11 Brands Giving Back to Covid-19 Relief

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Some brands are handling the novel virus better than others, offering paid sick time and leave to employees, while ramping up safety measures. In addition some have taken a step above the rest by providing aid to relief organizations.

Avocado Green Mattress

Avocado Green Mattress uses organic farm sourced materials to make plush, nontoxic beds. They’ve continued to donate part of their profits during this time, and have allowed most employees to work from the safety of their homes. Seamstresses are crafting organic cotton masks, which are available to health care workers, along with other disposable protective wear, and even temporary mattresses. Reusable covers and waterproof pillows are also being crafted for healthcare facilities.


Chobani has been helping Feeding America raise money to get food on the tables of in need families during the pandemic, but they didn’t stop there. The yogurt and milk manufacturer opened up their own food bank in efforts to feed the hungry in New York City, then partnered with other banks in states like Idaho, to help provide nutritious probiotic products.

Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon has revolutionized traditional sugary cereal, into a ketogenic, protein power food. And yes, it tastes like childhood. Blueberry, cinnamon, chocolate, frosted and birthday cake are some of the flavors that have been rolled out, and they are all delicious. Because some kids depend on school for meals, Magic Spoon stepped in to fill the void, with thousands upon thousands of donated boxes of super healthy, filling cereal.


Reformation is a clothing company that focuses on beautiful ensembles, and sustainability. For as long as possible, Reformation will be paying their employees who aren’t able to physically come into work. The focus has shifted for Reformation, to making double layered masks that can be reused. They’ve been working with the city of LA to provide masks to medical workers as well.


Target is checking all the boxes when it comes to social distancing and sanitization, and has also implemented a time for elderly and high risk shoppers to come into the store. Employees will receive a temporary pay increase during the pandemic, and those who do not have a thermometer, will be issued a free one to test their temperature before coming into work. Limits have been placed on high demand items so everyone has at least a chance to nab the ever scarce pack of toilet paper.


Aldi is boosting pay for its store employees globally, while still keeping their fans happy with the same high quality products at an affordable price. Customers can feel a bit safer during shopping visits, as carts are rigorously sanitized after use. Decals have been placed on the floor to indicate safe distance practices, and cashier stations are protected via sneeze guards.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is the superior grocery store model—organic or natural goodies line just a handful of isles, but one can find everything they need there, at an affordable price. Of course they’re handling COVID like true pros, by upping worker pay and adding sick time options. Stores are still open, but major precautions are being taken to protect shoppers.


Apostrophe typically is in the business of cultivating dermatological remedies and medications, but they’ve shifted production toward hand sanitizer for the time being. The formula uses specific measured alcohol and peroxide, to reduce the spread of germs when soap and water are unavailable. Two bottles come in at 15 dollars, and every bit goes toward the World Health Organization’s virus relief fund.

The Honest Company

The Honest Company is naturally focused, offering everything from skincare, cleaning and baby products. In addition to putting customer and employee safety at the top of their list, Honest is donating a hefty amount of supplies that will be sent to shelters and people in need. Three million diapers, 30,000 packs of wipes and 20,000 personal care products will be sent out through the year. But right now, 100,000 diapers and 100,000 wipes are being immediately sent to the organization working to dispense the supplies, Baby2baby.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market already pledges regular funds to various charities, but since the pandemic, they’ve begun another initiative, that will put healthy, natural ingredients and household supplies on the tables of those in need. For every dollar donated to the COVID fund, Thrive is matching that. Warehouses undergo regular sanitization, and workers are given wellness checks, along with increased paychecks.


Walmart takes the cake when it comes to helping lift up communities with its massive supply and influence. COVID testing stations are being set up at locations across the nation, where people can drive up, with minimal exposure. The company is working to infuse food banks with supplies like fresh produce, and even sends off purchased items that were never picked up, to people in need. They’ve partnered with Feed America and are raising money online to feed hungry families. And if that wasn’t enough, Walmart has been shipping out supplies like masks, gowns and shoe covers to healthcare workers.

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