Top 21 Books for Preschool Girls to Spark Their Love of Reading


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Little girls have big imaginations, and reading to your toddler or preschooler every day can set her up for a lifetime of learning. It’s never too early to start building self-esteem and a positive image or to reinforce and remind little girls that anything is possible. Parents of three-year-olds often have to choose between baby books that lack the engaging story to get kids interested and books aimed at elementary students that are too complex for kiddos just starting to learn reading skills. Rich with rhymes, beautiful art, and compelling stories, our picks aim to be perfect for reading to little ones now but still be engaging enough for them to return to after they’re confident readers.

Adapted for younger audiences, this Mary Poppins Picture Book brings all the imagination and adventure of the original to this charming tale of brand-new adventures.

Bring down the barrier of the impossible with this gorgeous board book about visionary women and their contributions to the arts and sciences. From Architects to Zoologists, Harrison’s series about revolutionary achievers is a can’t-miss set for little girls.

While ideally suited for Kindergarten and up readers, the Questioneers series is fantastic for paired reading with parents or siblings, and the life lessons they have to teach about perseverance and determination can help kids focus and succeed.

A beautiful book about kindness and embracing differences, this rich picture book is full of girls exploring their interests, playing, and learning together. After your first read, it will be your go-to gift for families with girls.

A beloved addition to any little girl’s library, Angelina Ballerina makes a perfect gift for little ones who can’t stay still. The art is beautiful, and it’s perfect for any girl in the twirly-skirt stage in particular.

Anyone who thinks getting into trouble is a boy’s domain or that little girls aren’t mischievous mess-makers only has to pick up a copy of Eloise to see how wrong they are.

Blend family reading time with tons of follow-along actions in this classic preschool rhyming book. A fun way to start the day is to let your kiddos lead the way as you traverse a harsh wilderness — or just tramp through the backyard– searching for adventure.

Kiddos who love Sesame Street can’t miss out on one of the most famous accompanying books ever made. Immersive, surprising, and when read enthusiastically, absolutely enthralling, Grover faces up to his fears at the end with the help of your little readers.

One of the most famous little girls in literature, Madeline’s adventures are still beloved classics, and this thoughtfully bound collection will be a treat for both kids and adults to read.

Get toddlers preschool ready by introducing some of the classics beforehand. They’ll love recognizing favorite books, songs, and stories like The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It makes the transition into a new environment less scary when familiar things are there.

Anyone can fall in love with this gorgeously-drawn storybook, but little girls who love to draw will be copying the paw print trails and charming animals in this soon-to-be-classic story about determination and hard work.

Little Sheep has to take care of everyone, but when will sheep ever have time to rest? This rhyming bedtime story will be your preschooler’s favorite new book, and with an easy-to-memorize song-like rhyme structure, don’t be surprised if you catch them reciting it in the car, the tub, and anywhere they see farm animals.

Little sisters are the worst! Pip just wants to do everything her big brother does, but sometimes she makes a mess of things. This tale of siblings is real and charming and reflects genuine sibling relationships in a way that still manages to be a fun read and an eye-opening glimpse into feelings for both the bigs and littles in a family.

Overcoming fears is one of the hardest parts of growing up, but Hannah and Sugar is an easy way to start conversations with little ones about common fears, like Hannah’s fear of dogs, and how to approach those fears in a healthy way.

It takes fierce determination to march to the beat of your own drum, but girls of all ages can enjoy this story about breaking down barriers and doing what makes you happy.

Teaching little ones how to stand up to bullies long before they encounter them is the best way to nip fears about new schools in the bud, and it’s never too early to start practicing these important skills.

It’s rare that a story so centered on a particular time and place can be so relatable, but Brave Irene easily draws readers in, and they’ll soon be cheering on the plucky heroine as she works hard to prove how brave she and capable she really is.

The Ladybug Girl series is all about the power of imagination, and Lulu’s creative adventures are an immersive and enjoyable read for all little girls who are big dreamers.

Finally, a fairy tale for little princesses where the princess is the story’s heroine! If your toddler is in love with all things princess, this is the perfect storybook to remind her how brave and strong a princess can be.

The Lola series follows Lola as she has every kind of adventure, big and small, but Lola at the Library is especially charming for parents who love to read with their little ones.

Olympian Laurie Hernandez lends the heft of her gold-medal-winning experience in this novel about a little gymnast who must face her fears if she ever wants to conquer the balance beam.

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