Blush Wellness is Elevating Beauty By Starting From Within

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In a world that uses body products and makeup to make women feel good, Blush is starting from within. CBD oil is used in their beauty and wellness products. The oil is the non-psychoactive element derived most commonly from a cannabis plant and is believed to provide pain relief, reduce anxiety, and relief from cancer symptoms while also protecting the brain and reducing the occurrence of acne.

Blush breaks their products into two categories, Beauty and Desire. Beauty products range from brightening serums to revitalizing face masks to cleansers. Ingredients that are already known to be a success amongst the beauty industry have been used in tandem with the miracle oil. The Desire line includes a number of delicious edibles that contain everything from white chocolate and raspberry to caramel!

We love that blush has a section on their site that focuses on premenstrual syndrome— a.k.a. PMS. Because bloating, fatigue, and everything else that comes along with a period can just take it out of you. Soothing bath salts, CBD patches, and comforting chocolates help make that time of the month just a little less crappy.

And finally, the role of products combines the power of CBD and a number of botanicals to deliver a variety of results. Products with spearmint help awaken the body and energize for the day. Lavender and chamomile are core ingredients for the serenity roll-on, which helps decompress after a long day.

Blush Wellness is all about making women beautiful, but they know that starts with feeling good from the inside.

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