Top 7 Best Travel Backpacks on Amazon

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A great travel backpack can go a long way. If you’re looking for the ultimate carry-on bag or traveling with minimal luggage, you know there are many options. We’ve compiled a list of the best travel backpacks on Amazon to help you find the right one.

This go-anywhere backpack is truly for the minimalist traveler who wants to make every pound you pack count. The Outlander is an ultra-lightweight and durable backpack that weighs just under 0.5 pounds. That means you can fill your bag full of anything from clothing to souvenirs and not worry about your bag adding unnecessary weight, all while avoiding overweight charges. This bag also has plenty of compartments for storage, is water-resistant and comes in a variety of colors.

This oversized backpack is for the organized traveler who needs a computer bag, luggage and daypack all in one. The SwissGear brand means this bag is durable and its unique lay-flat design helps you get through airport security even faster. The quick-access laptop compartment fits laptops up to 17 inches and the ergonomic contoured shoulder straps are padded for all-day comfort. The bag also has multiple pockets to help keep all your essentials in place.

The Hikpro backpack is a great bag to have when taking day trips, camping, or traveling. It features three zippered compartments: a large main pocket, an inner pocket to store valuables and money, and an outer pocket perfect for carrying guide books and cameras. In addition, you’ll have two large side mesh pockets for things like water bottles and umbrellas. You can throw this bag in your suitcase, purse or car and always have an extra bag on hand.

Made of strong tear and water resistant material is also lightweight, the Venture Pal backpack is perfect for traveling and outdoor adventures. This bag has a double-layer bottom piece that gives it extra strength to carry more during your travels, as well as breathable mesh straps and chest strap offer plenty of support. The Venture Pal has multiple compartments keep your things organized, including a main zipped compartment, two zipped front pockets and two side pockets. When you’re not using this backpack, it can fold into its own inner pocket so it can fit inside your luggage.

Complete with a USB charging port, headphone jack, and laptop storage, this lightweight travel backpack is perfect as a carry-on or day pack while traveling. The bag also include a theft-proof combination lock to protect your valuables, padded shoulder straps for comfortable carrying, and is made of water-resistant material.

This basic backpack is a perfect carry-on bag and has multiple compartments to store clothes, a laptop, documents, travel liquids and more. It’s also a very compact bag, as the padded shoulder straps can be taken off and stored in a zippered back pocket. The bag comes in three colors and is made of lightweight, durable polyester.

This backpack is lightweight and durable, but has plenty of storage — including a separate compartment for a 15.6-inch laptop and a hidden anti-theft pocket on the back to hold money and valuables. It also features a built-in USB charger that can charge your phone while you’re walking to your next destination.

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