15 Best Mattresses in a Box You Can Get From Wayfair

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The concept of the bed -in-a-box is quite genius. Not only does it save you from driving to a mattress store, it helps reduce shipping and transport costs. Simply open the box upon arrival, gently break open the vacuum sealed bag, and watch the mattress inflate and come to life. Most are made from high-quality types of memory foam, which have vastly improved over the years. However, those who rely on springs for support will also find options. Buying a mattress doesn’t have to be a pain, and neither does sleeping on one. We’ve rounded up highly reviewed, comfortable options that will arrive on your doorstep, just waiting to be put on top of that perfect frame.

Made of gel memory foam, those who choose this mattress will sleep a little bit cooler at night, thanks to the technology that adds breathability to the material. Couples will appreciate the low motion transfer, meaning that you can get up in the middle of the night with a lesser chance of waking your significant other. A moisture wicking layer will keep everything nice and dry.

Promoted by top-notch athletes, the materials that make up the multiple layers of this mattress, support a healthy spinal alignment. Do you feel a little bit sore when waking up in the morning? Perhaps you don’t have the proper support, or the right amount of conformity when it comes to your mattress. Also enjoy better heat transfer, which keeps you much cooler throughout the night. Summer just got a little bit more relaxing.

Ten inches of a memory foam is the perfect “in between“. Eight inches can feel a little bit thin at times, and 12 inches could possibly be somewhat overkill if you’re a minimalist, and if you want the sheets to fit snugly. The edges keep their shape better on this mattress, giving you a nice crisp silhouette that will make your bedding look significantly more sleek. High density foam creates a firm mattress, that will be more likely to keep its shape for longer.

Some folks who have purchased this mattress, have noted they like it even better than big-name brand options! The firm comfort level will keep you feeling supported, yet gently cradled all at the same time. A soft fabric liner encapsulates the foam, and is soothing to the touch when changing out the sheets. Design to be breathable, you will be less likely to find yourself waking up at night sweating, especially in the summer. When living in the south, residents know how valuable this can be.

Maybe you just cannot resist the pillow top, traditional cloud feel of a classic mattress—this boxed option might be a good compromise. Once allowing it to expand, a comfy top layer is revealed, and is ultra plush, allowing you to really sink into the bed. Heavenly. Inner springs uncoil when opening the package, and provide an additional level of support, that also is reminiscent of some of the characteristics a traditional mattress might offer.

Understandably, some do not want to completely commit to an all memory foam mattress. Therefore, there are many options out there that accommodate those spring lovers. Multiple springs are set strategically within this mattress, which is then topped with breathable foam. It’s literally the best of both worlds. Made with materials that are emissions conscious, this is a certified clean product that won’t have you breathing chemicals all night.

What is most impressive is that this selection was made without any harmful substances, so you can breathe a little easier when laying down on your new mattress. Three different types of cradling foam create multiple textures, designed for giving you the most perfectly supportive night’s sleep. While seemingly insignificant, the design on the mattress is quite lovely, and it might be nice to look at in between changing sheets.

Do you have allergies that keep you up at night? Or perhaps you are working to be more conscious about what goes into your lungs. Well the design of this option includes hypoallergenic materials. The foam is also green tea infused, which gives it a natural anti-microbial quality. So worry a little less about bacteria, dust, or anything else that might compromise the airway.

Customers can have a little bit of peace of mind, knowing that this mattress comes with a 10 year warranty. Offering a medium supportive sleeping experience, the mattress is also certified clean and pure. Other memory foam mattress perks can be expected, such as breathability and low motion transfer. We love the green accents on the outer fabric as well.

Being 12 inches thick, you can bet that the medium firmness mattress is ultra supportive, yet cushy at the same time. A unique feature is the aloe vera infusion, which supposedly helps folks feel more refreshed during their sleep, and when waking up. Regardless, this is a solidly reviewed mattress, that features traditional coils, and a generous and ideal depth.

The design on this mattress is quite sleek and beautiful at the same time. A deep blue trim encircles the base. A handful of foam types come together to create an ideal “bounce“. No jumping on the bed kids! A layer for breathability, and another for extra support creates an ideal sleeping environment that supports the spine. It only takes 48 hours for the mattress to take full shape.

Do you sleep on your stomach, your side, or maybe more traditionally on your back? Regardless, this mattress is designed for you. Made relatively simple yet strategic layers, the design will help sleepyheads stay cool, while helping them feel extra supported. This mattress is hypoallergenic, while also having an exterior cover that can be removed and washed.

Need a great mattress, that could take your kid from childhood to the time when they get ready to move out of the house? This adorable blue option might just do the trick, as it is specifically designed for growing bodies. Pocket coils contour well, to support the body alignment, and the foam layer provides that comfy cushy support.

Made to be luxurious, you might feel like you are sleeping at a high-end hotel, being pampered from head to toe, while sleeping on this mattress. A perfect 10 inches of ultra supported foam and cooling gel come together to create a most excellent sleeping experience. Stay cool with the breathability design, and the moisture wicking material. Float away, and dream that you are lounging in the sunshine while laying in a field of marshmallows.

Gel infused memory foam and a high density supportive foam set a top a ventilated base, making for a breathable, super comforting night. The corners are designed to keep their shape, which prevents folks from rolling off the bed when the dogs take up most of the surface space. Antimicrobial materials also help reduce bad bacteria from building up inside your bed.

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