Our Top 10 Favorite White Sneakers for Women

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White sneakers are like the little black dress for your feet. Regardless of the style, they tend to be a neutral closet staple that could be dressed up, or played down. So whether wearing them with a football jersey while watching the game, or sneaking them under a frilly prom dress, there is an undeniable super power hidden within these bright beauties!

Made to seamlessly blend with any casual wear, these simple white sneakers come in other colors as well. But the leather design certainly is striking in a snowy hue. Quality is immediately detectable when one’s foot glides by fine the grain and onto the padded interior. Looking incredibly sleek can be comfortable too!

New Balance’s award winning Fresh Foam technology offers optimal comfort and support for high arches. Those who have reviewed the shoes note the functionality as well as the style. You could go for a run in them, then toss them on with a pair of jeans. Talk about versatility. There is a slightly athletic look to the shoe, and a sparkling high traction sole.

If these Reebok sneakers don’t take us back! Wow, talk about a fast track to the 80s. Reebok sneakers have remained trendy over the years, and we love that they put their classic box logo on the side of this shoe. Expect functionality of the present day, such as added support and highly durable rubber soles.

Almost giving us platform disco vibes, we like the stacked style paired with the classic Vans look. Chunky and stark white, these are a great statement piece to wear with a downplayed outfit. The uppers are leather, and the interior super comfy. Intentionally exaggerated features give this selection its edge.

Doesn’t it seem like every style comes back around again? Bellbottoms, mom jeans, and old-school sneakers to name a few.  Take a good look at the sneakers, and you will get transported back decades. Yet timeless Nike features like the infamous “swoosh” emblem seem to always be in style. If you like keeping your feet a little closer to the ground, these sneakers aren’t stacked or overly bulky.

Featuring the other classic adidas look, this pair has those trademark stripes stitched onto the side. The preciseness of the stitching reflects the overall quality of the product. Synthetic materials comprise the outer upper portion, and a super soft interior will hug those feet. The rubber sole was created to not only be highly efficient, but to also have a good bit of flexibility for performance.

Whether hopping on a sailboat off the coast of Maine, or running to the grocery store for a gallon of milk, these white sneakers just work. J.Crew elevates classic styles to something a touch more high end, while still keeping things relatively affordable. We love that a pair of sneakers could almost be deemed elegant. A padded collar around the ankle adds an element of extra comfort that must be noted.

Swoon worthy – – that about sums it up. Gorgeous leather is the main ingredient in the construction of the stunning shoes. Completely white, but with a brown logo block on the tongue, any sophisticated fashionista will find a place for these in her closet.

Dr. Scholls comfort has been incorporated into this breathable sneaker. Ever so slight vintage side panels allow air to flow through your feet, making these wonderful for summer. Platform souls add just a touch of height, but not too much. Give your feet a rest from high heels and narrow boots, and treat them to something pillowy soft.

That price! Five star ratings, and great value for the price. Reviews note these shoes to be comfortable, easy to clean and discreet every day shoes. Synthetic leather is the primary material, covering the upper portion of the casual footwear. Twill insoles and a shimmering silver back piece add a touch of refreshing uniqueness.

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