The Top 11 Water Guns, Soakers & Blasters

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Beat the heat this summer with a water fight! Load up with the newest Nerf releases, have plenty of water balloons ready to go, and remember, don’t let the kids have all the fun!

What You Should Know

  • 9oz water capacity

  • A recognizable replica of classic Fortnite weapon

  • Great for getting older kids outside this summer

Inspired by the blaster design in Fortnite, this Nerf Super Soaker brings video game battles to life. Get the kids outside this summer with these easy to fill blasters that hold over 9oz of water. They’ll decimate the enemy in a backyard water gun fight, at least until reinforcements arrive with heavy duty artillery.

Review Highlights:

“This is perfect for summer fun in the pool”

Great gift for a Fortnite Fan”

What You Should Know

  • 40oz fill tank capacity

  • Two pack, perfect for families

  • Has a long range when fully charged

These high capacity blasters hold 40oz of water each and come in a two-pack, perfect for marathon duels. Great for siblings, playdates, or pool parties, the pump action design increases the distance of the spray; a full charge can reach 31 feet! Kids under five years old may need help operating the pump.

Review Highlights:

“Easy to use even for the littlest of kids”

They spray a pretty good distance and they are super easy to fill” 

What You Should Know

  • Ultra light and small

  • Great for sneaking up on mom dad for a surprise spray

  • Refills quickly

With a small profile and a quick fire trigger that requires no pumping, this is the perfect sneak attack soaker for a surprise water fight. Several pieces are small and removable, so they’re recommended for age 6 and up. They only hold a little over three ounces each, so while they may start a water fight, they won’t be enough to end it.

Review Highlights:

“Strikes a great balance, shooting very little water but over quite a good distance”

Small, fits in your hand, powerful and accurate”

What You Should Know

  • Not for kids under 3 years old

  • Multi color three pack

  • Target Exclusive

Visually distinct colors makes this three gun set perfect for team fights. Split into yellow, blue, and red squads and, with the help of a little food coloring in the water supplies, have a paint war party. Perfect for birthdays and pool parties, these pump action guns are available only at Target.

Review Highlights

“The pump action is what shoots so the trigger is just for fun.”

I have kids ranging from pre-school to teens and all of them had fun with these squirt guns!”

What You Should Know

  • 53oz top fill compartment

  • Inexpensive and easy to use

  • For ages 5 and up

This water gun has a generously sized storage compartment, so fights can keep going long after the other team starts to retreat. The weight (over 3lbs when full) difficulty of pumping, and small parts make it a toy for kids aged five and up. As a summer toy, at less than 10$ each it’s definitely an affordable splurge to get your splash on.

Review Highlights

“Great for the price”

What You Should Know

  • 70 oz water tank

  • No trigger required, pump and fire design

  • Fires water up to 38 feet

Everyone’s childhood favorite, Nerf’s Supersoaker has one of the largest fill tanks available, so while it may be the heaviest soaker available, you can be sure every water fight ends when you say so, and not a moment before. Chill in the fridge after filling for a shocking surprise.

Review Highlights

“Amazing water gun perfect for my 7 and 9 year olds. Holds so much water!!!”

“We have really enjoyed our Super Soakers” 

What You Should Know

  • 35 foot max spray range

  • Pump action with detachable scope

  • Trigger free design, just pump and spray

Comfortably sized for grade schoolers and up, this pump and spray blaster utilizes a simpler, easier to control mechanism that minimizes leaking around the trigger and makes it easier for mom and dad to get in on the action; there’s no teeny tiny triggers or trigger guards, just a push to charge, pull to fire pumping mechanism.

Review Highlights

“It sprays water far and looks cool”

What You Should Know

  • Six pack of floating blasters

  • These are the Small version, Larger ones are available

  • No fill reservoir; spray directly from a pool or other body of water

This six pack of blasters may not be the traditional reservoir based water guns, but they’re an easy to use option that enables water fights, so they’re worth considering. Some older style water guns broke down when exposed to chlorinated water, but these foam noodle based blasters are designed to be filled with pool water, and blast water like a cannon. Poolside relaxation now requires a cease fire negotiation; sorry parents.

Review Highlights

“They’re extremely easy to use”

“They’ve held up great and I expect them to last for a long time”

What You Should Know

  • You’ll really cool off with the Freeze Fire

  • 20 ounce capacity in the tank

  • Pump to fire

Sometimes backyard shock and awe is easy to accomplishment; we guarantee the element of surprise will be all yours with this Nerf Soaker. It’s designed with an over sized opening, so you can fill it with ice cubes and freeze the competition.

Review Highlights

“We have another Nerf gun for water fights, but this is the favorite”

“Shoots hard and far with a concentrated blast” 

What You Should Know

  • Backpack mounted water blaster

  • Perfect for water fights or dress-up play

  • Fits a range of ages and sizes

Help little ones keep up with the big kids this summer with this backpack style squirt gun. Dress up has never been so much fun. Most reviews agree this tank is comfortably sized for 4-7 year olds, though younger children will have an easier time carrying it while it’s only half filled.

Review Highlights

“My 4 year old can’t get enough of this”

Huge hit for a birthday present. Easy enough for a 3 year old but also loved by the 8-9 year olds”

What You Should Know

  • Bulk pack of 24 mini blasters

  • Multicolored, in a range of designs

  • Great for use as party favors

Kick off warm weather birthday parties and family get-togethers with this multi pack of mini water guns. Perfectly sized for birthday party treat bags, they make a great treat for summer camps, sports teams, or summer holidays.

Review Highlights

“I used these as party favors for a river trip and we (all adults) had a blast”

“These were a hit with the kids at my company’s family day picnic.”

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