I Bought Brooklinen Sheets, Here’s Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Yours

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I’m going to jump right in and say that I am an incredibly hot sleeper. Even in the dead of winter, when it’s 30 degrees outside and snow is heavily falling, I go to bed in shorts and a T-shirt with the fan on. I’ve always bought semi-cheap sheets – usually from Target or Amazon – but recently I decided to splurge on a big-ticket bedding item that I could get a lot of use out of. That’s where Brooklinen comes in. 

The NYC-based company has racked up thousands and thousands of five-star reviews and brands its products as “the Internet’s favorite sheets.” It also sells other items such as towels, apparel, candles and laundry detergent. Because I need my sleeping environment to always be chilled, I opted for the cotton percale sheets which are advertised as “the cool side of the pillow.” Three other types of sheets are available for purchase: luxe sateen, washed linen and heathered cashmere. I’ll go into more detail about those later.

You get to choose between a few different bundles no matter what type of sheet you pick, depending on your needs; someone moving to a new apartment might opt for the move-in bundle, for example, or someone who is a little hesitant to try something new may grab the starter set. I chose the classic core set – which includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases – in a cute limited edition print that has multi-colored flowers on a white background (this print isn’t available any longer, unfortunately).

The ordering process was quick and easy. I placed my order on a Sunday, it shipped on a Monday and it was at my door by Thursday – lightning fast! Brooklinen includes an adorable tote bag and welcome leaflet with stickers in the very first shipment, which was a delightful surprise. I felt as if my order was packed with the utmost care and presentation.

A tote bag with the words "brooklinen" stamped on the front in different font styles

Now let’s get into the fabric itself. The percale sheets were stiffer than I thought they’d be but still ultra comfy. Of course, I didn’t purchase this set for the softness factor alone, so that doesn’t bother me. I’ve purchased more than enough cheap seats to know that it’s not what I’m truly looking for. The company wasn’t lying when advertising them as the cool side of the pillow; I don’t sweat throughout the night like I used to. The sheets feel great against my skin.

My sleep schedule has always consisted of late nights ever since I was in high school, and that’s no different now that I work in news and my shifts end at 9 p.m. Making my bed the most comfortable it can be is a top priority. It’s now been a little over a month since I received my sheet set, and with a few washes already under my belt, I feel like it’s going to keep getting better and better. I am so much more comfortable lounging in bed before getting up to start my day; it truly is like waking up in a hotel! I get excited about my nighttime routine now because it means being wrapped up in absolutely blissful fabric. Brooklinen sheets combined with a 20-pound weighted blanket have made falling asleep a completely different experience for me.

It’s crazy what a good quality pair of sheets can do for your health.

Where Are Brooklinen Sheets Made?

Brooklinen is unique when it comes to how its products are made and distributed. The company cuts out the middleman to avoid luxury markups and bring you top-quality products straight from the manufacturers. Each product is designed in-house at their HQ in Brooklyn (see what they did there?) and sourced from places all across the globe including California, Germany, Canada, Portugal and India.

Here’s the lowdown on how each fabric is made:

  • Classic – made in Israel from cotton sourced in India
  • Luxe – made in Israel from cotton sourced in India
  • Linen – made in Portugal from flax sourced in Europe
  • Cashmere – made in Portugal from cotton sourced in Africa, cashmere sourced in China and Mongolia 

How Should I Wash My New Sheets?

Like any other bedding, your new Brooklinen fabrics should be regularly washed and cared for to maintain their high quality. They’re fine to go into your everyday laundry machines but should never be dry cleaned. Wash the sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases in cold water with a mild detergent. Dry your goodies on low heat and remove promptly. If you’re looking to prevent creasing and wrinkling, remove the fabrics while they’re still slightly damp and lay them out flat to dry. Brooklinen also recommends replacing your set(s) every two years to avoid too much wear and tear. Those who purchase the classic and luxe sets will be excited to hear that those collections – made with 100% long-staple cotton – get softer with each and every wash!

Worried about stains? It’s best to use non-chlorine, oxygen bleach such as OxiClean to zap away the problem spots. For anyone with hair dyed a dark color, know that if you do opt for white sheets there will be some transfer (especially if you go to sleep with wet hair like I do) but the stains come out in the wash.

Where Can I Buy Brooklinen Sheets?

Right now you can order online through the Brooklinen website and visit the company’s brick-and-mortar store in Brooklyn, New York. Something to note about shopping in-person: face coverings are required and only a handful of customers are allowed in the store at a time. 

Finding Your Perfect Brooklinen Sheets

So now you’ve read all about Brooklinen and the company’s thousands upon thousands of five-star reviews, and you’re wondering which set is right for you. Each kind caters to a certain kind of sleeper. 

