The 9 Best Weighted Blankets (Based On Customer Reviews)

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Deep touch pressure—that’s the science which has even well known medical experts reaffirming the benefits of a weighted blanket. Having a calculated amount of weight, adjusted to your body mass, does a world of good. Providing that slight pressure can relieve anxiety and promote better sleep even for those with disorders, improving overall well-being. Many different variations now exist, offering multitudes of colors, and ones with more relaxed maintenance requirements. Keep reading to discover some of the best weighted blankets on the market, all of which have rave reviews.

Weighted blankets can be expensive, but target delivers an affordable option that is both therapeutic and neutral. So the gray microfiber fabric is not only super soft, it goes with a various amount of bedroom themes. Quality glass beads give the blanket 12 pounds of weight—glass is far more long-lasting than plastic pellets. As for maintenance, you’ll want to just spot clean the surface.

Not everyone loves the idea of a super plush blanket. Jersey type materials can be great for summer, or those who just want a smooth, soft sensory experience. Coming in either gray or pink, the colors are subtle and beautiful. Twelve pounds of weight provides an excellent amount of therapeutic pressure, to relieve the stress and insomnia.

With two different textures on each side of the throw, it delivers ultimate cozy comfort. One side is extra plush, while the other is velvety and smooth. Variations of colors, from neutral gray, to pink or teal are available. Customers can also select their preferred weight, since folks should use a blanket about 8% to 10% of their body weight. Choose from 10, 12 to 15 pounds.

It’s hard to imagine only spot cleaning a blanket. So for those who would like a little bit more cleaning options, this blanket might be the one. The cover can be removed, and washed. As for the actual blanket center, that will still have to be spot cleaned. Glass beads are carefully placed within each quilted square, and they are guaranteed not to shift. Equal weight distribution forever!

Intricate grid sewing keeps all the glass beads in this blanket tightly in place. Consumers can also remove the exterior cover and wash it. Even better, the actual blanket can be hand washed and hung to dry. An impressive 20 pounds of beads will encapsulate your body in the warmest hug! Troubles will melt away at the end of the day when coming home and wrapping yourself in the warmth of this blanket.

Coming in on the pricier side, this weighted blanket is the ultimate depiction of luxury and sustainability. Made completely of 100% organic cotton, the creators have managed to capture a dreamy velvety feel. The basic size comes in at a comforting 15 pounds. However, if looking to completely indulge, go for a queen size that comes in at 25 pounds.

Glass beads also fill this hefty blanket. We like that it’s designed to have a cooling effect. Because there are people out there who like the comfort of being covered up, but don’t like feeling smothered. This is what you will get. Duvet covers also come with this option, so toss it in the washing machine whenever spills or stains happen.

It might not get any snugglier than this! Cloud like Sherpa and super soft fleece swaddle you in ultimate warmth and comfort. Ceramic beads are used, which are also non-toxic, and not held together with icky glue – – just fabric. One big plus side of this blanket is that it can be washed in a commercial washing machine. Keep in mind, it should only be tumble dried on very low heat, or even better, hung to dry.

Sometimes it’s fun to change up the look of a weighted blanket. We’ve already provided some variety aesthetically, but we think this furry Sherpa option is a great pic for someone a little more creative with their decor. With a shag appearance, this kind of takes us back to the 70s. At the same time, it’s quite chic and modern. It’s so gorgeous in fact, you might forget about all the therapeutic benefits! But we doubt it.

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