Top 9 Trampolines for Adults (For Fun & Exercise)

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In the 1930s, trampolines were originally intended for professional use (like gymnasts and astronauts), but today trampolines are a classic backyard staple. Trampolines are a great physical activity for adults and their families when enjoyed safely. Jumping on a trampoline can improve stability, core strength, balance, and even bone density! Enhance your daily workout, and actually make it extremely fun with a trampoline that adults and families will appreciate. Get ready to bounce, flip, and come up with other sweet moves while leaping into the sky.

Adult Trampolines for Fun

Made with galvanize steel, this 12 foot, ASTM-approved trampoline packs a powerful punch. With added safety features to protect grownups as well as kids, it has a surprising weight capacity of between 1300 and 1700 pounds. Padded poles, and a net, are seemingly more standard features these days when it comes to trampolines. However, we love the addition of the basketball goal, which just adds more diversity to the activities and fun that can be had on a trampoline. Talk about some serious dunking!

If you’re into the basketball hoop idea, when it comes to trampolines, this version offers a rectangle shape, which can feel a little bit more spacious, depending on the activity. Strongly constructed of steel, the reviews on this one are pretty solid. However, some customers did have issues with shipping. Another important factor to note is that the weight capacity is just 250 pounds, so one adult, or two pretty small adults could jump simultaneously.

The way that the netting is secured onto the 12 foot trampoline, gives jumpers a little bit more space to play, since traditional nets sometimes sit further in. The weight capacity is an impressive 850 pounds, thanks to tough galvanized steel, anti-rust construction. The colorful poles add a little bit more of a fun and carefree touch to the overall look.

SpringFree trampolines are truly innovative, as the frame design is totally different than that of a traditional trampoline. Springs sit at an angle, below the trampoline surface, which minimizes the risk of pinched fingers and other injuries. If you’re old enough, you probably remember having a leg slip in between the springs as a kid – – and it doesn’t feel good. Along with the safer design, and safety net, the surface can hold up to 1100 pounds. That’s quite impressive.

JumpFlex is yet another company that is taking trampolines to the next level, especially safety wise. Poles that hold the net into place curve outward, rather than standing straight, and this allows 200% more clearance if you’re jumping, and should end up landing against the side of the netting. Also making it more durable, is the endless weave that has been used to make the enclosure. We also like that there is a seal that completely blocks off the springs, reducing the likelihood of injury. JumpFlex can accommodate up to 550 pounds.

 Between the furthest points, there is 14 feet of jumping space! A few kids, or a couple of adults, could easily enjoy bouncing all day! With a weight capacity of 500 pounds, we feel this is a relatively solid option for adults. The net enclosure extends almost 8 feet tall, providing a comforting level of security for jumpers. Some of the reviews mention that it is either hard to put together, or took about 2 to 3 people to accomplish set up. However, there is also 3-D instructions, which you can access by scanning the QR code in the pictures of the product.

Adult Trampolines For Exercise

Jumping on a trampoline has been shown to be significantly more efficient than jogging. And it’s fun! Have the convenience of trampoline exercise in your home gym, backyard, or anywhere else where you have a little bit of extra space. The handle bar is adjustable, to fit various needs, and the product can be folded down to about a fourth of its original size. Tuck it away in the closet, and utilize the space for other things when not exercising.

Strong steel springs, and a durable trampoline material can support up to 300 pounds of weight. Like many small exercise trampolines, the handle is adjustable, and also has comfortable foam padding. Reviews on this product consistently talk about how easy this is to set up, and that they genuinely have fun dancing to music while bouncing and burning some serious calories.

The design of this trampoline eliminates the gap that traditional springs typically have. Sturdy slanted supports sit completely underneath the trampoline surface, so while working out you don’t have to worry that a leg might accidentally slip through, possibly putting you at risk for injury. Another benefit of the construction, is that it is extremely quiet when using. While the design is well thought out, it does hold a little less weight than some other personal trampolines, coming in with a capacity of 250 pounds.

We love that trampolines continue to get safer, especially when it comes to kids! This trampoline also features a no gap patented design, which means that the safety enclosure completely seals off the springs. So the possibility of getting hurt from slipping down into one of the spaces between the springs is reduced. With the capability to hold about 200 pounds, this is a solid trampoline for kids to grow into. An oval shape provides additional play surface!

Toddlers, or future gymnasts, can get a head start on the trampoline game, within this much smaller, closer to the ground variation. Being weather resistant, it can be a great addition to the backyard, but is also a nice size to possibly keep in the living room, or a playroom. Since the weight capacity is at 100 pounds, there is certainly some room for growing while still being able to use this fun product.

Two kids can jump on this trampoline at once, just be careful to supervise them, so they don’t bump heads. The middle handlebar provides stability, but can also be removed when storing the product. Adjust it to fit your kid’s need as they continue to grow. Made sturdily, it can support up to 180 pounds. Recommended age range is three years and up.

Well this one definitely wins in the category of aesthetics! The precious trampoline has been crafted to look like an adorable panda. The bars that the safety net secures onto slightly bow outward, which provides a larger area for play. Galvanized steel springs are covered by a safety mat to help protect feet and legs, and a black skirt covers up the bottom portion, for an overall nicer look. All in all, it looks like this is pretty easy to put together, based off reviews.

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