The 9 Best Winter Driving Gloves for Braving the Cold in Style

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Protect against cracked skin and cramping fingers this winter with a new pair of driving gloves to keep your hands comfy and warm. Whether you’re looking for something dressy, durable, or waterproof, there are great choices at every price point.

Best Women’s Winter Driving Gloves

Best Men’s Winter Driving Gloves

Genderless Driving Gloves

Three color choices and four sizing options make it easy to find your perfect fit with these sheepskin and cashmere gloves. The classic, almost vintage gives them a touch of elegance, perfect for pairing with a classically stylish winter ensemble and facing a chilly day without any fear.

With a worn-in texture and tons of mobility, these gloves are an ideal choice for cold weather wear, without sacrificing the ability to actually use your hands! Ideal driving gloves, they are dressy enough for an evening out, but durable enough for daily use. Dry clean only, with proper care they’ll last for years, more than justifying their price point.

These gorgeous cashmere gloves are a classic design, but still include considerations of modern life, like EZ touch fingertips that allow wearers to use a smartphone or touch screen device without removing their gloves. Since they’re available in both mens and womens styles, they make perfect his and hers couples gifts, and the gender neutral style keeps folks with hard to fit sizing in comfortable gloves.

Available in 13 stylish color options, these leather gloves are a dreamy choice for fashion enthusiasts. Both durable and affordable, they come in sizes up to XXL, and are made from deerskin or sheepskin, depending on the color options selected. A warm lining finishes off a pair of gloves that are perfect for brisk, windy days.

A perfect gift for anyone living in a cold part of the country, these durable and attractive gloves are tasteful and professional enough for office workers, but can also hold up to the rigors of outdoor work.

Soft and cozy, these brushed fleece gloves are ideal for keeping a pair tucked into the pockets of your favorite jacket, or the glove box in your car, for surprisingly chilly weather. Highly affordable and machine washable, you’ll love the lightweight feel, and the ability to keep them on even while typing or texting.

Genderless Driving Gloves

Perfect for the cold weather conscientious, these vegan gloves maintain mobility and flexibility, so your hands will stay toasty and warm while driving, are functional enough you can still have both hands full while loading and unloading your gear or kids for the day, and are stylish enough to wear to the office too.

Outdoor equipment brand Marmot has a well-earned reputation for trail essentials, and if you’ll be heading out on a drive with uncertain temperatures these are great gloves to bring along, though perhaps a bit bulky for driving, they’re sure to keep you warm. If you’re headed for the outdoors, you’ll be able to keep a firm grip on trekking poles, and operate all but the most finnicky of pack zippers without having to remove your gloves.

Waterproof and in a gender-neutral style, these thickly padded gloves make excellent companions for outdoor work when the mercury drops, though some reviewers note that in below freezing temps, you’ll want to swap to an alternative pair or add in a glove liner for additional warmth.

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