Get Cozy With These 16 Home Essentials Under $30

Snuggle Up

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Our home is our refuge. When it’s cold outside, or after we’ve had a really long day, there’s not much else we really want to do than to just kick off our shoes, slide on our slippers and retreat to our abode. Are you looking for ways to elevate your space to the next level of relaxation? Well this can be done on a budget. We’ve come up with a list of items under $30 to take your home to its coziest potential.

Candles add an ambient warmth to any home. The whole feel of the place will change after lighting the wick. Intricately designed cactuses and poppies are the focal portion of the soy wax candles. Scents of vanilla and pine, and white tea with Jasmine are fresh and welcoming.

Most any doorstop can get the job done whether needing to prop open the door when bringing the groceries in or having something to keep that bedroom door from swinging. But then there’s this huggable llama. It truly makes things feel overall snugglier, and can even block a chilly draft.

Wine bottles and tea lights – – both are cozy and simply belong together. Rather than ending up in the trash, old bottles have been tweaked to be used for inserting a tea light. A chain at the top allows each one to be hung, creating a beautiful lantern.

Cookies really make things feel like home. When the kids stop back by to hang out, cook up a batch of cookie spoons! Set out melted chocolate for dipping, or just have some glasses of ice cold milk. Everything will smell great in the house, and having a festive snack just makes it all even better.

It’s a little bit chilly outside, and everyone is huddled around the fire with marshmallows and hot dogs for roasting. Now that’s cozy! Fire pits can be a little bit expensive, but this fire ring will contain your campfire while also having a homey appeal.  We can smell the wood-burning already.

Weighted blankets have scientifically proven benefits. A therapeutic amount of pressure, about 8 to 10% of a person’s body weight, is accumulated inside a cozy blanket via glass beads. This particular product from Kohls is ultra soft and keep your weighted blanket protected from stains, while adding a lovely softness. Weighted blankets relieve anxiety and insomnia.

Wood floors are gorgeous, and have a rustic look that is charming and inviting. However, when sitting on the floor to play a board game, or just laying down to stretch out, a rug can add some warmth and comfort. Walmart has a selection of affordable rugs, and this one is neutral enough to go with just about any home style.

Have you ever experienced that subtle glow of a vaguely pink Himalayan salt lamp? Maybe you’ve seen one in the spa, or at your favorite massage place – – this glowing health product really adds something special to a home.

Maybe you don’t live in a log cabin, but you can have one sitting on a coffee table. Not just any log cabin, this one is designed to hold an incense cone. Incense cones add an earthy simple smell when lit, and come in variations such as pine or cedar. Not like your traditional floral or overly perfume scents, these smell like a burning campfire.

After a relaxing bubble bath and a glass of wine, there’s nothing better to greet you then a plush soft towel. Luxury towels don’t have to cost a fortune, as proves these highly rated linens from Target. As a bonus, they add a touch of color to bathroom decor.

Flannel sheets are warm, and perfect for a long winter’s nap. While the holly berries are labeled as a Christmas item, they would be fitting throughout all of the cold months. There’s nothing like wrapping yourself in soft flannel when snow is floating down outside.

Popcorn is another heavenly aroma that really makes things feel cozy. Truly stove popped corn has an entirely different and much more special smell than something cooked in a bag. The whirly pop is the holy grail of popcorn poppers, and has a gentle mechanism that is easily hand turned preventing kernels from burning.

Undeniably, Williams Sonoma turns out some of the most magical foods and treats. Made with the upmost quality, it can be worth the splurge to buy a few of their specialty products. Along with the peppermint bark, the hot chocolate is so good! It’s also rich, smooth and the most appropriate drink for a day at home.

Of course you will need an appropriate mug to enjoy that velvety hot chocolate and puffy marshmallows from. Forest green color, accented by little specs surround the silhouette of trees on these mugs. Whether for the holidays, the winter, or even the spring, they just seem to fit.

Get the most flavor out of your coffee by using a French press. Not only is the old-school brewing method kind of fun, it allows all of the oils and notable flavors from the roasts you choose so carefully, to become full-bodied. As a bonus, a French press can often be significantly less expensive than an electric coffee pot.

The coziest of homes seem to be draped with blankets, over the beds, chairs and couches. Therefore, might as well load up! Cuddle up in this faux fur blanket, while sipping on hot chocolate or coffee. Or just light a fire in the fireplace and do absolutely nothing but just feel the snuggle.

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