Brooklinen Classic Percale Sheets

What You Should Know

  • Described as “the cool side of the pillow”

  • 270-thread count made from long-staple cotton

  • Crisp, lightweight and breathable

The classic percale sheets are the ones that started it all! The first set Brooklinen ever created is inspired by the cool side of the pillow and the marvelous “hotel-style” sleep we all live for. Featuring a 270-thread count, percale sheets are crisp, lightweight and made specifically for hot sleepers. I love how breathable these are, especially with how high temperatures have been lately. This fabric – along with the sateen – gets softer with each and every wash, which I can personally attest to. It’s an affordable kind of luxury.

Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Sheets

What You Should Know

  • Brooklinen’s most popular sheet set

  • 480-thread count made from long-staple cotton

  • Buttery smooth and soft to the touch

Now we have the luxe sateen sheets, Brooklinen’s most popular fabric. These 480-thread count sheets are made from tightly woven threads that make them warmer and more substantial than other cotton bedding. They’re ultra-soft to the touch and have a slight luminous appearance. If you’re a cold sleeper, you’ve come to the right place. Like we mentioned above, this fabric – along with classic percale – gets softer each time you throw it in the wash. Another benefit? Sateen is more wrinkle-resistant than other types, meaning it’ll stay sleek longer.

Brooklinen Washed Linen Sheets

What You Should Know

  • Inspired by the Italian word “sprezzatura,” meaning “studied carelessness”

  • 100% linen made from French and Belgian flax

  • Airy and stone-washed for a relaxed feel

The washed linen sheets have got sipping-wine-on-a-balcony-luxurious-getaway-in-Tuscany vibes. Made from 100% French and Belgian linen, this collection is inspired by the romantic Italian word “sprezzatura,” which directly translates to “studied carelessness.” Each piece is dyed in small batches, adding elegance and style to any room you choose. The set is airy, lightweight and stone-washed for a relaxed feel, with that “perfectly imperfect” look as the ultimate touch of chic. We all spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, so go ahead and splash out on something extravagant.

Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Sheets

What You Should Know

  • Brooklinen’s fanciest weave

  • Made from 5% Himalayan cashmere and 95% long-staple cotton

  • Incredibly soft and warm but breathable

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got the heathered cashmere collection. Custom-brushed for softness and made from 5% Himalayan cashmere and 95% cotton, it takes the cake for fanciest Brooklinen set. Just like every closet needs a coveted cashmere sweater to show off, why not treat yourself to the ultimate nighttime luxury? This fabric is incredibly soft and warm but still breathable, perfect for chilly winter nights that will be here before you know it. The diagonal weave gives it that signature heathered look.

Still unsure about what’s right for you? Click here to take the Brooklinen quiz and find your perfect match.


Once you’ve found the right sheets, try some accessories to make your bedtime experience even better! The Laundress Fabric Fresh Spray is plant-based, free of animal by-products and 100% biodegradable. It combines a clean laundry scent with notes of jasmine, sandalwood, citrus, lily of the valley and sweet musk. Whether you’re using it as a room or fabric refresher, it’s sure to bring you bliss.

Brooklinen’s signature detergent and your new sheets will be a match made in heaven. Each 32-ounce bottle of Laundress Fabric Care is non-toxic, all-natural, eco-friendly, plant-based and a stain-fighting superhero. It features the same refreshing scent as the fabric spray.

Who doesn’t love candles?! The AM to PM set will provide you with heavenly scents from dawn to dusk and everything in between. Here’s what you’ll get: Wake, essence of the morning ocean tide; Magic Hour, perfume of a sunlit rose garden; Dusk, scent of a cozy cabin in the woods, and Nightcap, aroma of bourbon and blood orange. Each candle is 10.5 ounces in a frosted glass container.

What a great way to start the day! Grab your favorite face wash and these adorable waffle washcloths – it’s time to rise and shine. Each one is made in Turkey from 100% Turkish cotton. The waffle-like texture is ultra lightweight and absorbs water fast. You’ve got the classic color options of white, smoke and graphite.

The Mulberry Silk Eye Mask is bound to make your sleeping experience even more luxurious with a touch of star power. The material is cool to the touch, breathable and insulating, ideal for every season of the year. It has a soft elastic band that won’t irritate your skin when it’s time to hit the hay. The best part? You can toss these masks into the wash on cold water with a pH neutral detergent when they need a clean.

Nothing says summer more than an ultra-comfy robe inspired by a delicious scoop of rainbow sherbet ice cream. The Hammam Robe is made from 85% Turkish cotton and 15% polyester with a terry cloth interior. It features roomy front pockets along with a hood – who needs to pay for an expensive spa when you’ve got this on-hand? It’s a post-shower treat as well as a stylish accent piece for any bedroom or bathroom.

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