14 Best Witch Hazel Products For Your Beauty Routine

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Witch hazel is a plant with seasonal yellow flowers, and Native Americans knew of the benefits. The leaves and other parts of the natural “medicine” were used to treat inflammation, whether topically on the skin or internally via teas. Today, many witch hazel products fill beauty section shelves, and for good reason. Being good for all skin types and mixed well with other ingredients for superpower effects, it’s universally loved. We’ve gathered a list of some high-rated witch hazel products, some of which go beyond the skin alone.

Best Witch Hazel Products:

A simple blend of ingredients, purifying witch hazel, makes the refreshing mist suitable for all skin types. Rose water absorbs oil but doesn’t over-dry; aloe adds light moisture that won’t weigh delicate facial skin down. Use as a part of a nighttime routine, or apply and let dry before beginning makeup application. But hey, you could just wash your face, spritz, and start your day as the gorgeous, all-natural “you.”

Also harnessing the power of roses and witch hazel together is Mario Badescu Skincare’s take on the astringent combo. You’ll see many of the same benefits as the above, but this formula incorporates black rose, rosewater, and rose oil, all of which play a role in revealing vibrant, healthy skin. Rich in antioxidants, the toner will prime skin for bedtime or add an energizing touch in the morning. It smells amazing too.

A great primer helps makeup last all day long, whether just applying a swipe of blush or layers of concealer and foundation. Smashbox incorporated salicylic acid, zinc, and witch hazel into their Photo Finish Primer, giving those with extra moist skin the ability to control oil and shine. So there’s less need to powder through the day and more time to enjoy the look.

Going beyond toning, glycolic acid derived from sugar cane helps scrub away dead skin cells. This can reduce the appearance of fine lines while bringing a youthful glow that will make one feel they’ve just had a facial at the spa. Witch hazel comes in to control oil and give an overall clean feel. The Inkey List Toner is part of “Clean at Sephora,” which details products made without sulfates (SLS and SLES), parabens, phthalates, and a load of other bad stuff.

All skin types need moisture, but people with oily skin often bypass the beauty step because they can’t find an option that isn’t thick and smothering. Aesop has the solution. The In Two Minds Facial Hydrator uses witch hazel and sandalwood to create a divine balance. Light, healing oils delicately protect inflamed skin, and a touch of lavender rounds out the earthy, pleasant scent.

Witch hazel can be a strong defender against greasy hair, even if you want to skip washing. The pump bottle pushes out a foam that converts to an oil-busting powder. The best part? No chalky residue and an incredible hold. Witch hazel helps dry up anything that may be weighing hair down in between washes. Bonus—you’ll smell like oranges.

Bulldog uses an age-old ingredient in this bar of soap that has recently made a major resurgence in the world of beauty—charcoal. Exfoliating and blemish fighting, the master ingredient is met with willow bark and juniper, bringing acne-busting, skin-calming benefits together. Witch hazel is the final key to creating beautiful skin.

One of few amazing Dr. Hauschka beauty products, this clay mask is designed to loosen blackheads, ultimately detaching and washing away. Daisy extracts and witch hazel help draw out those pore-clogging impurities, and the result is smooth, less breakout-prone skin.

A healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair. Having a good routine that cares for the skin on your head could reduce the thinning of your locks while giving them a more lustrous look. Menthol, anti-microbial Piroctone Olamine, and witch hazel are the key components of the Philip Kingsley Stimulating Scalp Toner, and even the application process is pleasant.

Brown algae and the company’s own formula can breathe life back into your thinning brows and lashes. Fuller brows and lashes can give a face more definition without excessive makeup and hard-to-remove mascara. So where does witch hazel come in? It helps prepare the face for a day with or without makeup.

Witch hazel makes a fantastic hair styling product addition, thanks to its tonic qualities. Overall, this hairspray is for all hair types and provides a light yet strong hold. Those curls will stay in place all day. No more flyaways or frizz, either.

Apple cider vinegar actually exfoliates the skin and, along with witch hazel, can become a resurfacing miracle to reveal your best glow. Orange and lemon peel round out the alluring benefits of the pads by brightening and banishing any pesky remaining dead skin cells.

Stubborn blackheads on the nose can seem impossible to remedy. But one session might do the trick with Biore’s deep cleansing strips. Acting like a magnet, the strips pull on blackheads, not skin. Witch hazel is incorporated to provide soothing effects.

A healthy mouth is equally important to a beauty routine—enter Jason mouthwash. This particular variety of natural and organic oral care brand contains a mixture to soothe the gums and fight bacteria. Sea salt heals, witch hazel calms, and peppermint oil smells and tastes great. Get ready to flash those pearly whites.

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