gooey substances and various textures not only are fun for kids to mix together, but can be sensory enhancing projects. So yes, playing with slime is good for the brain, and kids genuinely love it as well!

Tired of investing in tablets, only to have kids unintentionally ruin them? We get it, it’s intriguing for young ones, and they might try to feed real water to that interactive cartoon cat. With a two-year warranty, if this tablet breaks it gets replaced. Strong exterior coverings add a little bit more protection to the electronic interior, and parental controls are easily set.

Do you have an adventurer or explorer on your hands? Maybe you have sparked a love for hiking in your young child. Introduce them to the essential equipment of the outdoors with this kit that will not only help them learn practical skills but will inspire their imagination. A magnifying glass, compass, hand crank flashlight, and whistle come within the carrying bag.

Not only a toy, the smart watch has multiple functions that happen to be very useful for kids. A basic calculator, stopwatch and camera are all bundled inside the cool device. Kids will love looking like mom or dad, sporting the same technology.

Sure, it’s cool to get a fire truck and other emergency vehicles on Christmas. But what’s even cooler is being able to build it yourself out of hundreds of plastic bricks. Young one’s minds will be stimulated as they figure out their way through constructing a full fire brigade of vehicles.

Doodling is something that will never outgrow kids, no matter how much tech comes into our world. While a little bit of electronics are incorporated into the pad, it’s still pretty basic. Kids can use their creativity to come up with beautiful drawings, that can easily be erased.

Maybe we overdid the dinosaur thing…or not! Dinosaurs are awesome. And playing pretend, to be an archaeologists is even cooler. You’re young one will be able to unearth their very own fossils and dinosaurs within this discovery kit.

Lincoln Logs were probably in existence for most everyone’s childhood. Blocks made of wood, that easily sit together, are something appropriate even for a really young kid. Children’s cognitive and motor skills can be improved through these types of play. Plus, it’s just a really well made toy.

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