Brooklinen vs Casper Sheets: Everything You Need To Know

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Brooklinen and Casper sheets have one major thing in common. They are both made from a specific all-cotton weave known as percale. This refers to the uniform directions in which the cotton has been woven to create a crisp airy sheet that feels completely heavenly to dive into at night.

Yes, you might actually dive.

Both also have qualities reminiscent of some of the finest hotel sheets out there. Some luxury hotels or refined bed and breakfasts truly make it a dread going back to our own bed! So if both sets of sheets are so similar, how can you choose which one to buy? We compared similar all-cotton sheets from each company to help you decide.

Where and How Are Brooklinen and Casper Sheets Made

Knowing how and where products are made is important to consider when shopping.

Brooklinen Classic Cotton Sheets are made from lovely long-staple cotton. Long-staple cotton means that longer strands have been woven together, which means you’ll have a more durable and often softer feel. To put it simply, long-staple typically means super high quality, long-lasting fabric. The company ensures that zero harmful substances are used to make their fabric, which is ultimately crafted in Portugal.

Casper Percale Organic Cotton Sheets seem to have the edge of being made purely because they are actually organic. However, all production does not occur in the United States, even though the high-end cotton is grown on a scenic farm in sun-shining California. Casper sheets ultimately end up being expertly weaved and crafted in India.

How To Wash

Both Brooklinen and Casper sheets are pretty straightforward to care for. You’re not going to have to take a lot of special precautions when needing to run these through the wash. But Casper tends to be ever so slightly and almost unnoticeably more laid-back.

How to Wash Brooklinen Sheets

Brooklinen sheets can be tossed in similar colors that need to be washed on cold. When drying, just ensure you keep the temperature low and don’t let them dry for too long. However, you’ll want to remove them as soon as they are getting close to being completely moisture-free. If wanting a nice crisp presentation, they can be ironed on warm if needed. Be sure to steer clear of chlorine bleach.

How To Wash Casper Sheets

Casper sheets do not have to be washed in the cold but instead can be washed on a warm setting, and they can also go in a normal cycle. Be sure to keep any dark colors separate from these sheets, and only use non-chlorine bleach when needed. Casper’s percale sheets can be tumble-dried on low.

Where to Buy

Casper is available amongst a handful of major platforms, Brooklinen is less readily available, but you can easily buy them online directly. Both sites feature tens of thousands of reviews, putting both at an average of four and above stars. However, it’s worth noting that accumulated Casper reviews also include their cloud-like mattresses, not just sheets. Below are some of the things customers had to say.

Brooklinen Reviews

“We are very particular about sheets, and we have tried many of the top-rated percale sets. Brooklinen’s Classic Core sheets are the softest and the lightest sheets there are, and they are also the most comfortable, crisp, breathable, and even silky, which is hard to get on percale! Yes, they are great for warm sleepers.

“Objectively, I love these sheets — they are super comfy. I’m a hot sleeper, and pairing these sheets with the right mattress pad has been a miracle. My one (big) beef is the sizing of the sheets. I have a deep queen size mattress, but well within normal sizes (it’s not like two feet deep or anything), and these sheets are too small for it.”

“These sheets are nice and soft. They stay cool which helps since I’m a hot sleeper. They look nice and don’t crinkle. I always get compliments on them.”

Note: Brooklinen offers a whole year for most returns, and they pay for shipping if you are in the United States. That’s a good bit of time for deciding if you’re a believer or not, so another point for Brooklinen.

Casper Sheets Reviews

“I love these sheets! They are light and soft but also keep me the right temperature without weighing me down. They are officially my favorite set of sheets. I definitely want to set for every bed in my home now!”

“Love these sheets! So soft and always keeps you had a good temperature.”

“These new percale sheets are just as advertised. Crisp, soft and breathable. Combine with a nova mattress and down duvet and it’s like heaven! ”

Note – Casper offers a 30-night free trial and free shipping and returns. So you can really have a good taste as you whether these are right for you.

Cost Comparison

Brooklinen sheets tend to run higher in price, with their classic cotton sheets coming in just under $135 for a Queen set of sheets, while Casper sheets are a good bit cheaper, at $70 for a queen set of sheets. Below you will find places to purchase either.

Brooklinen and Casper sheets are quite similar when it comes to overall feel and a true percale construction. Small details will help determine which set is right for you—do you prefer organic, or does “harmful substance-free” cover your major concerns? Does the fact that Brooklinen posts reviews that aren’t always five stars on their site make them a little bit more pleasantly transparent? It really will depend on your style, taste, and home goals. Or maybe— you could just get a set of each of these dreamy, comforting sheets!

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